Your best Berget 8 moment!

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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My best moment...

Post by mmilia » 22 Jun 2010, 13:18

this Berget was full of action (including attacking a rocket truck before strike our base) but the best is:
friday morning , after an heavy shower and a long march in the marsh wood , we reach on foot High Cliff. After a moment of rest , came a quad of the crew that launch an artillery strike , luckily we got cover and didn't had victims.
After 5 minutes a van of the crew came to charge 8 of 12 men of the our sierra 3 squad.
After 2 minutes Vancrew is gone , about 5-6 pickup filled of NAF forces run up the road.
Instanctly we split on 2 couples , 1 per sides and cover in the middle of the trees sidely the SP.
After the NAF's in ACU advances covered by their blue/gray pickup van , we await and caught them from all direction killing them. The only survivor , cowardly cover him with wounded uppening his gun as wounded himself , then disapper in the wood.
Down in the road there were about 3 pickup and 20 NAF's patrolmen.
They came to us and we reapeat the same ambush , group for group , car by car.
In the end of the firefight i fell only beause a NAF medic that i do not want to shoot on point blank (risk of injury) warn his friend instead of declare himself HIT.
At the end surely we disables 3 pickup and hit about 18 NAF patrolmen in a about 45' min battle.
A doubt about respawn i had because the first pickup with the same patrolmen (including the "HitCover Specialist) recame in action before 30 minutes was expired from previous kill.
I play airsoft since 1989 and this was one of more adrehenalic firefight that i remember.
See you next Berget friends! :D
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Post by FallenGuard » 22 Jun 2010, 22:05

diamid wrote:There are many moment that I will remember from Berget 8, and I think I'm going to wright about many of them, as soon as I figure out how to wright them all :P :D

First one was on the second day I think. We took one of our team mates that was switching clothes and put him in the back of our car, just wearing a boxer and shoes. We then had one driver and two armed mercs, and drove to the nearest NAF post, where we stop, ran screaming out of the car, and pushed our poor friend out on the road. We then jumped into the car, and drove away. Whit our friend running behind screaming "give me back my clothes".

You all should have seen the look on the NAF soldiers face... It was priceless :D
So that was you! I was the guy on the Road with the MP5!

We were just pulling Guard Duty on the Base Entrance, I'm walking out of Forest to check the Road, and you pull up in the car, throw this guy out and speed away... I was yelling STOP and fired a few warning shots but you were already gone, and the naked guy ran so fast away I lost him too :D

I almost died from laughter when you came back with the car, we stopped you and asked you not to throw any more naked guys out of the car... omg great moment :lol:

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Post by Brujo » 22 Jun 2010, 22:47

This was my my fourth Berget, yet it had a new feature for me - shooting :D
I was a squad leader and support gunner on the Hilux mounted 3rd Mtn QRF unit. I'll just list my bestest moments as they happened:

- QRF assaulting NAF road-block at C12. Killed three contacts, moved far south to a disntace of 200m north of the NAF base. Other 8 team mates sent some 20 NAF (some Italian) to respawn. With two dead in team we then disengaged.
- Later returned to this NAF base to destroy the bridge at A15 and prevent NAF tanks to enter the valley. Little contact with an Italian patrol, no casualties on any side. Came back to base at 0400.

- R&R in 1st Inf base turned into a defending mission. Huge NAF attack, QRF footsied to the woods in the east O13, engaged some 15 romanian NAF. All killed, 0 QRF dead. We then cleaned the forest further down south, sending 3 more NAF to respawn.
- At noon we got info of 3rd Ranger base at K06 so QRF moved into recon from north. Walked from northern road K03 to 100m from base (J05) where we were ordered to wait until 3rd Mtn all out attack due at 1700. Since 1st Inf started the attack early and one ranger patrol made us active, we started taking the ranger bunkers from North. Quite an easy job as each bunker had two, max three defenders. It all stalled later with the western wall-siege that dragged well into the evening. I must say that 3rd and 1st attack on that wall was catastrophic. Not many defenders, but attacking through a clear area is just plain dumb.
After 1st Inf russian platoon reinforced the bunker I was in, we performed a wedge attack to the north edge of the wall. Made the breakthrough, the rest was obvoius.

