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Nato India Coy - Vote for Patch

Posted: 09 Jul 2009, 13:35
by kdouglas
As per my previous thread, I'm having India Coy patches made up, I'd like for everyone who is interested in getting one to vote on which patch we should have made. Description and details are below.

Please dont vote if you do not intend on getting one.

Based on current numbers, I'm looking at having about 50 made. Price per patch will work out about €2.50 incl paypal fees. Postage costs will be done on a case by case basis depending on where you are, but shouldn't cost any more than a few euro.
If people want to group together to get a bunch of patches mailed together, organise it between eachother and then let me know.

All those interested in getting patches, vote on the poll above and also email me at with the following details.

Number of patches wanted:
Address (for calculating postage):

Im away for 2 weeks or so from Monday, so will let the vote run until I get back and then send everyone paypal requests for the amount of patches they want.

The images below are just rough designs, the actual final design will look more like the image below (which is patch number 4), which has been redrawn by the designer at the manufacturer to resemble how it will look when embroidered.

Click images for a bigger version

1. Image
This patch can only be done if printed, not embroidered. All other patches are embroidered.

2. Image

3. Image

4. Image

5. Image

6. Image

7. Image

8. Image

9. Image