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Lowcap issue regarding vfc Scar H

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 19:10
by Ziro
Ive been looking for Low cap mags for Vfc Scar H.
Lowest i can find is 160rds :S

So I need to be a "Ral" guy?

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 19:40
by Waldo
well, you could manipulate the magazine. You can put e.g. Some BBs at the bottom of the mag spring so that there is only space for 90 BBs; allthough 60 rounds are a bit much to shorten.

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 19:52
by Ziro
i was thinking about that but ive never done it:S
but its only berget i need it as 90rds, when i play here in norway i can use 160rds.

but is it possible to use the internals from a m14 70rds mag into the scar h mag body?

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 22:01
by Stig

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 22:59
by Waldo
Someone from Einheit45 showed how you short the capacity (but he used an AK mag).
The internals of the mag can differ, but the technic is pretty much the same with most low and mid-caps.

i don't know if the internals of your m14 will fit into the shell of the scar mag. i think you have to follow the old technic: "Try and Error".

good luck with the tinkering! :D

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 23:08
by Saveli_M
Don't worry, you can always be a fair-play:er and just load your clips with no more than 90bb's, but you'll have to put a blue tape-stripe to your clips wich will tell that your magazines are larger than accepted in rules.

..But remember, you can load MAX 90bb's in, NOT 92 or 139!
Of course this is up to you but BE-crew can make a check how many bb's there is in your magazines, and I hope that other players will either keep their eyes open and inform BE about people breaking this rule.

But the main point is that you can use those magazines as long as you won't break rules and put no more bb's as instructed, and that you add those blue stripes (with blue electrician's tape for example) to your mag's.

Please, don't be an ass, obey the rules and you'll get a best ingame experience. :wink:

Posted: 26 Dec 2010, 23:31
by Ziro
Fair player is important for me so ull skip the moding and be å honest ral player.
No point beeing unfair :)

Thank-you for all the answers:)

Posted: 27 Dec 2010, 01:37
by Stig
In the end, read the rules, its a good read and most of your questions will be answered there :wink: GL.