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India 4 official debriefing

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 12:11
by Beckett
This post reserved to INDIA 4 debriefing and corrections.
Guys please add your stuff and pictures.

I am bad with names: complete the rooster for me! Cheers!

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 12:14
by Beckett
Map of day 1 route:
Map of day 2 route:
Map of day 3 route:

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 12:17
by Beckett
Hi boys and girls,

This debrief is for NATO INDIA 4 solo missions only. Little detail, what was our objective and how it realy went on field. Please add or correct my fadding memory. Pictures from field included - follow links to my Picassa online gallery.

INDIA 4 form up. Could not wait for the Polish so Ian, india coy asked me if I would be interested in taking over. Polish showed up really late, but they were designated as india 5.
Both small platoons were used as special purpose recon attachments to INDIA company.

Line up:
Alpha team (5) – point scouting, comms and command, observation platform, medic, rear covering:

Bravo team (5) – recon, rear covering, heavy assault missions and fire support, the core force of our platoon

Light green line – motorized transport
Dark green dots – on foot
Purple dots – alternate route – platoon got devided
Red – objectives
Map numbers relay to special events on field - commentary

DAY 1:
Scout SP1, scout the road south of SP1 and check for Milo base.
Our driver got some funny ideas and decided not to drive us through the Hanosand city, but take us on different route, which would bring us close to SP1 from the south.
The transmission got broken after 2 clicks. After 5 min, the driver decided, he can drive only in low gears. After 15 min drive, he decided he does not know the back route by heart and decides to take us through city – backtrack – we have lost almost 45 min.
I urged him to get us as close to SP1 as possible, since we were so late and 2 NATO companies were already moving to take SP1. I also pressed out of him the ORC base location, little compensation for his nice sight seeing tour. :) Gathering intel nonviolent and non physical way.
(1.) 100 m from SP1 we got shot at from ORC mercs. We took cover in a ditch – 2 casualties – medic patchem 'em up. After 3 min of silent waiting, Could not get any comms with NATO HQ or any company to relay message that SP1 is hot and hostile.
ORC commander and his sexy translator walked to our location. He appologized for the hostile atmo – some of his subordinates were too jumpy. He offered assistance and to share the intel. He told us that MILO base was somewere down south the road india 4 was to scout, and that the road is crawling with MILO fighters.
Whole platoon moved to SP1 bunker. Defenders were nervous, except the commander.
(2.) I asked for armed escort for me and Terenec to go to Spectaberget to gain some hights since 4W PMR were completely useless. On Berget we got HQ and sent all the info we collected.
On our return to SP1 the ORC commander told us, that he got some new orders from HQ and that we must leave or get shot at. I thanked him for all the help. We backtrack 200 m down the road toward SafeZone (SZ). I decided to go back to base and get new missions, since all the objectives were accomplished.
I decided to take my whole platoon through Bashir city – sightseeing tour. On our way back (3.) we received the real medical emergency message from INDIA 2 company. One player injured his leg badly. I said I will get help. Could not get anyone else on comms, so I decided to pull all team OFF GAME and rush to Bashir to find nearest GM and send for ambulance. SRP ambush 50 m from point (3.) let us through (off game rule was always respected :) ). On the crossroads we bumped into BRAVO company. After 5 min comm talk, BRAVO private transport decided to go pick up the injured player. We were IN GAME again.
(4.)Got stopped by BC police on the check point. We took our mags out and I payed 100 B$ to the chief of the police for the passage and picture taking (10B$ per head – cheap bastard ;) ).
Father blessed our platoon and NATO force, 2 pictures were taken in front of church: ... 7040171410 ... 3499220274
(5.) Route that was to become one of our favourite returning to base walk destinations.
At the base – little R&R

