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Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 00:57
by Eldoriath
For some reason only one of our seven appointed BE radio used the repeater. And once you got a little bit away from base communication was impossible. And I remember that at Berget 7 I could, though not without problems, communicate between Bashir city and Milos Tigers camp with my own puxing 6288 with an antenna a little shorter then the ones we had issued this year.

Battery life-span was good though, only needed to change once during the whole game. But as others have said the lock function did not work. Often I found that the radio had changed channel explaining all the silence often.

Would be nice if you made the net avaible for other radios to communicate in on. No radio expert, so I will only say that as a wish.

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 16:41
by Gryffyd
Arbiterman wrote: Our HQ (1st Poldavian) had the list of all freq/ctcss codes designated by BE for our battalion. Actually all the battalion commanders should have received it. So you better ask your superior why he made you that "extremely annoyed".
How about because he never recieved a list of frequncies either... it was asked for but never recieved

Posted: 26 Jun 2010, 23:41
by turret
radios worked really fine (especially for chinese quality)
Only problem was the landscape that created a lot of troubles for the radios signal.

Also, when the Batt. Chief was hidding because base was under fire...
But I'm not too sure BE Crew can do something about it. :P

Posted: 27 Jun 2010, 01:54
by motorhead
Gryffyd wrote:
Some of our guys did not take the Berget radio as they had the same type and thought it un-necessary, then not being able to communicate because we couldn't get the frequencies was extremely annoying.
1. Each Batallion CO could get a designated frequency list from Berget-Events for their batallion radio net.

2. Once I got my greasy claws on one Berget-Events radio ( Puxing-888 UHF ) I simply copied its channels over to my laptop and reprogrammed my own private 888 with the same channels setup. After that we had no compatibility issues other than lack of repeater and ditto line-of-sight range problems. First we got a list of 9 channels, but the BE-radios came with 13 channels, which actually was quite handy if extra com was needed.

Somebody at your batallion level may or may not have had that frequency-list or somebody forgot to ask the right questions to the right BE-people from batallion level and relied on the preprogrammed BE-radios.