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Flying with guns within EU

Posted: 07 Jan 2015, 23:13
by Wandall
Hey guys!

I reckon many over here might have experience on this matter. I'm about to fly over to Greece from Finland at May to meet a friend and for everybodys big surprise we're going to attend local games over there.

Now my question is: Which airline? Or at least how to find one? Call 'em all through? I don't mind extra costs or procedures (up to certain humane point of course).


Re: Flying with guns within EU

Posted: 08 Jan 2015, 00:06
by MiqaFox
Going to meet WolfGeorge? If not, might be worth checking with him anyway, since he has such extensive experience dealing with Greek customs.

The only advice I can offer is to search for tickets, and then call the airline to make sure there won't be any trouble(unless you can find it written on their website, that is).

Re: Flying with guns within EU

Posted: 08 Jan 2015, 00:35
by L4gi
Finnair is fine with guns. Dunno what the limit for airsoft guns is, real guns have 2 per case. I traveled to Borderwar last year with 2 rifles and a pistol in my case, they didnt care.

Re: Flying with guns within EU

Posted: 10 Jan 2015, 17:18
by Wandall
MiqaFox wrote:Going to meet WolfGeorge?
Him precisely actually. :D We're buddies in the ASF Forums administrative staff. :)

Thanks for your suggestions dudes. :) Very much appreciated.

Sadly after Wolf did a bit of research on Greek customs department it became clear had importing your guns into Greece miiiight not be a healthy idea for them. ^^' They're likely to be well... Dealt with... :P

Anyways I hope someone finds this topic at least usefull some day if they need ideas on the same matter on possibly different EU countries. :)

Re: Flying with guns within EU

Posted: 13 Jan 2015, 17:01
by Stelios
Well, myself and some more friends, are going to travel from Greece to Sweden for this year's event and we ve arranged to sent our guns with a logistic company a bit earlier. Can this apply to your case?? we find it the safest and easiest way! normaly most of the airport's security can be a problem!