Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by Bilich » 27 Jun 2010, 01:24

turret wrote:disappointed with the BE work but not the game.

map change a month before the game
Next year , if you ask me , only officers should have game maps before the game. We are just a regular soliders , it is not our buisness to know where the fight will be.
too few transport (havent used one during the whole game)
Because we took almost all of your rides :P
3rd ranger location compared to 1st mountaineer base
80% defensive :?
turret wrote: lots of people not taking their hits (only Poldavians but not all hopefully)
As I aways say to my team and my airsoft mates here in Croatia. If someone is not taking his hits , turn arround and go shoot someone else. Do not let Terminator to brake your fun and if all of us just skip that T-100 he will quit sooner or latter :wink:

There is no way to be 100% sure that someone is hit. So do not always think that someone is not taking hits. Maybe he did not feel it, maybe his concertation is on some other guy.

I do not think that someone can come to Berget ( far away from home ) and do not take his hits. Be positive :D

At Berget you have enough people to shoot at , just move 50 meters left or right and there is 100 new ppl to shoot at :D
Make your own fun :wink:
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Post by Thodin » 27 Jun 2010, 01:58

As Bilich said, we took all the transport points. Thats why you dident get transport. I have to say ppl was realy good on taking there hits this year. atleast the 5th rangers that i was fighting the most. Was greatplaying vs you guys your base was a hell to takeout

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Post by ReconProG » 27 Jun 2010, 10:27

Thodin wrote:...atleast the 5th rangers...
Wow, there was a whole other Ranger battalion I didn't even hear about. Great secrecy! Well done fellow Rangers! :D
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Post by Trasher-HU » 27 Jun 2010, 19:44

turret wrote:This was my last Berget Game for a long time.
Same mistakes are repeating on and on + there are other places where you arent considered only a money bitch (like Eastern Europe)
You know, in eastern europe we particularly don't like whiners. :P
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Post by Garga » 27 Jun 2010, 19:48

^ such a good HOUSEKEEPER you are ;) !!
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Post by alecu » 27 Jun 2010, 22:47

i understand turret problems, because we was fighting together

it is very sad that a player like him will not participate anymore to Berget, as it was a real pleasure to see somebody as involved in game as him, and stay in the rain, when other pussies didnt.

as people not taking there hits, this was my second berget, and i always tell my guys, not to get angry, and keep their fairplay as this makes the difference between frustrated players and real airsoft players.

LE: this year i did not shoot terminators, i had all of my kill shoots claimed. maybe i was lucky or not, could not tell

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Post by turret » 28 Jun 2010, 13:21

thanks Alecu. ;)
its been great to play with other very cool ppl as you romanians or also the bulgarians of Hornet and the portuguese of Stuntman.

This is my feedback and only mine.
You all have the right to disagree but it wont change my feeling.
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Post by Tor » 28 Jun 2010, 15:07

As spokesman/leader for the civilian camp i really tried hard to expose any PsyOps when we entered the NAF 23:rd base before the last battle. All
civilians had to do a "LARP" security check, looking for a green card
(psyop ID). Everyone came clear. But later on in the battle i heard
people say there where Civilian PsyOps in the camp, shooting NAF.

The explanation of how PsyOps managed to pass the security check
came later, told by a PsyOps himself.

He said he/them managed to get through the security check by
getting killed, then enter the base through the NAF respawn
(at the back of the camp).

Some how that doesn't fell right.

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Post by Losolos » 28 Jun 2010, 18:04


i was responsible for all PSYOPS teams that started as Civ from gamestart on ... and i have to say that there was 4 teams out and they didn`t know each other ..
we recognice very early that you wear all your armbands in on way i give my teams intel ;)

i will not give you all details here but we will be prepared next time much better !

good job and nice play with you guys
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Post by freno » 28 Jun 2010, 20:17

I can see you mostly had a great time, and many player thinks this was one of the greatest Berget-games!? Maybe the rain made some good stuff also?

As a commander for the first time, i would like you to tell me what i could do better for next time! NOONE is perfekt, so feel free to tell me. You can use PM, so this forum not will be flodded. I think more of the commanders want the same thing!?

I will tell you what i feel after this Berget:
-To play with you, experianced players, made it easy and funny to assign as commander! I can do it again with you guys, and girls!

PSYOPS will live in secret and a long time!
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Post by Weasel » 29 Jun 2010, 12:40

Does anybody know the actual count of the participants in the fractions?
To me it seems there was quite a substantial difference between the ticket list and the actual unit rosters.

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Post by Tiger_1 » 29 Jun 2010, 16:29

Mountainers started with 167 at game on. Finished with just over 120, including a few "lame ducks" that had to step out of the main inf units for some reason (they did missions close to and in base). Of those we lost, most left for reasons related to work or personal problems. Not "wheather sicknes" ;)
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Post by Rhyn0 » 29 Jun 2010, 18:17

as i recall psyops started with 51 out of 101, and i'm pretty sure we finished with 51, even though a frenchie got pretty banged up falling ona slope and had to be medevac'd to the hospital by ambulance, he was back the next morning and stayed to fight to the end.. way to go greg?!
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Post by freno » 29 Jun 2010, 19:12

I think that´s right Rhyno! We lost no-one. Last day some started travel home quite soon, but beer-party isn´t the most important i think!

What i am most interrest in is, why the Captured prisoners didn´t show up!?? We got 6-8 captured-civ. just before game-start. After that we had to capture by our own!! ;-)

No blue prisoners from start though...?
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Post by Hazardous » 29 Jun 2010, 20:23

There were two! :o
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