Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 22 Jun 2010, 08:43

@J82 please do not get me started on listing the times and situations i had reports of poldovians doing some extremely creative cheating, lets stick to positive feedback or constructive critisism.
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Post by mmilia » 22 Jun 2010, 10:36

+ Great Comrades in 1st Poldi
+ Great Emotion in various situation like NAF attack at our camp , defense in 4 patrolmens against six pickup filled of NAF in High Cliff SP
+ Good ideas about inserting news like more vehicles like rocket truck and SP

- Better tents , i use my own luckily , other people was in the mud
- Better supply at the kiosk ( more sugar for coffee... :D )
- Better logistic in general purpose to preparing the campsites.
- To few NAF to gnaw...
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Post by J82 » 22 Jun 2010, 11:27

@Redmenace_tv please stick to the topic and leave "moderating" for the moderators. There is thing called "freedom of speech". This was my first Berget and what I wrote was how I experienced it, end of story. :D If you didnt like it too bad, I cant help you on that issue. Have a nice day and cya all in B9 :D

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Post by Redmenace_tv » 22 Jun 2010, 13:44

Not trying to start a fight, just didn't want the feedback thread to become a list of cheating incidents. Peace and goodwill to you j82, see you at berget 9!
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 22 Jun 2010, 13:47

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Post by Obi-San » 22 Jun 2010, 13:55

Had a lots contacts on Poldavian side, but no one in NAF wanted the info, no one on NAF organised civilians to gather info(at least i dont know about it).
Had pictures of PsyOps agents, base plans and many more.
Last 2 days, when i finally understood that no none on NAF want the info, i "joined" Poldavian side :)
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Post by Karrel » 22 Jun 2010, 16:12

Great Game
Great Players,
Liked the trucks with the mounted machine gun on the top
Well Organised

Poorly installed Tents and crap location for the base
Could be better looked after players arrived alone
Provide transport after the game between Base-Safezone-Camping/Hotel
Give a sticker chrono certificate instead of a ticket :)
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Post by Wastel » 22 Jun 2010, 17:33

A very nice game, big thanks to Berget Crew for good work.

This was my second Berget, and I was in the civilian side, Sixth Mercs.

Here is a few things that came to my mind with several minutes of thinking:

+ Very nice and talented playing mates with an excellent attitude
+ Game area with a great amount of roads
+ The location of civilian base: next to the road, but still in the forest
+ The Spirit of Sixth Mercs
+ "Service" worked well: there was always enough water, toiler paper etc.
+ My special thank to Gipsy, that dark-haired girl with her hand gun. You were always so entertaining and gave us a lot of fun and joy.

- Beer party area was not so nice as in the B7. It was a public area with access to everyone. IMO there wasn't such a "Berget spirit" as in the previous beer party. Beer party at Bashir City was great.

- We miss Bashir City or some other town-like place

- Players that don't speak at least a very, very basic English (not BE's fault). All the players are not so good at English and it's totally ok, but learning a few important words and sentences can't be difficult. "I can't speak much English", "Ask him, he knows" or something. There were players who couldn't say at least "I don't speak English".

- The rain thing. I don't mean "the rain sucks", but I DO mean that why people (who are not children!) can't prepare for rain? It is summer, it will maybe rain. Raining is possible also in spring, fall or winter. It's water, there is water in nature. If your own country is always dry, do not think that all the countries are. I wouldn't go to South pole with a summer jacket. I can't understand why some players travel for days, pay an enormous amount of money and then leave when a normal summer rain starts. When all your clothes and also a sleeping bag are wet, it isn't nice but it's worth thinking: "Did I hold them in plastic bags?"
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Post by Jin » 22 Jun 2010, 19:21

That was my first Berget game.

+Exellent terrain
+Good organization of the game by GM's
+Met many new people
+Had fun with Danish,Bulgarian,Russian guys from 5th Battalion.

-Not everyone was chronographed and distance keeping = result broken teeth and hole in the cheek of one Bulgarian player
-Not everyone speaks english
-Radio chatter was crap,mostly i heard romanian langugage instead of english
-Soldiers must walk to platoon leaders,commanders and Bat.commander to get mission but should be clockwise
-Bad selection of 23nd NAF camp place (rocky terrain) - its a game not a real war where you cant select the place
-Defence of 23nd Base was bad - from 100 people 15 of them was defending the base

-No intel gathering from Civils who had all information about Poldavian forces
-No Civil base defence from NAF forces at all
(Result - spy's near NAF base)

-Big disadvantage by Uniform (Desert is bad for Woodland) even Multicam is little bit better than Desert and ACU
-No stoves in the tents in 23nd Base (Civils had them)
-Sugar people who left the game as soon the rain starts
-6 people out of 15 of Foxtrot 5 unit was doing something
-Dont gives a sh**,dont care,i know better stuff from HQ commander

But anyway i'll will come to Berget 9 for sure
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Post by Smoke1985 » 22 Jun 2010, 19:32

Wastel wrote: - The rain thing. I don't mean "the rain sucks", but I DO mean that why people (who are not children!) can't prepare for rain?
We're all children Wastel! Never forget that! :P

Anyway, moving on! This was my first Berget Event! Diamid and the others in J.A.R had been pestering me to join in (alright, I'll admit it! I really really really wanted to go!!!) since they had room for one more. Since I had already heard many good things, seen good photographs and having played airsoft for around six months I though "Why not?" I've Roleplayed for a odd number of years and tried LARP'ing as well so I thought this might be a lot of fun.

