Interview with Alexi Dominquez about Berget 8

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Interview with Alexi Dominquez about Berget 8

Post by Berget-events » 11 Mar 2010, 23:43

Berget-events: Hello! Berget here! So Alex. Do you have time for some questions to the interview ?
Alexi: sure

Question1: Where do you live, what is your age and what do you do for a living?

Alexi: i am living in Venezuela, i am 25 years old and I am manager of a company engaged in the sale of food

Question2: For how long have you been playing airsoft?

Alexi i have tree years playing airsoft

Question3: You will be the first south american player ever that have participated in a Berget Game, how did you hear about Berget 8 ?

Alexi: its gonna be a great experience for me that`s for sure, one friend show the video of berget 7 on youtube and i started to look for information in the internet and then decided to participate.

Question4: After reading on the Berget 8 webpage and watching the movies, what do you think are the main difference between Berget-games and your local events in Venezuela?

Alexi: the firts difference its than we don`t have here a company who can make real big events, our events are made by the players so the biggest one are about 400 players in the field.

Question 5: How are your travel-plans and will this be your first trip to Europe ?

Alexi: its gonna be my second time i europe two years ago i was in paris just visiting a friend, and this time i will be in STOCKHOLM and then i will take the train to go to harnosand after the event i will go to paris because i am fanatic of video games too and i will go to see a tournament called "Electronic Sports World Cup"

Question6: How will you be prepared for the hard days of Berget with long walks, no darkness at night, and the overall field experience ?

Alexi: maybe physically I'm not ready, but I will do my best to live every minute this event!

Question7: What Uniform, combat-rig and gun will you be using?

Alexi: the uniform of my team B.A.Deltas is ACU Digital so i can use the same for berget, i am a assault player, its gonna be too expensive to take my Tokio Marui Sop Mode from here so i am gonna rent me a SD6.

Question8: What team will you be playing in and who is your commander?

Alexi: i will play for NAF 23rd infantry Battalion and my commander its gonna be Blackwolf from portugal.

Question9: What are your team-mates and friends saying about you going alone to Sweden for this adventure?

Alexi: they wants to go with me jejeje, they really wish me the best and to be proud to represent our community.

Question10: And now the final question, if European players would go to Venezuela to play Airsoft or vacation, what are the top 3 things to see/do before going home?

Alexi: first they will have a great community that will welcome you with open arms, second they will play in great stages like islands, close to beachs, abandoned hotels, and the third they will have a great time because we will do pur best to make you feel like home.

They will see beautifull places like pour beachs, mountains, they can also perform activities such as climbing and rappelling!



Inteview 2010-03-11

Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:

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Post by WhiteAce » 12 Mar 2010, 11:16


Welcome again Alex. Hope you'll have a good time and warm welcome in Sweden as you would welcome and have a "feel good time" to any player visiting Venezuela!
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Post by timpa » 14 Mar 2010, 20:06

Nice, a fan of E-sports!
Wish i could see it too.
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Post by nashu » 15 Mar 2010, 15:47

Welcome to NAF 23rd Alexi!
If you are alone, there is a large Romanian presence in NAF 23rd where you can make friends, it is also a latin country, I did not see any spanish players registered.
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Post by lizzymagvire » 12 Apr 2010, 12:09

Nice interview.
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Post by Xen1aserman » 13 Apr 2010, 00:27

Nice interview Alex seems like a really nice guy.

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Post by Lokke » 16 Jan 2011, 12:13

This year I think it should be more interviews. 10, but not more than that.?
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