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Correctional Glasses + Protection

Posted: 12 Apr 2012, 13:44
by Waldo
I realized that long OPs and contact lenses are coombined a horrible experience for the eyes, so this berget i want to try something new and want to use my normal correctional glasses or a inlay for my swiss eye raptor.
do any of you have experiences with those inlays or can reccoment some glasses/goggles that you can use together with your correctional glasses?

BTW: i hate full face masks :)

Posted: 12 Apr 2012, 13:49
by Blackwolf

You can get the ESS Crossbow or ICE 2.4 and get the inserts for them.

They really work well



Posted: 14 Apr 2012, 09:32
by elanaiba
Here in Romania I've seen a couple of guys that paid money to have protective corrective glasses done for them. It was pretty expensive but I don't think more than a pair of Profiles or so.

Posted: 14 Apr 2012, 14:02
by EagleDriver
Body Specs BSG is a Sunglasses/Goggle kit that accepts a prescription insert:

They are low profile and come in black or desert tan (see "desert tan frame" a short way down on the page.)

Posted: 16 Apr 2012, 12:49
by Danrog
I use the Combor Glasses from Infield safety.

You get them with "normal" Protection Glasses clear, sunglasses and Yellow i think and 2 Frames where u can send to your opticians and they make u the right glasses you musst only say they should use Polycarbonat oder something similiar

i use them since 2 Years now and testet the Glasses and the Combor frame with 2,2 Joul over 5 cm NOTHING to see

Posted: 17 Apr 2012, 16:44
by Jin
I have Bolle Raider,they come with inserts for correctional glasses

Posted: 17 May 2012, 12:25
by Sheriff_FIN
Any experience with Bolle Tracker II with inserts? Do you recommend ... le---clear

those are cheap, but have these good quality?

Posted: 17 May 2012, 13:13
by RDG2
I had a lot of trouble with inserts because of foging, dust etc. you have one more layer that you need to look through. air between insert and protection glass is not enough ventilated. so foging can occure much more. I also tried to figure out how to work on longer OPs, so I went for ACUVUE OASYS.
they need to be replaced every 2 weeks (daily wear) OR six consecutive nights (extended wear). so I put them in before the event and put them out at the end. no problem with them during the event. Only when I feel that my eyes are little dry, I just put few drops of solution into each eye.
work fine for me.

Posted: 17 May 2012, 15:05
by Sheriff_FIN
I have asked many types of contact lenses. But contact lenses for my vision/sight are too expensive. And I am not experienced with contact lenses. I had some for testing but when I was trying to put 'em on, I lost 3pairs of five xD so I made decision; contact lenses are not for my type.

Other option what I have been thinking is to have my original glasses and put mesh-goggles on them. That prevent little bit foging.

Posted: 17 May 2012, 15:09
by skinner
+1 to RGD2 - a good idea to check out for better contact lenses. I wear lenses during last 18 years, forgot what does correctional glasses mean.

My current choice is Ocular Sciences Biomedics 55 Evolution or Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision HD - for up to one month night and day. Certainly everything is strictly individually.

Posted: 17 May 2012, 19:09
by Waldo
So; this is what i will go for now. I will use my lenses as long as i can wear them. When I need to take them out I will use my Bolle X1000Rx.

Posted: 18 May 2012, 08:32
by Rate^
I'm using ESS Advancer V12 with RX inserts. Works nicely. 8)

Posted: 19 May 2012, 06:12
by Coffe
EagleDriver wrote:Body Specs BSG is a Sunglasses/Goggle kit that accepts a prescription insert:

They are low profile and come in black or desert tan (see "desert tan frame" a short way down on the page.)
I use a pair of Pistol+ from BodySpecs myself, with prescription inserts. I can certainly recommend them.

Being pretty open around the edges unlike googles they tend to keep clear and not fog up either so, I think they're awesome. :)