Day 3
- Two major clashes on the great crossroads, one in the forenoon one in the afternoon
- Foot patrol from Xroads to Eagle cliff to stretch limbs a bit :D
- Another engagement at Jacob's Hill, QRF got wiped out by defenders outflanking us from the south side of the hill. Died for the first time by a (M-14 DMR?) sniper headshot :D

Day 4
- QRF approached Eagle Cliff and was ambushed at F14 road, so we moved into the west flank and on eagle cliff. What seemed like isolated clash turned into massive reenforcement from both sides. Definately the best spontaneous massive berget fight of the event. Many dead, many heroes on both sides. Bulgarian 3rd NAF that held the dense area for the entire duration of the clash, great job! Several trucks destroyed by BAVS.
As with every massive berget fight, this one ended in overpopulation and chaos aswel, was glad when it ended.
- QRF also moved on foot onto the final attack into the green zone, we had a good quality fight with a few israeli (and some other?) NAF in E16

Hungaro-Slovenian part of the QRF wish to thank to all Berget players for a fair game and great time we had!
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Post by kjsaw » 22 Jun 2010, 22:56

Brujo wrote:This was my my fourth Berget, yet it had a new feature for me - shooting :D
Same for me. I was leading our little QRF group (at least at the time we managed to stick together) and we had a blast.

Particular memories;

- Getting ambushed at the great crossroads, nice job NAF.... however your rear security missed the lone guy from 1st pol who manged to shoot at least one of you in the ass (still have no idea where he came from or why he was there).
- Pulling into the great crossroads wondering about the strange noise my truck was making.... Turns out I had a berget artillery strike hiding in my blind spot, two hour vehicle respawn takes some time!
- Joint mission with the 3rd Mountain Recon element to destroy a supply convoy, absolutely perfect little infiltration mission.
- NAF attack on the 3rd mountain base @2am, Tiger_1 pulling us out of bed and leading a small group of my guys deep on the right flank with some success.
- Final battle, trying to sneak through the NAF lines to end up with Vardemis catching me out, nice kill mate, and thanks for making it a "soft" one.
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Post by Losolos » 23 Jun 2010, 09:26

best moment :

been Captured in NAF 23 camp ..transfered from CIV fighters to NAF
confiscated my 2 Glock and the MP5 ..

as they wanted me to put down all my gear i took out my hidden Tanaka 38. Spl and shoot the 3 guys in front of me .. all had weapons ready .. :D

and the best thing i heard later they get a speech from their Commander
why they did not search us better ...
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Post by Touko » 23 Jun 2010, 19:31

What follows is based on the report I provided to my Coy commander Pete after the game. I have no doubt that Pete and/or Coy HQ will publish an after-action-report of the Coy's action at a later date, but it will by necessity be a more general description. This here is a more detailed description of an outstanding mission by our recon patrol during the saturday of Berget 8. This mission was one of the definite highlights for me - and propably for everyone else on the patrol - in Berget 8, and so I think this mission deserves a full and detailed debriefing here also ;)

DEBRIEFING / Recon Mission
Berget 8, Saturday 19.06.2010, 10:30-15:00

"Hammer"(/"Leka") platoon squads 1, 2 & 4 / 1st Coy / 1st Inf Batt / Poldavian Armed Forces

1030 - Recon mission begins at 1st Inf Battallion camp. Recon force 1+17 fighters, 1 armoured vehicle and driver, 1 unarmoured vehicle and driver. Objective is to reach the crossroads at G12 via Crossroads tactical point, to set up observation post for early warning on NAF troop movements and to - at a later time - regroup with 1st Coy. At the north gate of our camp, however, we are informed that there is a NAF ambush on the road between Swamp TP and Crossroads TP. I choose to continue the mission via northern road. We try to reach Crossroads TP via Dog Point SP - Crossroads TP road, but NAF forces are visible at the Crossroads TP from a distance. We turn around and let 3rd Mountaineers units attack the crossroads. Coy HQ is informed of the situation and we take the westermost road and head south.

1100 - Contact in the curve at C11 with three light NAF vehicles visible around the bend. Our armoured lead vehicle reverses out of the contact while we disembark from the follow vehicle. We then cover the dismounting from the lead vehicle and engage the enemy while both of our vehicles retreat from contact. We continue the mission on foot and after waiting a while for casualties our vehicles exit to base. After roughly 20-30min of fighting and manouvering we have destroyed all three NAF vehicles and roughly 2 squads of (swedish I think) NAF fighters and I decide it is time to pull out of the contact. We exit to the east. No casualties at this time.