We got there two days early. That's right, Monday evening / night! If anyone saw the housetent standing near the main parkinglot with the Rising Sun flag and shifty looking Vikings prowling around it? Yepp, that was us! We were to meet up with Mr.Medic so we could coordinate, communicate and plan a bit ahead to how things would be at least in our team. Sadly, the instrument panel in one of his cars stopped working so he got a bit late. No biggie anyway. We eventually managed to met up and had that civilian Pow-Wow before gamestart as well.

I remember vividly the first evening. We were out and about, Reconing the Poldovian positions. Didn't take long for us to hit a roadblock. Eventually we had to leave our vehicles and escape on foot. We walked for what seemed to be forever and half of J.A.R got taken out by a - / + 100 strong Poldovian force. Nice start! When we eventually got home, we were immediatly sent on a mission to escort three Mercenaries who had managed to secure a "box" (A part of "The Cake". Sounds familiar Poldovians?). Again, much walking but eventually we managed to bring it back safe and sound, unnoticed! I remember when Mr.Medic told us about his conversation with Berget Crew.

"What.. YOU have that? You aren't supposed to have that?!"


The morning after I started feeling my feet acting up. The rain as well as not being that used to walking that much in the field quickly took it's toll on them. Luckily, Diamid had brought a First Aid kit with some Zink Tape which helped a bit! I know I already said thanks mate, but here's another one! Nonetheless I told my commander and my team that I'd most likely become a partial and mostly only conduct missions involving vehicles and defense. And of course... Being a part of the demonstration which was a huge success!

As the days passed, I slowly but surely managed to slide into my role and how things worked. Sure, I had read the rules and the background but there's a difference in reading and playing it. I found people generally to be friendly, polite and helpful if I had questions. A big kudoes to Mr.Medic, Viper and the rest of the Sixth Mercs. Without teamwork and friendship, things wouldn't have gone as well as they did for our team!

Then the rain.... Oh god the rain. I have to admit that when my feet were sore, everything was wet and on top of that I was cold and we had no stove in our tent that my morale was low. On top of that we started to wonder what was going on up in the Civilian camp. Everyone seemed to either be a Poldovian collaborator or PsyOps. Even though it was clearly stated at the Civvie Pow-Wow that people should stay away from the Poldavians. I don't know what happened and I won't speculate. I'm only gonna say that people weren't that happy with how things were around then. Nevertheless, a good shower, some warm food, clean socks, ponchos and SPORTS TAPE boosted our morale and we returned! Eventually managed to make a firepit in our tent too! Safety was of course our number 1 concern as one of our teammates is a fireman. :)

I'll never forget us selling a teammember to the Drugdealers up in the Civilian Camp for 50 Berget Dollars as well as buying a pound of "Cocaine" from them.... It proved useful when we found out where the Poldavians got their water from. Specially when the ones from J.A.R who came up with the idea of buying drugs informed Mr.Medic :D

Yepp, Sixth Mercs poisoned you Poldies!! HAH! :D

Securing the Supply points under the nose of the Poldavians during nighttime went well. I only joined those operations during the last night but it was a lot of fun. :)

Then we have us securing the Nuclear Scientist, us becoming friends with a certain "Gypsy" ;) , the "Box" with "THE CAKE IS A LIE!" / "THERE IS NO CAKE!" notes and the gold theft. Pure awesome. The fact that Berget Crew had to "cheat" to make the story progress proves that the Sixth Mercs did their job well.

