Your best Berget 8 moment!

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by L4gi » 20 Jun 2010, 22:59

Best moment was getting to meet a lot of awesome people. Robman, Gutti, Rhyno and his Romanian guys, and a lot of others.

Doesnt always have to be about the shooting. :D
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Post by Touko » 20 Jun 2010, 23:04

So hard to choose from this amount of pure awesomeness, but has to be this:

On thursday I was the officer in charge of Poldavian 1st Infantry base security from roughly 1400 onwards. Most of the battallion was away on several missions and we were left with a skeleton crew. Then around 1600 I got intel on 2 NAF companies preparing to attack us from south. I informed other companies in the camp and scraped together roughly 30-35 1st coy fighters and prepared a delaying action to the south. Other companies didn't have many fighters either and they stayed on close defence.

Firefights broke out at roughly 1630 and lasted constantly for two hours. We defended in depth and constantly fell back to new positions. Our delaying action bought us a few respawns and the precious time to get some much-needed reinforcements. We finally broke the NAF attack within AEG range of our camp at 1800 and cleaned out the remaining NAF troops for another half an hour.

For the first 2 hours (1600-1800) I was constantly running around coordinating the defence and trying to get an accurate picture of what was happening - without getting shot at. I was the only 1st batt / 1st coy officer present at that time, and we were responsible of the base defence, so my survival was kind of critical.

That moment of realising that we had broken the attack and that I had helped our guys defend the base was definitely one of the highlights for me. Didn't get to shoot any NAF at that time though ;)

Thanks to everyone for a great game! See you next year!
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Post by Crapgame » 20 Jun 2010, 23:22

The most fun moment was when our poldavian QRF team storms into the great crossroads and got shot out in an ambush. Then out of nowhere comes this poldavian 1st guy in a mask an shoots alot of NAF before going down himself. The fun and curious thing is that he was ALONE and came out of nowhere! :o

who ever you where you made our day!! :lol:
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 21 Jun 2010, 01:53

Sitting on eagle cliff, hidden, surrounded by enemies and watching pollies searching our former base below. the source of the "do not reply" improvised radio speak. Lots of other too many to mention.
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Post by Cosmo » 21 Jun 2010, 04:05

One of the best moments in Berget 8 for me was a long recon mission we more or less set-up ourselves, which i gleefully call "Four Kings".

Saturday morning, talking about 4-5 AM, after the rainy friday battles, we were soaked and pretty much tired. After an unsuccessful attack on the 3rd(afaik) poldavian base, we were in pretty low morale aswell, and were roasting our shoes and our socks near the small campfire we improvised. I kept pushing the guys for a small recon mission, and after a lot of go betweens and some guidance from Blackwolf we decided what to do.

Only three other people from my squad were up for this besides me, Artistu (Arti) which would lead the squad, Bunicu and Tom. Our primary goal was to try and find a potential nuclear device which was being held most likely at the Uranium Storage and maybe capture some SP's.

So we put on our wet socks in our wet boots, we loaded up our gear with water in the camelbaks and a poncho, not that it would have helped anymore, loaded our mags and set forth. Our first objective was to get the Scrapyard. So we exited the NAF 23rd base and went at it through the forests. The map we were using was my map, which was the map BE gave us and was in a bit of a soak to begin with, but we made the most of it. After a bit of getting lost and some chills as we passed silently by Jacob's Hill, we finally reached the main road leading to the Scrapyard.

We came at it via the south side. After a bit of recon, we found that it was being occupied by a few poldavian troops. We went around the west side, with the path leading to the river. We found a way up the huge wall and we reconed the situation yet again, this time with zero enemies being reported. Three men went in via the river/fence and i was trying to get on the roof of the building to provide cover. I had to climb a damned ladder 30 cm wide, with army boots and at the top i i came face to face with a huge metal container. Moving it sort of killed all the stealth of the op because of the huge 'SCREECH' sound.

