THE BIG Thanks to thread!

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by SixCell » 20 Jun 2010, 21:36

Haiden wrote:i would like to thank ASOG team and norwegian battalion commandern for nice company in the NAF 5:th camp!
Haiden... i was only platoon commander :)

But it was a nice camp to be in & always good to have good neighbours

Thanks to SoulForge for the pickmeup can of soda the last day & the tips towards customizing my sniper :)

& last but not least To Oberlix, Erik & Henrik thanks for good leadership.
Thank you Jazze (Golf Delta 2) for helping me "tame" the men :)
Not to forget, without my men i would be alone, & helpless :)
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Post by Toetach » 20 Jun 2010, 21:51

I'd like to thank the guy I borrowed the Masada from!!
Man, you really saved the hole event for me!!
Thanx again! :D

And also thanx to the rest of the 3th poldavian moutaineers! The morale was very high and we did some great missions together.

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Post by SASTrouble » 20 Jun 2010, 23:05

I want to first of all thank everybody in NAF 5th Mech... You werw great to play with... Thank U allso to Nilsson55, Bucket Seals, Eels, Lidgard, Kamikaze and the rest of you who were afraid to melt in the rain and went home. Thanks for the time you spent with us...

A special BIG THANK U goes out to Dirty South Deltas for your good humor and hardcore attitude. And also to BLACKWOLF who saved the game for us by giving me special missions to send my guys on...

ASOG, Old Sweden and the rest should also have a medal for staying with us and keeping the game running...

Also thanks to RANGERS for raising the morale and for the backup at Eagle Cliff on Saturday.

Thanks also to all the RED playsers that was friendly and that could take a hit.(Not everyone could) And espscial to the super nice russians that we had a great fight around the civilian base with on Thursday. Never met more honest players... ;-)

Sthlm-SAS and Emil "Trouble" Fasth OUT......
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Post by Crapgame » 20 Jun 2010, 23:18


BERGET EVENTS - the games are only getting better, well done and you have put alot of work down. thanks for making this event possible.

Tiger_1 (Morgan) - you were a fantastic leader for the Poldavian 3rd! making clear from the beginning that we where a milsim based unit. (follow orders or get out!)

QRF/FSG PLATOON - You where all Awesome! great job with radios, missions. operation of vehicles. yeah everything!

The rest of the players in Berget 8! - without you there would have been no game!. especially you who stayed even though it rained. my unit was lucky since we brought our own furnace. but we feel that players who kept on playing cold and wet are worth all praise! Well done!
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Post by Fenan » 20 Jun 2010, 23:42

big thank you to the 3rd Mountaineer's hungarian truck (ESP 800) and the belgians for picking me up two of the times I had to travel by foot from safezone to 3rd mountaineer's camp (7km).

that thank you goes out to Berget Buss 2 that helped with medevac for my second cousing catching the flue just after one nights play.
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Post by Maxx23 » 20 Jun 2010, 23:52

a warm greeting Tom Eric Vladjimir and Ober-lix to


5th Naf 1st Eagle Company ITA

Berget : B6 - B7 - B8..and B10

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Post by Panzergraf » 21 Jun 2010, 00:48

First, a big thanks to Tiger_1 and all the other guys in the Bn. HQ,
you really did a great job and the 3rd Mountaineers was possibly the smoothest running unit in Berget history :)

Then some thanks to all the NAF-guys who didn't go home during the game! Staying in-game when so many of the guys from your side leaves does really show dedication.

And thanks to all the great milsimmers on both sides. This game felt a lot more like a proper milsim game than the previous two I've attended.
Some speedballers, yeah, but less so (or at least that I noticed).

And lastly, thanks to all the guys in 2nd. platoon, 3rd Mountaineers.
Great game, guys!
Thanks to our tent-neighbors too; Lexxie and his dutch guys.
You guys rule :)

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Post by Redmenace_tv » 21 Jun 2010, 00:59

Thanks to Ober-lix, Eric, maxx23, sixcell, christian, Vlad, brass, The french guys... if i carry on i'll just list every player at berget 8. Thanks for making my first Berget a memorable one, and thanks for making me welcome i was a little worried about arriving on my own. Big thanks to the swedish guys i met on the way up and a big thanks to berget crew. PEACE!
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Post by anarchy- » 21 Jun 2010, 01:55

It's been a pleasure as always, Bucket seals is a bit afraid of water and with a pair of shattered teeths and a sick driver we decided it was better to just go home.

It's as fun as always playing cars in the woods! more nudity next time is expected from all in JSO!

Great work SASTrouble :]

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Post by Klab » 21 Jun 2010, 02:29

Berget Crew for organizing and taxiing us around - even if I sometimes felt like a orange crate :lol:

All players for the great roar at wednesday night

All people who defended the CP at 5th infantry camp with me at Thursday afternoon (I was the lunatic with the SAW in the steelplated house)

Airsoft Gent for not f*cking us up all the time :oops:
B8 - NAF 5th Inf Btl Mike (G) Squad

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Post by Touko » 21 Jun 2010, 10:42

Thanks to anyone fighting on friday!

The weather was the greatest enemy for quite a few players and the game was in danger of being completely ruined on friday. However, enough of you pulled through despite challenging conditions and the game was saved, thanks to You.

After the harsh friday we got splendid weather on saturday and did got some highly epic fighting too! Once again, thank you!

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B10 - Zansia / 2nd Coy / Echo Plt Ldr E9

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Post by Dark_Eden » 21 Jun 2010, 12:03

First I would like to thank our CO and X-CO MrMedic and Wasp for keeping our heads in the fight with rides and R&R when we were inches from leaving, and for providing us with great missions as well as approving of those we suggested ourselves.

Second I would like to thank Kurtz and Sigge for providing us with a warm, dry tent when ours were starting to take in water (and a hot sandwich to boot
:) ), you guys really saved our lives out there.

Thirdly I would like to thank my squad Rupee 2 for fighting ´till you dropped but also fighting fair, I wouldn´t like to have anyone else beside me for this adventure.

Fourthly (is that a word) I would like to thank all of 6mm for the best team-effort ever, if all of you come back next year expect your cries for "MEEEDIIIC" to not go unanswered

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone out there, Poldovian or NAF that played fair, took your hits and kept your safety distances as well as being really nice people :). Give yourselves a nice round of applause
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Post by MasterMag » 21 Jun 2010, 13:26

Thanks to 3:rd Mountaineers and my group Bravo for fighting fierce and keeping the good spirit up!

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Post by Fish » 21 Jun 2010, 13:30

I can't agree more with Dark_Edeen.
We in the 2nd Ruppe squad in the 6mm had an awsome game !
And special thanks to Mr.Medic and Wasp for saving us when our morale was at the bottom. And Kurtz sandwitch was the best one ever at that moment !!

And thanks to all players at Berget 8 ! Se ya next year !!

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Post by Bilich » 21 Jun 2010, 13:51

Thanks to everyone at 3.rd who woke up when was attack on our base. There was few guys coming out from their tents , without boots and gear with only armband and guns , laying in wet foxholes and defending the Poldovia :D

That´s the true mil-sim spirit 8)
B8 - Poldavian 3.rd mountainers , 4th platoon
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