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Post by CryptKeeper » 20 Sep 2010, 02:53

Hi there,

I'm on the Market searching for a beginner's gun! I have found this company A&K and their Masada gun, is it good? The Brand and the gun itself?

My other options are ICS M4 SIR Cranestock Sportline or the Classic Army Sportline too.

Please help me decide =)

Cheers :P

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Post by Toetach » 01 Nov 2010, 10:44

I borrowed the AK Masada this year at Berget, great gun!
Only problem i have had is that you have to press the mag forward a little when it does'nt feed.

Normaly is use a ICS m4 which is also a great reliable gun that is easy to do maintainance on with the modular gearbox.

The sportline series however are cheap but they will break down fast. Last Berget our guns were confiscated at customs so a view players bought CA sportslines, two were damaged beyond repair just by using them at Berget.
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Post by Skies » 04 Feb 2012, 01:55

hi there. before ansewring the question i just want to mention that my ansewer is ONLY my opinion! I would always go for the ics exept for when i would have a chance of purchasing a g&p magpul masada, i mean it cost quite a lot more than the a&k, BUT it makes a differance!! I've used both and my opinion is that the G&P is leagues better than the a&k. (i've had mine about a year and only had to do the basic maintenance= hopup rubber change and clean the innerbarrel after every match/game. i've fired approx 25000 bbs and had not a single problem) :wink:

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