1145 - We reach a hilltop at E13, which is close to our original recon objective. A short break. We have been in contact with Coy HQ and it has been determined that at this time there is too much heavy fighting going on for recon to be useful, and we are to make our way back to Coy. Regrouping is to take place somewhere around the NAF main base, which is roughly a kilometer away with heavy fighting in between. We decide to head south and skirt around much the fighting.

1125 - We encounter a western NAF base on our route and decide to sneak in and destroy it. We achieve the element of surprise and quickly go through the base. We get 2-3 wounds and take out roughly 6 NAF fighters. We then exit to the east, take a break at a safe distance and inform HQ. We get information on NAF having some sort of artillery piece which should be taken out and head to the sound of artillery fire.

1255 - Contact south of Eagle Cliff TP with heavy NAF forces. Our recon group gets split but both parts manage to link up with friendlies from other Poldavian Units on and around Eagle Cliff TP. We support those units in clearing up the area until 1330, at which time the area is completely under Poldavian control. We have lost 2 fighters in the fighting and most of those left are wounded. We take a break, regroup, coordinate our plans with some russian units present and inform HQ.

I'd like to take the time to thank the swedish and 2 italian medics for saving my part of the patrol on the Eagle Cliff! Without your help our patrol would probably have been rather doomed. Also, thanks for hearing out my "Im an officer, save me first!" pleas ;)... Also, thanks to all Poldavian forces in that fight, especially the russians who gave us precious intel on the situation and allowed us to continue to be useful! And finally, thanks to the swedes who we engaged at the road earlier for opposing us again at the Eagle Cliff.

1340 - We head out to D16-E17 area and then continue to the rear of NAF base. This is done on advice from russians who are propably from Arbiterman's unit (1st Inf Batt / 3rd Coy?). They show us their planned route to the back of the NAF base and since we were ready to move out earlier, I promise to them that we'll take the same route to scout it and to clear it out for them.

1400 - We reach undetected the immediate vicinity of a NAF respawn south of their main base. There we encounter Robman and one other PsyOps fighter, who inform us of a coordinated Poldavian attack that is about to start. We then wait silently for the attack to begin.

1415 - A dead NAF fighter passes us on his way to the spawn and sees us. Robman gives us the go-ahead and we move out immediately. We silently make our way to the NAF back gate and engage the defenders from behind their own fortifications. Our purpose is to tie down as many NAF fighters as possible and we do just that, spread out in a semicircle between their base and respawn.

1428 - Just 2 minutes before the next respawn wave we retreat from the vicinity of the respawn and link up with some other Poldavian forces that have reached the NAF base from the west. Two of our guys get hit by friendly fire despite shouts of "we're Poldavian" and us waving our red armbands :(. We continue to fight south and southwest of the NAF base until game end, without gaining any serious foothold in the base. At the end of the game our strenght is around 8 fighters, all wounded. This is despite a dangerous surprise attack to our rear at 1455!

At 1455 we got hit behind by a propably italian NAF squad, but since I had been staying back from the heaviest fighting I was in a good position to drop two of their fighters closest to us. After that both sides stayed relatively low until game end. Those were my first and only kills on saturday and I was rather happy at finally getting to shoot someone! After those 2 shots I laid low for the last 5 minutes just so I could boast staying alive the whole mission ;)

This was a physically hard mission but all the more rewarding for it. Our platoon had done a bit more than it's share of defence and it paid off in the end with this mission. Though we couldn't achieve our original objective, we managed to - much thanks to other Poldavians giving intel when we were away from our own Coy - stay rather useful throughout the day! We went around almost the whole game area and fought until the end - and did it well!

Thanks to all players we encountered on this mission, Poldavian, NAF or civillian. Also, thanks to everyone in the "Hammer"/"Leka" platoon who was on the mission. Outstanding work. See you next year, if not before that! ;)


PS. I rather purposefully used "I decide / I promise" on three separate places in this text. That is just about as many unilateral decisions I remember making alone on that mission as the patrol/platoon leader. We coordinated a lot with Coy HQ and other Poldavian forces, but the majority of our decisions were made by the patrol as a whole. Im quite certain that the outcome would have been just as good without me "interfering" the good fighters and squad leaders of the patrol! Once again, thank you and - until next year, "SÄÄLITTÄVÄÄ!" ;)
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Post by Dexmann » 23 Jun 2010, 19:36

1st Poldavian Battalion, 1st Coy, Kettu-company.
Kettu # 4 was on recon op, at friday night. Mission involved Old Drilling Site, Scrabyard and closeby territory. We took the recon-op as serious as we could, and that meant if the enemy soo us, mission was failed.

