THE BIG Thanks to thread!

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by StillAlive » 23 Jun 2010, 16:27

Thanks BE for proving once again that Sweden is not mostly IKEA and H&M and giving us all the best airsoft experience ever.

Thanks to all members of the 5th NAF Hawk company for a great game - the wonderful Forreann Fein, the Brits and our own Brigade. YOU made the game as enjoyable as it was.

Special thanks to the Foireann Féin's resident angels for keeping us well fed and highly motivated. It was a real pleasure to shout "medic".

Thanks Vladimir for keeping cool and confident under any circumstances, I would serve under you any day.

Thanks Skinner for all the things we did together. Your "mine frog leap" will surely go into my guerrilla warfare handbook.

Thanks Ober Lix, Tom and Zamp for keeping the base running.

Thanks to all players on both sides, old friends and new ones for a great international experience.

Very warm regards from 31°C (who's been complaining about the rain? I so miss it).
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Post by nivea » 23 Jun 2010, 18:24

There are a lot of people who deserves special thanks but some of them I'd like to mention by name;

Special thanks to the guys in "my" tent; Cypher, Vardemis, Takeo, Jonas, Blackops and Vasques. However, I hope I don't have to hear "Deita ca para fora !!!" for a very looooong time now. :P

Rubber Duckie; for being so nice and considerate to me the whole time, carrying my stuff when my broken back was giving me a hard time, for keeping up the spirit and making me laugh so much and especially thanks for that nice burger!

Sonic; for not giving up on making that fire and for helping me up and down the truck, that last day.

Thanks to everyone who was caring and making sure I was cautious with my back.

And to all the other Irish, Philippine, Belgian, Finnish and Dutch fellow rangers, THANKS!

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Post by Dexmann » 23 Jun 2010, 19:09

Thanx for the game. our team Kettu-4 (aka. Fox-4) was team of first-timers.

We must thank our Company commander, Pete, our Platoon leader Ilo, and Battalion Intelligence Officer for the awesome recon-mission. We shouldnt forget the PsyOps Chick, who told us about her assignment: Find out who gave her sexual disease, clue was: one of the battalion guys :)
Even in the final battle, we laughed about this. Great stuff.
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Post by Ukkolzi » 23 Jun 2010, 22:46

Along with our fanatical commander Rakowski who demanded to be saluted even in the field because he was such a Man, defying snipers and other sneaky bastards, I gotta hand it over to the Russians playing (at least) in the Poldavian side. Always in good spirits, always on the move, and nasty weather just seemed to give those guys extra juice! :D Especially in the end, it was cool to see most Russians marching towards the enemy wearing their Telnyashkas (striped sleeveless shirts).

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Post by Pierrem » 23 Jun 2010, 23:20

Thank you everyone for showing up to berget 8. It was my first time and was pretty awesome! I will come back next year!

Special thanks to everyone in 23rd NAF, we had good times defending our base and attacking the others.

I would also like to thanks the Bulgarians in the 3rd ranger who offered us warm coffee in the first night. I own you one for next year!

I hope to see you all next year! :D
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Post by Buckmaster » 24 Jun 2010, 03:01


just to be clear.

I have so many faces I wish to see next year latest. Men and Women witch are that important to me because they give me, even if they shoot little plastic pallets at me, a good time. A >4/365,25 Days time from wich I gain so many energy. I am sure i miss some, sorry for it.

I will thank You all who came there and played and kept the spirit high.

But, for especially this year may thanks goese to Cougar, a guy who I came to my first Berget (2008) and I shoot him in the face, sorry for that. But we huged afterwords, exchanged a few words and kept going on with the game. Have fun, hope to see you later.

I, as well thank Oberlix, who let my leash loose, and let me know what I want to do.

And I thank Blackwolf for being as he is and hopefully will be. The nicesed Tough-Guy on earth. Rotten Luck that plans where change on short notice!

Thanks to Motorhead for the beer and the nice conversation we had, to Captain Norman for the greetings, to Thomas for not tearing it all apart, to Tiger_1 for having an aponent who is not to be beaten, to Chris for not running over me and my men on the street (and for many more), to Crappy for the hug and the lessons of swedish on facebook, for Andreas for catching up on me, to Sergey (hope I spelled it right) for "always having a grin on his face", to the SOF Guys for "finding" my ammo case (I send the things I found over soon) and for going with me almost everywhere (time will tell to go further?) it was fun and honor for me, thanks and we keep in touch, to Stuntman for being happy at all time.