DAY 2:
Scout ORC base, get BASE 6 digit number.
Got transported to the point (1.). ... 9738031762 ... 6087031010 ... 4222639730 ... 2486854322 ... 9802582898
Hard climb to point (2.). Some less experiences guys realy surprised me – spirits were high! even after 25 min climb in the sun. ... 6913279058 ... 9873219298 ... 5409503058
On the top we planned to do the recon of the hill to check for any ORC activity. Bravo team to check East sector, alpha to check WEST sector of the hill. Just as we planned to move we spoted 3 people ORC patrol. We ducked in cover and hold our fingers on the triggers. The were walking 15 m away from us, but did not spot us. Great terrain, hehe. You can just lay down and don't move at all and you dissapere.
I moved our recon base camp (RBC) on the westrn slope, were it seemed away from possible further ORC patrols. Some nice views on the beach and housings below from near RBC. ... 0079737682 ... 9661202194 ... 2579523554 ... 4355270370
Bravo team scouted point (4.), Terenec and Lesjak scouted point (5.). I kept locals with me for the protection of RBC. No comms the whole day – the signal booster on SBerget was down.
Scout units returned with great intel: ... 5296611378
But we could not see the 6 digit base number.
We went back on foot. Lots of mountaneering. ... 7451482706 ... 0426634882 ... 7332387570 ... 6268415362
Walk on the north off game road. Meeting real civilians all the time. ... 5649010242
Devided into 2 groups. Terenec and me went in front. Mission – reach SpectaBerget's top and get in contact with HQ. Send the mission accomplished word and try to get transport for India 4 – we were tired after whole days intense mental and physical workout. ... 8446266082 ... 8243702322
On point (7.) we were spoted by ORC patrol holding up the crossroads. We back tracked and radioed rest of the platoon to procede to SZ and try to get some transport there, if not just walk to base and debrief ASAP the vital info on ORC. Terenec and I were to go through the bushes away from paths and roads, since I got all the map intel on me. ... 1236886466 ... 1153345570
Got to SZ and nice NATO guys returning to NATO base gave us a lift: Thanks! ... 0939887330 ... 1932068002
R&R finally: ... 3593065074
After short R&R we were to set on with almost all NATO force to capture SP1. ... 0733491410 ... 5753900482
There was chaos with orders and communication between company COYs and HQ. Some platoons were just pressing forward disregarding orders. India 4 got the missino to be personal protection for India company COY – Ian. WE lost Terenec on the way :P .When official attack was finished, I got go from Ian and released the india 4 hounds. We destroyed a lot of ORC defenders, but lost medic prematurely and were wiped out.
But found out our friend Deki: ... 7266979458
Dead man walking: ... 3555364626 ... 6436076626
Point (9.) – path through the marshes. Nice. ... 7595124482 ... 4296984530

DAY 3:
Scout and molest ORC base, get BASE 6 digit number.

My idea to set up a relay station unit somewhere on the field proved great. Smoke, Polish woman, was working her jaw and larynx the whole day. Sexy and relaxing to hear girls voice on comms, hehe.
Finaly some comms on the whole map. No more SBerget climbing.

Got the missile launcher. But did not use it, since we arrived 4 hrs since that day official game start and all ORC armour was already on field. ... 6051450658 ... 1739123618
Got shot 500 m out of base by ORC ambush. Driver was hit, but stopped 200 m later with interpretation that he could not stop in the middle of the road, because there was no room to park it on the side :P. ... 5908096562 ... 1278965010 ... 4724306770
We were transported in 2 waves. First one droped on point (1.). I was with second wave. We got dropped at point (2.), since we encountered many ORC transports full of players approaching crossroad to the north off game road. Seemed like the whole ORC base was moving.
We climber on top of hill – point. (3.) – where we saw ORC base beautifully. My camera batteries died, so no base pictures through the scope :,P ... 2100331730 ... 4762996962 ... 6842756786
We slowly and carefully crossed the clearing – point (4.). I expected some ORC patrols or lookout points, but was »dissapointed«. Hehe, surprise surprise.
On point (5.) we devided into 2 groups. Terenec went ahead to scout with his sniper scope. And returned 10 min later with 6 digit ORC base #. I radioed it to Smoke to relay to HQ. Secondary objective accomplishe. Only fun fun fun for us. Main attack – chaos insertion – point (6.).
Terenec took out 3 man observation post on the north hill side 30 m from ORC base. I gave 2 silent kills. And then advanced to first tents like I am the guard on the walkabout. I stumbled upon the whole ORC HQ sitting behind big table. 25 people. I naturay started to spray BBs from around 15 m. The faces were the mixture of disbelieve, horror, shock, surprise and confusion, not necessary in this order, hahaha. On off my best and worse Berget moments. My hop-up on SR-25 was losend. I only hit 3, all others were spered, BBs flying 1 or 2 m over their heads. :lol:
I backtracked when the started shooting back. Finded cover in ditch behind tents and waited for some more score. Was not aware of hop-up problems then. Shouting and confusion in ORC camp. Only for a momment – Slovenians and Russians are always ready.
Got taken out by P90, my ex gun. Was wondering why I did not hit the guy – well hop-up, damn.
Waited for all team to get killed. Most of india 4 got picked up on point (7.) by dutch private pick up. Put my team inside – no room for all. Terenec and I went on by foot. We returned through SZ. Later we heard the same driver went back to SZ to pick us up, but was too late – we have already left. Thumbs up! Thanks!!

That is all folks.
Please ADD up.