Ares AW-388 Spring Sniper Upgrade (Need Advice)

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Ares AW-388 Spring Sniper Upgrade (Need Advice)

Post by diamid » 13 Sep 2012, 13:40


Bought my fifth airsoft gun, and what the heck... the choice came down to a sniper.

I bought the new 2012 version, Ares AW-388 Spring Sniper rifle. The company selling it said it would give an 450fps. But out of the box it only gives about 400fps. But its still more than what its says in the manual (360-380). But anyway....

I would like to upgrade it to 550fps. But have no clue/experience on spring guns. I could not find any information on the nett for this gun, so now I am asking you... the experts of airsoft... the cream dela crem of Berget..

What parts will fit this gun.... what do I need to upgrade.... what company should I buy the parts from etc.

Thanks for helping..
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Post by Cdt Delta » 13 Sep 2012, 14:42


Are you sure that it's just 400fps?

I have one and without modifications it's more of 550fps...

Try the CO2 magazine!
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Post by Waldo » 13 Sep 2012, 17:34

I am not very familiar with this particular gun, but the best things to update on a spring sniper rifle in general are the spring, spring guide, hop up and the trigger box (At least this was the best for my L96 from Warrior)
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Re: Ares AW-388 Spring Sniper Upgrade (Need Advice)

Post by SixCell » 07 Feb 2013, 15:14

There are Alot of Uppgrade guides here:
(remember to post in new member/introductions first)

The people there are also very helpful, when you need tips & tricks (DIY)
Cdt Delta wrote:Try the CO2 magazine!
Read it again cdt Delta :)
diamid wrote:I bought the new 2012 version, Ares AW-388 Spring Sniper rifle.
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