And ... To Neoslink, Gunner and Phantom for beeing good friends still after one week of not taking a shower! "Never trust"! It was an honor to be there with you all the way. Thanks.

Thaks to Klab also. Who jumped in the mist and learned something. Keep your chin high, but sometimes your head down. Not all who take a shit on you are bad, and not all who take you out of the shit are good. There is more than black and white. Your friend, Buckmaster!

Greetings and have fun,

- Every live counts. Yes, even Yours. -


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Post by Infinity » 24 Jun 2010, 11:52

Thanks to all off the guys that have been fighting on our side, in the poldavian 3rd mountaineers, you've all been great!

Off course all the guys from 38th LMR (a.k.a Lexxie's guys), just for being themselves (my friends) and doing their thing. You guys made my berget-experience one not to forget!

Special thanks to:
-Tiger (and his guys from command), for doing a great job and getting stuff sorted.

-Our RSM, for supervision and keeping the spirits up.

-Team Flecktarn (Panzergraf, Klingz & the rest of the guys), you were great neighbours aswell ;)

-Team FRAG, which kept on going even after all the bad luck they had. (Cookie, best of luck to you and your misses)

-The German guys (Neoslink, Buckmaster etc..), for the great moments ingame (near the crossroads) and the nice convo's at the beerparty! hope to fight alongside eachother again next year! And hopefully you Landy works by that time, maybe we'll bring ours aswell!!!

-The NAF-guys that stayed hardcore and kept on fighting, despite the bad weather. Great opponents you were!!!

-BE events, for a great game!!!

-Everyone I Forgot

Hope to see all of you guys next year!

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Post by Gryffyd » 24 Jun 2010, 12:33

My thanks goes to:

BE - for hosting the game and keeping us fed, food always arrived on time... even in the middle of firefights :)

WhiteAce - for being a great Btn Commander and inspiring leader

CMF - for making me feel welcome and letting me invade their tent setup and fire all the time, and for the chunk of 'mystery meat' :D

All the Plt. and Squad leaders for making the command easy, without you guys I wold have been a nervous wreck.

ReconPROG - for pretty much taking over 2 platoons when we were down a Coy. Commander.

The entire 3rd Ranger Btn. for the morale and camaraderie.... RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!

To the enemy for making us work hard for everything we got and making the game worth playing.
Mystery Coy. CO
NAF 3rd Rangers.
Berget 8

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Post by Spacebert » 24 Jun 2010, 16:14

A great thanks for all 3rd Poldavian Moutaineers players.
We did a great job, and was a pleasure playing besides you all.

38th L.M.R. for giving me the best berget experience a guy could wish for!

Tiger_1 for being a briljant CO and a real nice guy!

RSM For keeping moral and spirits high!

Team Flecktarn for the fun times!

Frag for being our right hand as Bravo platoon.

The 4th platoon for learning me Swedish :D
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 24 Jun 2010, 18:46

Almost forgot to thank the BE staff for helping me get home when my travel plans fell through, if it wasn't for you guys i'd still be in the forest.

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Post by Rhyn0 » 25 Jun 2010, 08:53

On behalf of the romanians in the poldavian army at B8 (Psyos 3rd Coy, callsign Bash), i'd like to say a big thank you first of all to BE, for making this great game possible, and also Freno, Rakowski, Robman, Ovidius, Chief Hardley, Losolos, Crazydog, Yassi, l4gi and the rest of the finns in civvies who gave us a hand and last but not at all least to Motorhead and Lokke who made this year a complete blast for us, alwasy being there on the other end of the comms, with info, missions and moral support.( I owe you guys some teampatches, will deliver next berget, and also to Crazydog) Leadership and overall attitude of the higher command echelons was 500% percent better than last year, and it translated into a friendly and fun attitude, with everyone trying to do their best.
Thanks to the guy who lent us his axe and his muscle for firewood
Also all the guys who put their backs into it next to us building the bunkers, and later manning them for the security of the rest. All the roleplayers who did a wonderfull job at creating the atmosphere, and all the friendly camaraderie in the camp made a great game for us, despite the heavy conditions.
Thanks to Ollie, and all the guys in 1st infantry who defended us time and time again, and the mountaineers for their steadfast resolve in holding their ground, and i hope the field intel we worked so hard to gather for your guys helped in your job in the frontline.

Also, thanks to everyone who clenched their teeth, dug in their heels and went on despite the weather, fatigue and injuries, it gave us strength to do the same.

Irish guys, we were happy to have you by our fire, and we're sorry that we didn;t get to spend more time with you guys.. as our jobs put us in different places all the time.. hopefully we'll make up next year.. and thanks for the funny stories, it helped during that cold wet night.

