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Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by Olli » 02 Jul 2010, 10:23

Big thanks from my behalf too. This was the first time when Finns played in a big team along with many different nations. Things worked quite smoothly in 1st infantry, thanks to very skilled HQ and very good leaders from coy commanders (Pete, Sven and Filin).

I had a great time as link officer between HQ, other coys and our 1. coy. Link officers from 2. and 3. coy Vladimir and British were really easy to work with. I hope we meet again in next berget -games. Also big hand to Motörhead and Lokke for really pro work in gathering info + managing the radiocommunication. I had my doubts about the radiocommunication between different nations, but eventually it work extremely smoothly.

One big thanks to our commander Rakowski for taking the responsibility of leading the 1st infantry. Even you haven't had much experience of leading military groups you handled things very well. It was a priviledge to serve under your command.

Thanks also to BE staff for building up a great game once again! See you all at next Berget.

Olli Vesakoski
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Post by Cookie » 03 Jul 2010, 09:48

Infinity wrote:
-Team FRAG, which kept on going even after all the bad luck they had. (Cookie, best of luck to you and your misses)
Thank you mate!
It was unforgetable time...
Berget 8:Poldavian 3rd mountaineers, 1st platoon, Team Bravo medic

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Post by Pete » 03 Jul 2010, 12:22

A very big thanks to all the command personnel of the 1st Poldavian from me too! It was a real pleasure to serve as one of the coy commanders this year. Johan & hq team, the battallion worked well under your guidance - it is no easy task to get a multinational group of hundreds of people to work well together... In my opinion, you succeeded well.

The 1st company: Mikko, Olli, Jaakko, Osku, Sami, Jupe, Juha, Ville, Touko & every "enlisted" man in the outfit - thank you.
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B13 - Cerberus Recon
B15 - FinBat HQ Security, acting CO
B16 - Firm PPO

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