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Cybergun Mauser SR

Posted: 03 Jun 2011, 13:45
by karre92
I'm completly new to the whole Airsoft world and therefore wondering what my first rifle should be? I saw the Mauser SR on a swedish Airsoft site and fell instantly in love with it but i would love to hear from someone if that really is a good rifle or just a complete waste of money and I would also love to get som good tips and tricks what to do as a newbie and also tips on other potentially better starting rifles.

And i also wonder if it's to hard for a newbie to enter a Berget event without any other airsoft exprerience or if I instead play some local games before entering the Berget game. ( I Live only a few miles from Härnösand so berget is almost a local game for me :P). I should add that I have some Paintball exprecience if that is to any use in a airsoft game.

Thanks in prehand for all the help!