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Psyops's Most Wanted...

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 14:04
by Murrdohk
Hey all. I was informed of this list by a buddy of mine after the game that I had 'made the cut' and a photo of me from last year's game was on the Psyops Most Wanted board. For those of you that don't know what I am referring to, there was a list of people that Pysops were looking for and were to shoot dead on sight. Well, I was on that list sure enough and luckily made it out alive by hiding out in the Poldavion 3rd Mountaineers...long story.

Anyway, I was just wondering if the people on that list were randomly picked from photos on the forums or what as that was where the photo they had of me came from(the very same one I use for my avatar)? Either that or since I'm just a simple medic, I figured someone might have taken note of my 'heroic deeds' last year running unarmed into heavy combat to drag people to safety and saw my 'mad medic skills' as a definate threat? Or better yet, perhaps it was my good looks or personal charm???:P :D

Re: Psyops's Most Wanted...

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 14:18
by freno
I need to disapoint you! I just took pics from NAF´s in the forum and made a list. I didn´t used it until last day, and just to fill upp space on our message-board. Nice thing though!!...

Posted: 22 Jun 2010, 16:05
by Murrdohk
Haha...I thought so but was just curious. I was hoping it was because of my good looks or personal charm though. :wink:

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 20:52
by prime
Pretty awesome random picking :lol:
It pretty much made my day seing you on our most wanted list.
To bad i didnt meet you ingame during the last day, i would have shot you on sight regardless wich armband you had on :p

Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 21:19
by Murrdohk
Well, you damn sure would have caught me off guard as I wouldn't have been expectin it. On a funny note though, as we were marching down the road to take Eagle Cliff on the last day, a Psyops truck stopped in the mddle of the road so that the driver could talk to our group leader. I personally talked to a couple of the Psyops people in the back of the truck so they either weren't looking for me to be wearing the same color arm band as they were or they just didn't recognize me without my 'war paint' on. :P