Well the enemy didnt see us, and mission was success. We didnt fire a single BB but the feeling on the OP was awesome. Best part was when NAF troops surprised us near-by the road and platoon of NAFs landed on our feet. We kept out mouth shut and the NAF walk past us. It was exellent.
We completed all three parts of our mission and got back to our base in one piece.

Once again. Awesome.
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Post by prime » 23 Jun 2010, 21:01

i had several great moments during this years berget but i wont go to much into details about it.
I will say that in general this year was way more fun than B7

A few classic moments.

Civilian undercover, being in the greenzone watching the civilians organise and execute theyr protest march against NAF.
Also visiting NAF bases in civilian late at night and almost getting arrested :p

Hanging around the prison fending of attacks and general guard duty.

Getting 2 kills, being shot and healed up while sitting in my camping chair :p

Blowing up the scrapyard friday night.

And after the game i found out that i was wanted by civilian and NAF and that one of my PSYOPS teammates almost got busted for being me.
Description was "A guy with a beard".

and any more :-)
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 25 Jun 2010, 18:52

Defending the attack on the 5th NAF base was fun, Spent all the time trying to get the defence in order and didn't fire a single shot although i lugged my Rifle around the whole time.

Enduring memories of the last defence of the red house, escorting a prisoner back to base and him setting off a claymore and both of us remaining remarkably unscathed (maybe it fell over?), The staunch Russian defense of the right flank (thanks to KVS and crew) and finally the 23rd appearing from up the road with civilians in tow, epic fight.

Also sitting by the fire on the last day, last surviving inhabitant of the 5th NAF base, sharing smokes and stories with good company (thanks to sixcell and Inge)

(well until we're back at war)
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Post by JudgementDay » 26 Jun 2010, 15:41

Combat medic duty for NAF 5th during the Poldavian assault on the checkpoint, and later on NAF 5th main base.

Acted as "running messenger" to inform Command of approaching Poldavian forces a good 100 metres from the checkpoint, because the checkpoint security personnel had no radio with them. Was among the first back on the scene, and minutes later all hell broke loose.
Dashing across the intersection with bullets whizzing past my ear was fun, just to get to those people yelling for their medic. At some point my P90 decided to stop working, so I dropped it by the sandbags, and ran around in the crossfire with only my Beretta - I don't think I fired a single shot, but saved so many lifes I ran out of medical supplies and had to borrow from a fellow medic later on.

Funny moments:
1) Having two injured men propped behind the van on the intersection, yelling for medical attention. When I made another dash to get there and almost got shot, I threw myself into the van's open side door, only to stumble upon a fellow medic who was placidly refilling his mags in the middle of the battle while his teammates were bleeding out just outside his car.

2)Asking a soldier where he was hit, so I could apply a proper fitting, and his response: "Uh, here. And there! Oh, and here as well! But this one hurts worst!"

3)A downed teammate calling for help in the centre of the intersection behind the metal shed, and me being pinned down in the bushes. I shouted at one of my teammates who was sitting beside the wounded man if he could give cover fire, and instead of that, he just hoisted the other guy onto his back and ran with him to safety, while Poldavian bullets dug up the ground beneath his feet.

4)Catching my breath behind the metal shed in the center when four NAFs approached, and one of the guys said something like: "If I look at your hands, it seems you got your shot of adrenaline." Hadn't noticed, but man, were they twitching.

Repeated pretty much the same when the Poldavians went for the main base, only that I hadn't had time to repair my P90, so I took my G36 - and dropped it by the next best tent as soon as I had the first patient to treat. Since I apparently lost my pistol from the holster when I was crawling through the dirt to get to a downed soldier without getting shot myself, I ran around unarmed for the rest of the assault, dodging bullets and strainedly listening for the shouts of "Medic!" all over the place.

