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Special Thanks to...

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 11:05
by mmilia
All of my comrades in 1st Poldavian , things became hard due to bad heavy rain but no one get off-game.
Thank to wounded players - Playing as medic in 1st plt - s3 i heal literally every poldovian wounded on my way and this increase my tasks and funny , even to asg broke on final attack on 23th naf campsite.
Thank to Russians for making the trenches that saved us in the 1st NAF attack on our camp and to Norway Team leaded from Ales that finally with finnish help repel them!.
See you in next berget.

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 14:01
by alecu
From al FOX 3 - Romanian Platoon with NAF 23

Thanks to:

Crazy Something

And all the rest of Portuguese and Bulgarian foxes.
We thank Blackwolf for giving us the honour to play second berget along his side
Thank you Hornet for trusting us that we would keep up with his Bulgarian Airsoft Machines.
Thank you Snaip and Alekuuu 2 friends that i wish i could have know them long before B7
Thank you Stuntman, Crazy-Something, FoxPAPA for keeping the morale up to its heights.
SCARFACE i hope u'r getting well fast.

Guys the difference between Romanian Foxes and Bulgarians and Portuguese ones was only the language...

FOX 0; FOX 4 - - - This is FOX 3-0 Out - - - until next year.


Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 15:44
by gatopardo
Hello everyone.


First of all i would like to thank our opponents and berget events for this great days, with out them this game couldn't be possible.

Second, a big thank to BLACKWOLF our commander and Hornet and Doff, they did a great Job leading us to battle.

Third, a big thank to all of those who spent lot of time ( in same situation 6 and more hours in a row in the rain and cold ) maintaining our base defense, sacrificing lot hours of pleasure in battle in the benefit of the group.

Fourth, i bow before all the guys from Bulgaria and Romania for the spirit, fellowship, frindship and the commitment that you showed. I am honored to have made part of your team and fight beside you.

Last but not least, to the rest of the NAF23 it was great the companionship felt in our company, everyone helping everyone and most of all, everyone enjoining the game and against everything (rain, mud, tiredness and cold) stood firm until the end of the game. thank you all

See you all next year!!!!

FOXPAPA Over and Out.


Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 16:29
by Blackwolf

I would like to thank first BERGET crew for their work all over the place and for solving all issues especially on Friday under heavy rain.

To all Berget game-masters and artillery men i salute your effort.

To all adversaries 1st Poldavian ,3rd Mountaniers, 15 Psy-Ops and civilians without you and your tactics we would not have as much fun.


DOFF (FOX00) and your crew you guys where hell and thank you for everything.

GATOPARDO (FOX PAPA)Excellent base defence organiser and bodyguard :x who did not let me get in the front of fire fights but thats his job.thank you for defending "JACOBS HILL" Alone for 5 hours.

HORNET (FOX 4)great company commander and great Bulgarian friends, you guys rock.
Snaip (FOX 4.1)you are great and a very good bodyguard
Crazy Arquitect whatch and learn from you team mates :P
GAMALOVGOGO lets see if i attend your request next year :D
To All other Bulgarians i salute you.

STUNTMAN (FOX 1)To all my Portuguese friends and ALEXI from Venezuelateam mates you guys new what to be expected and did you job 100%
To all the Portuguese and Venezuela i Salute you.
STUNTMAN Thank you for putting up Morale in the Troops.

TURRET (FOX 2)To TURRET Gailon and PadreEasy and all players in this Platoon thank you for your outstanding work in the field and on base and enjoying the game until the last minute.
I salute you all

ALECU (FOX 3)To all my Romanian friends, you did a hell of a job and the 7 guys who still went out at 03:00 saturday, You guys ROCK.
Jonathan you will always be FOX 3 Radioman :D

ZOIDBERG (FOX 5)To all the Danish friends you guys did your Job well.

CPT (FOX 6)To all my Swedish friends you guys made missions seem easy and you fullfilled all tasks to the limit, great work on the base defense set up, I salute you all on your effort.

HOLMAN (FOX 8)Thank you to my Polish friens for a job well done, i salute you.

To my mechanised unit(Mitsubishi jeep) Thank you for a job well done, sorry i dont remember your names.

To BUCKMASTER and EMIL thank you for joining up and going out on missions and getting vital intel, hope to have you all onboard next year.

To Ober-lix and WHiteace Thank you for all missions and great work together.

To MisterMedic and TOR great work and thank you for all civilian that got to our check point and wanted to "Sell, give, Trade info "
And all role playing.

To all those i forgot i am sorry and hope to see you next year.

For me the moment of the game was when it was called GAME-OFF at 15:00 and my mission was acomplished, saving LUCA SCAVELLI


Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 16:44
by Kadmillos ASIK
I would like to said Thank You to all the NAF players without "enemies" there's no game .

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 19:36
by Jin
Want to say thank you for all who been at Berget 8 - it was really fun

Stuntman you're really funny guy:) and thx for Armpatch it looks awesome

Zoidberg and CO - thank you for all that we been thru,especially in the forrest near Scrapyard,that was really cool :) and scary

Cheers mate's!!!
Cya next year

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 20:32
by Phen
Just a thanks to all of you, from berget crew, to ennemies, and naturally NAF 23th. For my first Berget, what a good berget !!!

