What did you think about the new gamearea?

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.

What did you think about the new gamearea?

It was good with lots of roads and good size!
It was good but too big!
It was not good at all, do not use the same area again!
Total votes: 189

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Post by MrMedic » 21 Jun 2010, 02:23

As an idea, might there be a way to use AT weapons or something similar as area effect/anti-bunker weapons, either with a version of BAWS system in bunkers, or perhaps with a GM to "judge" their effectiveness? There were a lot of situations where direct fire area effect weapons would have been very useful and would have kept the game more fluid and interesting!
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The cannon that we captured did exactly that.

Personally I felt that the game area could have been bigger and have more roads. As it was there was no way to sneak a vehicle past the enemy lines without running into a SP, TP or enemy base. All roads where "used up" so to speak. The only time we could really use all of our ingame vehicles where at night, after 3 AM.

Please have a look at the Tango series of games in Laxå, that game area is 15 x 6 km and is used for maybe one quarter as many players as Berget. Bigger is better.

I still loved the current game area though, Very challenging and diverse. Very good for foot-mobile combat. Also the absence of off-game areas within the game zone was a great plus.

It might have been a good idea not to put the offgame parking so close to the scrap-yard though, as it was it was difficult to outflank the scrapyard without drawing fire down into the parking.
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Post by Gestaa » 21 Jun 2010, 03:14

As an area this one felt like a juvenile. I mean the hacked open areas etc. When i looked at the map before the game "The Great Crossroads" sounded really epic. This must have the stuff for great battles. And then the "open terrain" to the south was hacked forest with the occasional small tree. Really not so epic.

Ofcourse, this is nothing that BE can do as they can do no magic and the game-area changed pretty close to the game. If anything then amazed i am that they had a game-area this suitable in their "back pocket". That gives a need for applause if anything because of the deadline.

But to the game-area itself again; Forest, forest, forest. Where were the BERGETS (berget in swedish meaning mountains)!? That's my only real complaint here.

EDIT: In size, wasn't this about the same size as the previous years areas? Methinks the ranges between SP/TP/Bases were reasonable. Nothing close enough to "baserape" and nothing too far away to not be able to walk there and back.
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Post by OviDiuS » 21 Jun 2010, 03:18

Kinda nice size. Maby just a little bigger whit more small forest roads (Traktor spår).

And a new Role play City is recommended for next time. And make the City bigger than in B7. Just a few more houses than there was in B7 will do the trick.

Next time if you gonna use "Repeters" For the radios. Then be 100% that it works to ! like i was the only one that could send whit Poldavian repeter what i know.

Other than that it was a cool area.
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Post by Cosmo » 21 Jun 2010, 04:33

Gestaa wrote:But to the game-area itself again; Forest, forest, forest. Where were the BERGETS (berget in swedish meaning mountains)!? That's my only real complaint here.
Try getting to Crow Mountain or the Uranium Storage.. there's your bergets...
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Post by munkki » 21 Jun 2010, 15:58

Game area was great, with all those roads and size was good.. I was just missing cqb more, but you can't get all at once or can you? ;>
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Post by ORSO » 21 Jun 2010, 16:14

In my opinion, the place was greate...probably an area closer to Stockholm would be logistically better

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Post by Abbe » 21 Jun 2010, 19:03

I think the area was good, but not perfect, lots of points were never threatend by opposing team, like dog point, we were only attacked twice there, by the french and mercs :D . so please place the points better, and put in a big city, i doesnt really now how we in poldavian side could use our money ? all civilians were in green zone, never meet any civilians above crossroads , only had a big fight with them 2 days in a row :lol:

so, big city in middle of game area, better placed points :)
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Post by Tiger_1 » 21 Jun 2010, 19:47

Game area was nice. I also think something like Bashir would be good for next year (if this area will be used then), but this year the game area change really did come to close to the event that Berget could have time to do that. Road net was good, and large parts of the forrest was good to move in. "swamps" and wet areas are a part of scandinavian nature, it will never go away, and do we really want to play in a area that is "custom made for an airsoft game"? I like that fact that it could have been anywhere in scandinavia, and had enought roads to work for an airsoft game.
I also liked my base being so far away from the others, that almost nobody botherd to attack it ;) (Thanks to the guys from 23rd NAF that gave it a go, and tested my guys ability to react ;))
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Post by Goggan » 22 Jun 2010, 00:03

The narure of the area was good,
a lot of the "gamers" stayed out of the swamps,

I thing the civ. camp was shitty!!!

no camp in the world would be set up with out water....

after a idiot LARP had a shoot out with naf we had to use our dead rag and go of game to get water...
that fucked the game for most civ. and naf. for 24 houres

Berget 7 was fantastic in Bashir city, but now BE 8 fucked it up.
If you dont like larp wy would you put a civ part in your game?

yea... the civ. population should be placed in the middel we struggeled too contakt and to resist, toitaly wing clipped
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Post by Trasher-HU » 23 Jun 2010, 11:46

The new gamesite was OK, this time we didn't have to worry about real civilians caught in the crossfire, but I found the Harnösand area to be more challenging and diverse...
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Post by Lex » 23 Jun 2010, 12:05

didn't vote, bcs don't know what to choose

Is it good (size, roads, relief, no off-game zones) area? Yes, not bad.
Do i want to play on it ones more? No. Why? Area is simple, not interesting, area without points. In previos games (b7-b6) it was very intresting area becouse of mounts (unusual for us) and great sights from the tops of it. B5 also have great area with fortress. On next berget i would like more interesting area for the game.
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Post by Buckmaster » 24 Jun 2010, 02:21


that was a good Area! I love the swamps, really!

It is a bit far away from elsewhere, to regive some "girls" in Solleftea:" What the hell made you come to this remote place on earth?" but it was worth the journey. For sure. I will be there anyway.

But it was to easy to denial the service of movement by taking a few strategic points. So for the next time it should be more balanced overall.

Me and my companions where happy to take part and, already, plan for the next year.

Hope to see most of You latest than.

Greetings and have fun,

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Re: What did you think about the new gamearea?

Post by RyanAnderton » 24 Jun 2010, 14:42

I think, that the new area is OK. But in the last year the hills and roads were attractive (I like varied terrain) - but there wasn´t no build. (I like it). I mean, that area is good for most of us, but not for everyone - but ever will be negative and positive aspects. It was OK
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Post by alecu » 24 Jun 2010, 16:21

Harnösand FTW, the only thing good at this area from my point af view where the roads

if i would have to choose between B8 and B7 area i would choose Harnösand

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new area

Post by RyanAnderton » 24 Jun 2010, 20:49

Ya, Harnosand...
On this Berget 8 we miss some place as Bashir City.
New game area colud be largest for 2 thousand people... But it wasn´t bad, but we don´t saw wider using the Berget money. Terrain was intereeting, but the hills in Harnosand is better :o)...
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