A question about an SR-25

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A question about an SR-25

Post by Alex_y » 14 Apr 2011, 09:41

Hi there,
Unfortunately I'll miss this year Berget due to a travel to South America, but I am quite likely to come next year, plus that gun classes used by Berget are becoming a standard for the classification of airsoft guns at home therefore I would like to ask for a tip where would my SR-25 fall in the classification Berget uses. The gun chrones at 167 m/s, the fire selector is replaced in order to remove the possibility for an automatic fire provided by A&К and make it a semi-automatic rifle as the real steel by Knight Arms. And it is a sniper but from what I saw most of the guns Berget Events classifies as snipers are bolt action ones.
So in brief
Can I use this gun as a sniper if I bring it to the next Berget?

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Post by I.Kullberg » 14 Apr 2011, 15:49

It's too powerful. Semiautomatic sniper-rifles are allowed to be tuned to 0-140m/s. Only exeptions are Barret, PSG-1 and Dragunov that are allowed to be tuned to 0-160m/s. This is clearly in the rules.
The Rules wrote: Class V0 Safety distance Notes

1.............0 to 109 m/s............1 meters.......Semi & full auto
2.............110 to 130 m/s..........10 meters......Semi & full auto
3.............0 to 140 m/s............15 meters......Semi only
4.............0 to 140 m/s............15 meters......Full auto
5.............141 to 150 m/s..........20 meters......Bolt-action
6.............151 to 160 m/s..........25 meters......Bolt-action
7.............161 to 180 m/s..........30 meters......Bolt-action
8.............181 to 199 m/s..........40 meters......Bolt-action

* 1) All pistols are restricted to class 1.
* 2) Class 3 guns must be modified / limited to semi fire.
* 3) Class 4 is for Support weapons only.

The maxiumim bullet weight for class 1 - 4 is 0,30 g
The maxiumim bullet weight for class 5 - 8 is 0,43 g

Semi-snipers are allowed to be tuned to max class 3 (see list above)
Bolt action snipers are allowed to be tuned to class 5-8 (see list above)

Semi-snipers Barret, PSG-1 & Dragunov are allowed weapon to be tuned up to class 6.
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Post by DutchWolf » 15 Apr 2011, 02:10

There's an easy fix for that tho, you can downgrade to a less powerfull spring.

Maybe we should ask BE to add the SR-25 to the list of acknowledged Semi-Snipers?
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Post by NL_Lexxie » 15 Apr 2011, 08:44

The reason the semi sinpers on the list are allowed to be class 6, is that they have a slow cycle rate which can not really be tunned to cycle faster. Therefore giving some realism of re-aiming.
If for example you take an SR25 based on a V2 gearbox you can heavily tune it so it will cycle much faster then the semi auto snipers on the list. That way you create a sniper rifle that can shoot a lot of bb's in a second which of course can be fun but is totally missing the point of that class of weapon. That by itself can have a very negative impact on the game.

Conclusion: Bad idea to allow other semi auto rifles to be tuned to class 6

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Post by Alex_y » 15 Apr 2011, 14:02

Thanks for the advise everyone. Anyway I have some time to think about it and possibly change the M150 spring of the rifle, or getting another spare weapon. May be that would be a good motivation to start the bolt action sniper project lurking in the back of my mind, that is if I come across some money first :)

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Post by Gugge » 06 Feb 2012, 15:56

NL_Lexxie: The Barrett is also based on a normal v2 gearbox... get a hi-speed motor in that and u have cykles like a Mother*cker...

althou u have to have quite some fysique to drag that 9kg beast thru the woods and up-down the hills/mountains :)

Just discussed this issue with NiN, and there is no bending of the rules.
I also just bought a M14 m21 going on 160m/s with 0.2g's and i have to downgrade it be legal in berget.
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