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 21:02
by A.T.F
BRITISH- wrote:A BIG THANKS to all players!! and in particular to the Finns :D in Coy 2 Pold. 1st. and all the officers in the 1st Pold. HQ.


Berget 7 Squad leader lima zero NATO
Berget 8 coms. off. 1st Pold. coy 2
British it was an honour gaming with you my friend and the rest of the lads from 2nd coy :) i hope we meet on the field again very soon mate, to berget many many thanks for a fantastic event
to our Poldavian comrades we fought the good fight and fought the good war it was a pleasure gaming with you and meeting you all, you where all fantastic team mates and that made the experience of Berget even better

and finally last but not least the NAF cheers lads for being a tough enemy and a honest enemy until next year guys :) :)

p.s not fogetting the civves and mercs you guys where a real handful :D

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 23:35
by Brujo
Biggest thanks to Tiger!
Always calm, self-confident, positive attitude, knows his job! You can be my commander anytime, anywhere, mate.

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 23:37
by Tor
First i would like to thank Berget Event for a great adventure.
Soaked feet did not stop me from having a blast. I can't hardly
wait for Berget 9.

Secondly i want to thank all the great people I meet during the game,
especially the ones in the Civilian camp.

Finally, special greetings goes to :

ASPO (Slovenia)
Crimson Sacrifice
Black Wolf

B8 - Spokesman/Elder of the Civilians

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 01:05
by mette
my first thx is towards BE itself for giving me a great time in sweden

the second one is to Whiteace for being a great commander and a good friend

third is for Griffyth for doing a nexcellent coy job on his first berget

the fourth is for plumley for a great plt commanding job and to be always there when we needed you + the excellent guidance towards me

next is McNasty for being a fine squad leader and kept us in good shape :lol:

the following is for all CMF members who made my week one of the best i ever had the friendship i have with you guys is undescribable

and to all you fellow rangers one big HELL YEAH for such a great morale during the battle, i had goosepimples watching and hearing you guys during the final speech of whiteace in the 5th inf. base

one more thx to sniperboy for lending me his MP7 so i could keep fighting even when my shoulder was wrecked and i couldn't use it anymore.

the last one is for all you guys who made it all worth it, NAF and Polly's alike it's YOU who did it eventually and i'm gonna mis this

greetings from the wounded ranger
(hope to see you next year)

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 02:57
by Zoidberg
Thanks to all in my platoon (Fox 5)
And every other player in Foxtrot coy.

Balckwolf for trusting in me :)

Jin and you guys for the fun at scrapyard.

The BE Crew for all the work you do.

and the enemy for with out you we will be nothing :P

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 09:50
by munkki
Thanks for Oddsock for letting us to come in your warm tent, in the end of day there was most of our leaders in same tent :p

Thanks all so for our 1.Inf leaders and of course our General Johan "Rakowski" Högberg.

Looking all ready up for next year, and hoping agen than i'll be better geared for weather.. :)

- Väisänen M.J

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 11:46
To all Berget Events crew, thank you for keeping up organizing such great airsoft event every year, and for your efforts to make the game interesting and dynamic. I wish you to have bright ideas for B-9 and no problems with the game area.

Blackwolf, you are the best Battalion Commander I have seen in the last 3 Berget - games in a row. Thank you for taking care for all of us, listening to us, and spearing your fun for ours. It is not easy to be a commander of a full battalion, and thank you for taking that position.

All Bulgarians from Fox-4, you are the best! When you enter in ''Kill mode'' you guys are unstoppable! I cant think of a mission that you cant carry on... Fast and deadly!

Aleku, Jonathan and all Romanians from Fox 3. I will allays want to fight with you on my side. I know that no matter what, you will keep with us all the way until the mission is accomplished. And it is such a big fun to be together with you.

Fox-1, All of you Portuguese friends, I feel you guys so close to us. Thank you for your support.

Fox-6, CPT and his Swedish team, Thank you for your support on the hardest missions. I hope we will be together next year at B-9.

Doff, thank you for your support.

Thanks to all Foxes that flighted all the time, no matter the cold, the rain, the hunger and the exhaustion.

MristerMegic and Tor, thank you for your roleplay, you made this game so more interesting and added a lot of realism to it.
(I steel own 400 Berget Dollars to the gipsy girl :) )

In the name of the game, I hope I see you all guys at Berget-9

To All Foxes. This is Fox-4. Over and out.

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 15:54
by Mayor
I would like to send a special thank you to:

¤ Berget Events for a great game.
¤ My fantastic coy. commanders; Pete, Sven and Filin
¤ Arbeiterman, Olli and British for supporting your commanders in a great way and for being a major part in bringing Poldavia to victory.
¤ Troll, my 2:nd in command. You rule, my friend!
¤ Kane, Saint, Ford, Törnis, Grape and Swedex, my loyal bodyguards, for keeping me alive.
¤ Lokke and Motörhead, for having everything under control.
¤ Tiger 1 and Freno, for great cooperation.
¤ The gypsy woman and her scary doll, for the role-playing opportunities.
¤ All 1:st battalion players, for being such great players and people!


Sincerely Rakowski