After a lot of sort of sneaking and stealthing on my part, by the time i got up on the building, my squadmates were making a run for the main bunker at the scrapyard. I covered them for a while then rejoined, and soon after at 6:11, we captured the SP. We realised that the poldavians left for homebase and gameoff and we proceeded onto our next objective, the Old Drilling site, but not before photographing everything there. Tom had a camera with us which we used to take a picture of every important thing we saw.

After crossing the river by doing a bit of a nasty jump and continued up to the forrest, we came to a small camp-site/shelter. There we found a huge stash of firewood, firewood which we could have greatly used in the base. After deciding not to weigh ourselves down. The squad rested there and tried to find our way again by piecing together the map which was disintegrating with every use.

Shortly after, we found the Old Drilling site, which, while showing signs of a battle, was totally empty and clear. Photographed it again from all angles and a few 'action-shots' and we left for the road.

We then had to make a big decision. Should we push onwards all the way to the Uranium storage or go back? If we did this, there is no turning back, we could not call in a transport and we might not find anything by going there anyway, but we had a point of interest in the way.

It was decided after much consideration to go the 3-4km, on foot, through hills and sloaps and mud, to the Uranium Storage. We would do this by fallowing the road till we get near the power lines, then fallowing them all the way up to the objectives.

That road would become the hardest path any of us most likely have ever taken. It involved climbing muddy hills with high, dense vegetation, with some of them being pretty steep sometimes and crossing a swamp after a rainstorm. By the time we hit and passed the swamp, we were completely wet. I was joking i had a 'silicon mass' under my feet. By now the water in the boots was warm and cozy and added a bit of grams to the total weight of the gear.

We proceeded to push onwards for the better part of an hour after which we stopped. We stopped for a good reason... the PsyOps base. After some perimeter checking up and making sure it's clear Arti went in with only the camera and took pictures of absolutely all the defences, of a civilian car being used by the PsyOps and a lot of useful landscape and strategic info. The whole situation was pretty tense because we were literally a rock-throw away from being shot at with a few hundred bb's per second.

After a short photo-session with ourselves with the Prison in the background, our squad continued their journey north. We continued to stick to the power lines, even though it was a hard road. By now my map was totally useless as it was literally a mass of paper rolled up in a ball. We took a left when the road got near and moved on. Took us another kilometer of hard road but after a while and after some second guessing, we came to the Uranium Storage. The trip had been long and hard and we were in bad shape. We reached our destination.

A green building, locked out with a fence and a big lock, with nothing showing anywhere, except some strange signs paintd with a spray can on the ground in front of it. We photographed and then sat down defeated.

No bomb. We were tired as hell. Almost when we were to call game off and call in our friend with a car to pick us up, one of us said
"what's the time?"
"8:36, why?"
"arent the bases coming on at 9:00?"
"then let's attack the psyops base and totally ruin their day"
" serious?"

Totally reinvigorated by that ideea, also because we had some romanian friends in that camp, ( :) ), we called the car anyway, asking it to pick us up at 9:05 in front of the base. We made great time going downhill and we were throwing ideeas on what to do and what to say when we get there. The general ideea that stuck was to get there, get to and ram the front gate and kill everyone we see. After pushing ourselves from the energy reserves we didn't even knew we had we reached the Psyops base at about 08:56.

The prison speakers were running music, i think wake-up music for the detainees, which my ear cough as being Linkin Park.

9:01. We casually stroll via the main road north to south to their front gate, which was unguarded. We started to catch glimpse of masses of psyops doing morning things. Eating, talking, briefing... some slowly raising their heads and making a "what are they doing here?" face.

9:02. One handed i raised my AK74U and unloaded a whole midcap magazine on the people eating. My comrades in arms did the same thing to the other masses of people there all while running to *their* front-forward barricades.

AK still firing another mag was emptied by the time we reached the barricades. Glimpses of surprise were caught forever in my mind as people tripped over tents and sleeping bags trying to reach their guns, as people yelled hit with food in their mouths and as most of them were just calling hits in their underware. I also yelled out "GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING" in between one of the mag changes... Was gonna finish that with "VIETNAM", but a hail of bb's made me reconsider.

