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Posted: 17 Jan 2011, 18:17
by Panzergraf
You sure like them Glocks 8)

Posted: 17 Jan 2011, 18:17
by Quintus
Losolos wrote:Image
Damn it. How much does this costs in BB's to keep them feed?
At least 20 € per hour I think :P

Posted: 18 Jan 2011, 09:15
by Ober-Lix
Ole, I am beginning to beleave you got a private army, since this is just a fraction of what you got. :o
....and they talking about wasting BBs, what a joke !

Posted: 18 Jan 2011, 10:14
by Losolos

jepp we have to equip our auxiliary troops. In lack of manpower UN
must improvise.

Posted: 20 Jan 2011, 04:35
by counterassasin
Losolos: Are those the Ra-Tech Co2 Glock magazines to the right? If so, are they any good?

And as not to spam, here's what I will be bringing:

Guarder kit AKS-74, with some magazines :P

Real Sword SVD

Posted: 20 Jan 2011, 05:18
by Losolos

jep thats 3 RA-Tech CO² mags .. very solid mags good restistance to temperature .. at 5°C i get 320 fps.

And you can shoot abot 60 bbs with on 12g CO ² cardridge.

Posted: 09 Mar 2011, 01:03
by Trasher-HU
For 2011, AKs again... what else? :)


Posted: 13 Mar 2011, 23:19
by ron the slayer

Posted: 15 Mar 2011, 05:32
by EagleDriver
I will be bringing my ACR, which has performed very well this last year:


Posted: 15 Mar 2011, 22:23
by Klings

Posted: 16 Mar 2011, 10:38
by Repta

Posted: 16 Mar 2011, 20:50
by Morehk

Posted: 16 Mar 2011, 22:31
by ron the slayer

Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 12:27
by TK ... 215&a=3189


This is my malene :D Got some new pictures on the way, since alot have happened since this picture was taken :P

Posted: 12 Jun 2011, 00:06