Funniest moment:
Following the shout of "Medic!", only to find that it had come from a medic who announced his presence, to see if anyone needed him. Turned out we were standing behind a tent with five combat medics, but no one to treat :)

Oh, and when I returned after the battle to pick up my rifle (and also found my pistol next to it), someone behind my back said: "Now here's a good combat medic!". Thanks to Weasel and all the other guys that gave me an appreciative pat on the back afterwards - medic duty sure was fun, see you around next time.
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Post by Plante » 26 Jun 2010, 18:53

Our squad's best moment was always when we meet Stuntman and talk with him ;)
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Post by [Red Troop] Oneill » 24 Jul 2010, 22:18

The best moment for me was the this one:

We drove with the white Psyops Volvo through the game area and attacked one CP in reward drive mode with the car, very funny^^

Than we attacked an other CP with the same strategy and meet a enemy PickUp.

Shit Situation, cause he came from our Backway... we drove to the other one and... well it was not good, we know it this time... we open fire under 2m safety distance! I remember, it was a blue flagged PickUp and we opened fire in a case of this shock moment... Really sorry to the guys! The time to act right was really short. We thougt, that the PickUp is one of our one, but it was an enemy car and we drove on him and saw it, after we drove on his drive seat away from him. Really sorry to that guy!!!!
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Post by STUNTMAN » 03 Aug 2010, 03:04

Best moments to me? Moments like this one:


Sorry guys... i went there to play airsoft and make new friends. I din't went there to be the best, to be the guy who made more kills, to be the guy who played in the best team... i don't need to sing my heroic plays in game.

I read in others posts that some guys did that, kill lots of guys, wre the best of the bests... but guys, next year i can play together in the same team, so only cares to make new friends.

So, making friends were my best moment in Berget 8.


PS: I don't know who were that russians guys, but next year if i'll find them, certanly i'll say hello to them and give them a hug!

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Post by Ilstad » 05 Oct 2010, 03:24

When the Civ camp was hit large by the Poldavians friday evning, I was at walking to re-spawn the 2. time when i spotted a friend of mine playing for PsyOps. I yelld out to him, I will hunt you down after im finished re-spwan.

When I was finished in re-spanw, I want down to find the CIV camp empty, just a few Poldavian players were standing ther talking to som CIV player.

Then I spotted the same friend of mine, he walked up to me saying.

" Did'nt u just spawnd " and I answerd: " yeah, I did " then i pointed his gun at me and sad: " just start walking again ". At the same time a player for my squad come up behind me and saw the situation. The player from my squad walked towords my friend from the form PsyOps, holding he's hands out saying: " calm down, Calm Down.... KNIFE KILL". The Psy goes: " are you serious". Then this CIV player had just sitting there watshing it opens fire at the rest of Plodevian forces whit he's Glock 18 between he's legs.

suddenly all of the CIV players opend fire at the Poldavian forces in the CIV camp, in mater of secunds they were all slaughter down.

The Poldavian were just standing there like some questians marks. And like " what just happend ? ".

The best prat of this story is that the player from my squad announced befor game start, that he was not happy befor he got to Knife kill the PsyOps friend.

We are still making funn of him. :P

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Post by dacanadianbomb » 05 Oct 2010, 22:23

ErikBobbo wrote:Maybe not best moment, but I had a great time when the Pol 3rd was standing around Crossroads waiting for orders. A ATV came with Berget-Crew came driving, and the whole force fled to the forest in case of arty. In a matter of seconds EVERYONE was gone, and a confused Berget-Crew stood alone in the middle screaming "I just wanted to film you guys". Great fun.

Another great moment was Saturday when the whole 3rd was out kicking donkey, and we we're only 10-20 people left in the base (mostly injured). We heard rumors of NAF Transport coming our way, so we gathered up what manpower we could get, most of them limping or sick, and prepared for a Great-Alamo-you-wont-take-us-alive-battle and rigged the HQ-tent with explosives. Sadly the transport passed by without even shooting at us, but the tension and anticipation was great.
Ah yessss! that was EPIC stuff. When I saw that quad pull up right after we had just taken cover from a previous arty strike, I screamed about Artillery and like others ran for cover.Everyone scuttled it was epic.Only to then lie next to a rock waiting for the fireworks and nothing to happen.

When the guys rove by us in base on that last day, I thought to myself " those guys are NAF, I should actually shoot at them " The fact that it was 4 troop transporters and we werent sure whether they had peeps in them lead us to create our ad hoc defense and make preparations for the worst.Was a nice little additional piece of action , and the guys in base aka the crippled crew were awesome.Much love out to the limpers!
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