Sorry if i missed anyone, there were soo many of you.. I will gladly play in the same team with anyone of you next year, honestly it would be a shame to break up such a good team.

Salute to the NAF who put up a good fight, and especially to those who fought to the end, i was there in your camp at the end and you guys should feel proud you held against superior numbers.

Civvies, you backstabbing traitors, good job, but we got you in the end ( ask your Elderwoman :D)

B8 was alltogether a wonderfull experience thanks to all of you guys. See you next year!
B7- Milo's Tigers, Sq.L
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Post by Ober-Lix » 25 Jun 2010, 11:02

Last but not least after a fishing trip with freno up north to winding down, I will give my gratitude.

First of all I would like to thank all members of Berget 8 to make a great effort to make the game a success.
Special thanks go to Erik (demadred ) for doing a super job and also having to have the 2nd bat. COs job forced up on him.
Thank you Buckmaster for keeping the enemy on this toes all the time. You sure showed leadership potencial.
Thank you Alice and Laura to be able to do a difficult job with a bunch of rough guys and that not bad at all.
KVS (Vladimir) and your gang were a big inspiration to all of NAF. I also enjoyed the crazy humor of your people.
Redmanece, Tom you are the last to give thanks to from our batallion, because you did an exellent job also when you were the last in our camp to "switch off the lights".

Blackwolf, It was a great time to work with you in alliance at the end. Give your guys a big cheer from me.

My very special thanks go to Freno from PSYOPS for being such a good friend and host and that should include your family.

These words are for all the folks that took part and specially those who want to be commanders one day. A commanders job is an ungrateful one because you can please some people some times but not all the people all the time. Don´t look for people to like or love you, just see that the job is done as good as you can. You also have a big responsabillity for the wants and needs for your men and not neccesary looking for praises.

Thank you all !
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B10 R&R
B11 lets see
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Post by Jonathan » 25 Jun 2010, 13:03

Another Berget has finished, Last year, it was sun, warm, pretty much a vacation.. This year we pretty much PUSHED our Limits, and im glad that i was with my friends from last year on one of the hardest airsoft events ill ever be in! The rain, the cold, the ovewhelming OpFor, and against all odds we Prevailed!
I would like to thank u all following ur rank order:
Blackwolf - Papa Bear Blackwolf
Hornet - Brother from and other mother
Fox Papa - Base Defence freak!
Snaip - Mini Techicus!
Stuntman - Funniest guy at berget, but also an enemy to fear! :)
Alecu - The Best Romanian Airsoft ever!

Fox 4 - Airsoft Grinding machines!
Fox 3 - My Deadly comrades in arms
Fox 1 - Very Dedicated soldiers
To all my friends that i have not named, u guys know how much i LOVE you!

To all Foxes, this is Fox 3, I am glad to have played with u all, this Berget separated the Men, from the PUSSIES!
I hope to see u all next year, under the same comand.

Fox 3 out

*Foxtrot Leads the Way*

P.S. I WANNA Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo You in the Alpha Sierra Sierra ... r_embedded
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All the way!

Post by Cyanid » 25 Jun 2010, 14:33

I thank B8 crew for a wonderful and exiting game.

I thank the whole of 3rd Ranger's for an amazing teamspirit.

I thank WhiteAce for being a great leader.

I thank Mike for being my co'driver all the way to sollefteå from Finland.

I thank the mates in the tent we invaded, irish, australian, philippines etc.

I thank all the "enemies" for putting up a hell of a fight.

And last but not least I want to thank the guys and one lady that offered us a place to camp before embarking on the trip home. That was proof of that swedish, finnish, irish, portuguese and australiaN can have a hell of a time together.

Cheers! Until next year!
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Post by Gimli43 » 26 Jun 2010, 23:39

Big Thx to Berget Event..Great Game and Area

Biggest thx go to my teammates in Bravo/Heja Squad (Pold.3rd mount. 4.Pl)

Without you I never had so much fun.

Also thx to:
Tiger_1(3rds Big Boss)
Losolos (You now wy :D ) sorry did not have time to memorize your names :(
4th Pluton
And any body else who had something to do with our group
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B 7 - CoyC - Milo's Tigers
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Bt 9 - Sql - Pold-3rd-Recon
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B11 - PlC - GCT - SFODU
B12 - XO - AL-Kazzar
B13 - XO - Hades
B14 - SQL - NAF Mech
B15 - SQL - NAF Mech
B16 NAF Mech

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