Now to Pros and Cons:


+ First Berget Event for me! I'm sure to return!
+ Nice people, friendly players as well as good LARPing!
+ Great location. Logistics Out of Game as well as In Game was easy I'd say!
+ Sixth Mercs. Awesome bunch of people. Great leadership and cooperation! Mr.Medic, Viper. *salute* I hope I get to team up with you guys again under your leadership!
+ J.A.R - You guys... I love you and you know it! :D


- Lack of a Civilian town had a great impact. I had heard about that great City from Berget 7 and how awesome it was. A small rag-tag village would have been great!
- People aiming for the head. I found this to be incredibly senseless. We're here to play, not to intentionally attempt to harm people! I got a few BB's in my face as well as others in the Sixth Mercs. Aim for the body or limbs please!
- No stove in our tent made things hard when the rain started pouring. Berget Crew were asked to find one for us but to my knowledge they didn't get back to us regarding that matter.
- I didn't tap any of my batteries, however there was no charging station near our camps. We had to walk down to the safesone if we wanted to do this and be there until we were done charging our stuff. Seeing how few we already were in numbers, this was a severe disadvantage in case anything happened.
- Poldavians using Woodland made the game unfair to some aspect seeing they outnumbered NAF. When people started leaving due to the conditions in the camps, this made their advantage stand out even more.
- Medium Con here; Planning from Berget Event regarding the new area as well as how to deal with the unexpected. The Sixth Mercs managed to do a lot of things that were not expected of them. I laughed when I heard that you had to cheat to make the story progress again. Not saying that you should have stood idly and watched but then again it could have been done differently. We were already paranoid and that little stunt with the Scientist didn't make it better.

My two øre. Thanks for the event and I hope we'll meet again for Berget 9!
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Post by Junior » 23 Jun 2010, 00:02

I didn't think I came for a peaceful vacation in a hotel.
It was cold and it wasn't easy but we managed to fix the tent (with some duct tape) and we dug a channel around the tent.

The thick grass wasn't much of a problem since I brought an inflatable mattress.

It's all a matter of preparation, but some help from BE was missing.

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Post by mette » 23 Jun 2010, 01:19

the pro's

the morale in ranger base
the way we fought
the storyline
helpfulness and good luck's i got from all you guys when they asked if my arm was oo.k.
the location of ranger base

the con's
the way the tents where provided
(i even fixed one with fishingwire and a needle)
no toilets or generator (luckely we brought two with te team and made or own toilet)
those GODDAMM mosquito's :twisted:

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Post by Trasher-HU » 23 Jun 2010, 12:20


+ Poldavian 3rd Mtn.s
+ Our team (9 men strong Recon-QRF w/ the green Hilux)
+ We prevented all the anti-vehicle ambushes (in fact my truck wasn't even hit while we were mounted)
+ Some good fights
+ Firewood
+ No problem with ppl taking hits (pls note, I used a 350fps rifle)
+ Not breaking my ribs on the rocks after a bad fall


- The chrono is still a joke
- Hundreds of puss... I mean people leaving after getting wet (it was really funny to see that the two ladies in our team handled the situation with zero whining)
- Undersized opposition (see above)
- Lack of stoves, or a large heated tent for ppl to dry gear
- A lot of unexperienced NAF players (killing clueless, unorganized "happy boyscouts" in the forest wasn't fun)
- Driving a total of 70-80km on the roads with minimal enemy contact, we never encountered a single rolling NAF vehicle
- Annoying cases of friendly fire (some guys got really pissed off)
- People not speaking english at all
- Parking offgame cars in ingame areas (civ base, NAF bases near GZ)
- Respawn points too close to strategic locations
- Despite the size and accessibility of game area (for us it was a 8 minute drive from offzone to 3rd Mtn camp) BE didn't use the transport trucks enough, B6-B7 was much better in this regard
- Some poldavians wearing mixed camo or desert hats/caps
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Post by Spacebert » 23 Jun 2010, 15:42

Baron wrote:
Panzergraf wrote:Yes, you DO pay to attend this game, but you can't just sit on your rear-end and wait for the crew to provide you with fun, action, dry clothes, dry tents, drainage-ditches, base-defenses and so on.
Try to be a little more prepared next time, and you'll have some more fun.

Spot on!

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Post by Sfinx » 23 Jun 2010, 16:11

agree with you Wastel :D

anyway.. this was my first Berget and I played with my Slo. team AKS + 4 Hungaryans. We where QRF in Poldavian 3rd Mtns. Trasher had his ingame vehicle and as a resault we where everywhere we needed to be in no time. With some realy good actions (the best ones where without shooting, only sneeking around enemy to complete mission succesfully) I had a realy good time and if you ask me I could stay ingame for at least 1 more week. Other than that we had great fun laughing and joking all the time and even in cold and rain we mannaged to keep our spirit up. That is also the way I see airsoft - to overcome thy self in different situations....

+ our team play was at a very high level. Everybody doing ther job...
+ playing with hungaryan "brothers and sisters" - especialy Gabona (stix)- you made me lough so much
+ fair play. I expected more cheeting
+ t-shirt design :)

+ & - many tooo many easy kills .. heh...

- chrono- you should have at least 6 guys working at chrono and already prepared -loaded basic magazines
- On friday morning the game stopped for a while cause of the rain and some guys went to city to watch foothball???
- beer party was too comercialy set. As some of you already said, there was no Berget spirit, and prizes for beer where tooo high (so much for the beer party). I was very disapointed about party, cause I heard good reviews about last years party.

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