9:03. Me and my friends were at the barricades, unloading whole magazines seemingly randomly, just looking for targets of oppourtunity. Not long passed and we went down one by one under the spray of bb's and the precise shooting of Systemas. I think we gave the medics about 10-20 pacients by the time we were done.

9:04. The offgame car came and we called out "GAME OFF" as we left whole squads of poldavians searching for the 'rest' of the strike force, some of them even congratulating us on the 'wakeup call'.

A few minutes later, we were in the base, respawning, and a while later, our platoon leader was debriefing our battalion commander.

For us, that was mission completed... and one Berget moment to remember and retell. :)
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Post by JKangas » 21 Jun 2010, 07:51

Cosmo wrote:Glimpses of surprise were caught forever in my mind as people tripped over tents and sleeping bags trying to reach their guns, as people yelled hit with food in their mouths and as most of them were just calling hits in their underware.
It was a great wakeup call, made my morning :) I had just pulled on my camos and refilled mags but did not have any rigs on. I saw BBs coming from the direction of latrines, grabbed my gun and a few mags and just sprayed to the direction of any light camo pattern.

There were actually guy(s) sitting doing their morning "duties" in the toilets...It must have been a nice feeling to have BBs from tens of AEGs start pelting the plastic walls :D

After hearing that NAF base had been offgame for the Friday rains, an attack at 0900 the next morning was quite unexpected.

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Post by Touko » 21 Jun 2010, 08:09

Cosmo: Thanks for the wake up call and also thanks for the story.

I for one was eating by the 1st inf tent nearest to north gate and got shot cleanly in the head, so consider at least 1 officer among your victims! Didn't see it coming. Good job. I wonder whose turn it was to secure the base. They clearly didn't do such a good job ;)
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Post by Pete » 21 Jun 2010, 12:16

Touko wrote: I wonder whose turn it was to secure the base. They clearly didn't do such a good job ;)
The guard duty of the base was given to the 2nd Coy after our duty ended in 0300... :) I guess they did not have the same orders as we did: we had guards in place in 0830-> when it was our turn.

I was listening to the report of our scout squad from Friday-Saturday night when the bbs started whistling also around me. I knew we were in close to battle readiness, so I and the reporting squad leader just pulled in to the company cp and finished the debriefing whilst the bbs hit the caravan protecting the cp. Nice moment and a welcome start to the final day of the game!
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Post by Dark_Eden » 21 Jun 2010, 12:28

My best memory form Berget 8 happened on thursday night/friday morning

We went on a mission to drug the Poldovian 1:st water supply with half a kilo of cocaine and knowing that no-one in they´re right mind would guard the swamps at 03:00 at night we decided to take the "wet-road".

We all packed light and lightly armed (two G36 two pistols and one mp5k on five people)
and headed out through the night. After 2-3 hours of walking around in every swamp on the map in pouring rain we finally found our target and went ahead to ruin the Pollies breakfast with angel dust.

We were now in the middle of Poldovian territory with no means of extraction so one of us went "hey, this went smoothly why don´t we try to take some points? Up the odds a bit?", so the long walk out of there began.

After some more swamp-trekking (Swamp-stalkers report in!) we arrived at the tactical point just south of the ranger-base and decided to stay there to coordinate our efforts with home-base.
Suddenly bullets started spraying out of nowhere and it was discovered (after the contact went down with a few of us) that we got shot by a Ranger.

After the confusion cleared we got to talk to one of they´re commanders/leaders and after supplying him with every bit of intel we had were sent on our way with some cash.

By now we were all shaking with cold and fatigue and realising that the chance of our transport making it through to us were slim to none but to our surprise our cars were standing at the uranium dig-site just waiting for us.

So with every bit of clothing and gear drenched in swamp water we got into the cars, captured some supply-points and got home safe and sound.

Made me feel like a true special forces specialist :)
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Post by Snaip » 21 Jun 2010, 15:06

I was a platoon commander for Fox 4, 23rd NAF.

