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Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Post by Zoidberg » 05 Oct 2010, 22:55

One of my best moments was on friday.
Myself and five of my platoon toke a little stroll from 23th naf base to the civilian camp to "tjek" some I.D papers.
Here i got interwieved by the news-crew and so did some of my guys :D
After that little sidejob we went on towards Shrap-yard and went on the attack.
We died in the "historical" fight against the inferior Poldavian army, after a about 20 min firefight, when it was all over we could count 24+ enemy in the area after the 6 of us :P

When it was all over we headed back to base where i meet Blackwolf and he ask me: "Where did you go to die?" and i told him where he begins to laugh and tells us to go rest up :D
Aksel Schmidt

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Post by Robman » 05 Oct 2010, 23:46

Two for me:

1st: Sitting in the civilian camp as a disguised Psyop operative when Mr. Medic asks, "Which of you would like to become a mercenary?" I grin and raise my hand.

2nd: Not shooting a single BB in-game. And this was trully a reward in itself to be able to accomplish every mission I received without the use of force.
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