My story of "selling out Milo(Ober-Lix)".

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My story of "selling out Milo(Ober-Lix)".

Post by freno » 15 Jul 2009, 22:02

There was a awfully much winning and disrespect for mission/patrol/chain of command in our base from wendesday. We hadn´t got payed for our duties!! Rumours travel quick, you know, and Milo(Ober-Lix) hadn´t got any money to pay us! But atleast, we got payed with some strippers!!! Thanks Chief!!

I was much guarding HQ, and saving INTEL and other stuff. And i have a handicap in my knee (lower kneeband), therefore i decide stay behind in camp without too much action. My wrong!!! Thanks NATO!!!

Ober-Lix had much discussions with our troops about problems/payment. Many were close to make muteny, or go home!!!
I was so bored of all winings in camp, so on thursday i started to take part of some missions! With blessings from Ober-Lix ofcourse, and luckily my knee was just fine!! My old friends, Lynx and DiabloV, made some dirty trick on us in Milo´s camp the 26:th, and got our number. There was no real action developed in that mission, and good planned. Just like Russian do!!!

At late friday-eavening half of hq-staff and some other Tigers went togeather to BashirC to make some intel and "whatever". Mostly just to have fun, and ofcourse to help BashirC against Nato.

We where there and met some people, got some usefull info and also wanted our drugs back!!! (the ones we had to hide earlyer).
Later on outside the casino, some guys asked who got their pistols.
We all have our guns NOT CONFISCATED, but closeup we in Milo´s want to use pistols!

Me and two other got the guards infront of casinot, knocked them out, dragged them behind the casino. Then we robbed them. The big guard with white coat had a "big amount" of BD and the key to the bank-safe!
We sent one group back to camp with the money, when we heard someone attaked BC.

We wondered what to do with the key, and if we should go home. Noone wanted to end the eavening!!! :D
We decide to help the city against NATO, cause it´s prio no1!!! :)

When we came back, and got in contact with SRP/Civ. and told them of our mission to help, we just took cover behind the bank, shooting at NATO, one of our guys, Mr Dill, got inside the bank, opened the safe and took the money. :D
Then we covered his retreat through the city without getting caught, sent him home with the money!

Rest of us stayed and had a real good time, shooting NATO all night. Next day we heard that NATO got the city and shoot EVERYTHING. Eaven girls inside the church!! :(

We saved ALL money from Ober-Lix, because we had not been payed! Later in the night we started to discuss possibility in muteny!

Mr Robman and Yory´s commander,Lynx, had some intresting discussion, and we made some deals i think! One of the deal was to capture Ober-Lix, and sell him to Police and deliver him to BashirC before the election!! ;)

Me and Losolos made "the catch" early on saturday!
HE wasn´t so very happy of that, but we had a great time!!
Ofcourse the sneaky mate, had some heroin in his pocket, and baught his freedom in 10min!!!

This muteny might not been developed, if more money, and faster got out on "the Market". Still this is all part of a "bigger game", and the story told us from the beginning, Tigers should be close to muteny or something ´cause the lack of payment!!!

Then you all know it ended in catastrophy, when the nuclear device exploded in the Bashir C. Hopefully, there wasn´t left too many importent people in the city, just some NATO... ;-)

I want to settle, that everything personal within this story has been dealed with. And ofcourse i want to meet everybody again, eaven if it will be in diffrent teams!
Sorry, it will be too boring with only one team!!! :P
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Post by Ober-Lix » 25 Aug 2009, 11:22

What most of you did´nt know was, that I knew about your little plan to sell me to BC. Ole had ask me to play along and I prepared myself for any event. Okay, you found my pistol but you did´nt find the Heroin and not the knife I had below my neck at the back. :D
The good thing was, I did´nt have to kill anyone to get out of it. :lol:
Good show !
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