The greatest enemy!

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by Karrel » 22 Jun 2010, 15:56

Greates Enemy?
Feckin rain and the mosquitos :)

Poldovians were tought enemy, respect!!

Fair play guys
Berget 8 NAF 23RD Fox Company

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Post by munkki » 23 Jun 2010, 08:51

hmm.. meaby that russian girl, who captured me as prison at western side of spyopps base. Even than i could shoot her with her own weapon.. but it would be too close range to shoot so pretty girl :,/

Btw, ppl's who were using PAFP car at NAF side you were the greatest enemy untill I saw you guys 2 hours before end of game with orange on your head ; D
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Post by turret » 27 Jun 2010, 00:03

most funny part of the game was on Thursday afternoon.

I'm a platoon leader and I assumed that I had to make examples so my men would follow me.
On a previous attack, some Poldavian genius(es) thought that ravaging the base fortifications would be a good idea.
Someone had to take them back up and it should be me in the end.

After a few minutes, we were 4 people doing so around the main 23rd base entrance.
Only 2 guys were still under cover maintaining real security. (not so good after all)

In a short period of time, a civvy guy came up the road with a decided path.
No aggressivity though so we stopped what we were doing but nothing more.
He approched without a word, stopped 1-2 meters from our group, took his hidden handgun and shot 5 of us (4 workers and 1 guard)
The remaining sentry shot him quickly but we were already on the ground bleeding and laughing our ass off.

He left as he came even if not respecting the bleeding time.
He told an upcoming patrol arriving minutes later that it was for fun. :)

Psy-ops ?
real civilian ?
We have never known but excellent plan however.
my thumbs up !! 8)

(and I kicked some butt afterwards so the 2 guards keep guarding and not just smoking/laughing like jerks... ) :twisted:

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Post by oddsock » 28 Jun 2010, 21:58

Ouveni wrote:My biggest enemy was my own platoon leader (great guy btw).

Was going to get his backpack he left on the other side of the stream, and got ambushed twice. First time wasn't hit, second time wounded and no medic came after me even tho there were two nearby without anything to do. Was sooo pissed off.

And once after that, on an attack to green zone, he for some strange reason wounded me when I was in our front line in front of him.

Would you trust a platoon leader like that? ;)
My apologies for both occasions.. :)

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