On the second night my feet were in a terrible condition and i could bearly walk. My guys went out on a mission and I wad appointed as Blackwolf's personal bodyguard. We spend the night limping around the base (Blackwolf also had problems with his led) from HQ to main gate and to the back gate. We listend on the radio how the platoons were doing. Fox 4, Fox 2, Fox 3 and Fox 6 (sorry if i' m forgetting somebody) went helping 5th batalion which was under attack, then they went on to take Eagle' s Cliff. Then they took the Great Cross Roads and on top of everything they took The Dog Point. I was so proud with my guys hearing them on the radio. At around 03:00 they were all exausted and freezing. Blackwolf arranged trucks to go ang get them. And then one of my section leaders conntacted me and told me that Fox 4 was ready to spend the night on Dog Point if that meant extra points for the Batalion. And they didn't even have warm clothes to do so. At that point we were with Blackwolf, Gato (Fox Papa), Stuntman and my brother (who returned to base due to weapon failure) guarding the front gate. Blackwolf gave an order to my guys to return to base and we waited for them till they came back. That was my best berget moment, even thouhg i had to sit back and just watch i was so proud of my guys.

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Post by Toetach » 21 Jun 2010, 17:36

We had lots of great action but this was the most fun:

In the night from friday - saturday the poldavian base was very quiet. We desided to go for a night patrol just for the fun of it. Most poldavian players were asleep and only the watch was set out on the roadblocks.
We were 300M from our base and had some laughs when all of a sudden a vehicle appeared in front with a big american flag on it and players beside it, guns blazing!

With just four guys we bumped into the enemy attack on the poldavian base. We took out the driver but ofcourse we were outnumbered ,oudgunned and flanked from all sides. Our pointman was hit and so was I. Our medic managed to heal the pointman and tried to heal me as well as he was shot but the pointman was still in the 2 minute healing when the enemy walked beside us. After the 2 minutes past he quietly stood up and knifekilled one enemy soldier who was comletely stunned. Ofcourse the pointman was taken out but you should have seen the faces.

After that we went to the respawn zone and some of the reenforcements came in the respawnzone.
Vinny came in in his underpants and t-shirt complete with weapon and sidearm!!
Dude!! :D
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Post by timpa » 21 Jun 2010, 23:20

ErikBobbo wrote:Maybe not best moment, but I had a great time when the Pol 3rd was standing around Crossroads waiting for orders. A ATV came with Berget-Crew came driving, and the whole force fled to the forest in case of arty. In a matter of seconds EVERYONE was gone, and a confused Berget-Crew stood alone in the middle screaming "I just wanted to film you guys". Great fun.
Haha, i really only wanted to film you all! But still very impressive the way you all dissapeared in 3 seconds. ;)
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Post by Gary » 21 Jun 2010, 23:49

For us it looked almost like a bunch of kids fleeing from the girl trying to kiss them :D. Don't gather to big lumps in a middle of "warzone".

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Post by Bilich » 22 Jun 2010, 05:55

I forgot about the situation on the SP Great Crossroads. There was one NAF guy trying to defend what he can defend and other guy from NAF just laying down trying to take some cover and he said:

´Respawn is too far away, let´s just run. Those are 3.rd mountainers and you can´t fight with them´... When we hear that our morale was so high up that we would eat whole NAF base if Tiger says so.. :D

Our medic came 2 minutes later and we shoot those two guys :oops:
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Post by diamid » 22 Jun 2010, 11:14

There are many moment that I will remember from Berget 8, and I think I'm going to wright about many of them, as soon as I figure out how to wright them all :P :D

First one was on the second day I think. We took one of our team mates that was switching clothes and put him in the back of our car, just wearing a boxer and shoes. We then had one driver, Dr Fompy and two armed mercs, Tal'jin and myself wearing a big white Russian hat. We drove to the nearest NAF post, where we stop, ran screaming out of the car, and pushed our poor friend out on the road. We then jumped into the car, and drove away. Whit our friend running behind screaming "give me back my clothes".

You all should have seen the look on the NAF soldiers face... It was priceless :D
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