The crashed plane/helicopter loaded with gold mystery

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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The crashed plane/helicopter loaded with gold mystery

Post by Rhyn0 » 22 Jun 2010, 22:14

We found about this mission by accident, from one of the 1st infantry guys, in the thursday morning after the big attack.
What we heard was that a plane( then heard helicopter) has crashed near the uranium storage, with unknown cargo and passengers.. the 1st didnt find it, or didnt have the manpower, so our "coy" asked for permission from Hq to go find it, and got it. We proceeded to the uranium storage area and began a search, finding an ammo crate near the storage building, and after a short time the wreckage( VERY NICELY DONE BE) up a forest path a bit north west from the storage. Next to the plane there were some crates, which were empty, and we found a calling card from the 3rd ranger battalion( Congrats guys, very nicely done) which apparently had beat us to it. We searched the area thoroughly for any pilots or other cargo, reported to HQ, arranged for a transport to evac the ammo crate, then on HQ request searched the area again for the pilots, with no success.
We then req permission to search for the elusive ranger base, which by some miracle escaped detection by the finns the previous night, and proceeded to a 5 hour thorough search of the WHOLE NORTH of the map. After a lucky encounter with some mountaneers which helped narrow the search area, we climbed Crow mountain and managed to sneak undetected right behind the Rangers backs, arriving in the nick of time to hit them from behind and break their last defensive line, then linking with the 10 or so survivors of 1st and 3rd that had assaulted the base to mop up the survivors and take the base.

THere we got our second clue, while talking to the rangers we located the guys who left the calling card, the Dust Devils Frenchies, congratulated them, and found out that they stunblem upon the crash by accident, as one of their guys was in the area when berget unloaded the tail prop, and then searched the area. they would not tell us what they found, only that "it was heavy and it was not ammo".

Later, civvies came to our base looking for help to locate a "crashed plane filled with gold" so one of our guys change dto civvie and went with them, to the same crash site, and of course they didn't find anything.

On thursday, we recieved a mission from Robman to extract the pilot from the Elders' tent in the Green zone, and as we left we saw a blonde guy(Dill) being escorted into psyops camp by 1st. we asked them if that was the pilot by any chance, they didn;t know, except that he had surrendered and said he had info about alot of money, so we continued. We later found out it WAS the pilot, but no regrets here, as the mission turned out to be an absolute best ever, ending in us infiltrating the civvy base after alot of adventures, with 2 guys mascarading as "pilots" sent as prisoners to distract them, and ended with me in the elders tent, knocking out 3 guys with the Elder woman(Julia i believe) in the tent not 2 meters away from me interogating one of my guys, the "having a knife to her throat" and trying to find where the pilot was, and after it was clear she didn't know or wouldn't give in, knocking her out too, knifekilling 3 guys in front of the fire guarding my other guy, then shooting the last, then making a running escape with shots buzzing by our ears, and all 8 of us making it alive at base, after a 2 hour egress through the greenzone, NAF forces, and then poldavian sentries.

We then heard that the pilot was spirited away from the Prison by BE for some reason, so that mission chain went unresolved. Still it provided us with a huge fun factor, and i'd like to find out what the actual plan was and what happened to it all.

I believe the 3rd rangers had the gold hidden, and that the pilot had some other info that we didn't get.. still lucky for the rangers for such a thing to fall in their lap, but no regrets as that mission chain made up for like 40% of our fun at B8.

Any other input is appreciated.
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Post by WhiteAce » 22 Jun 2010, 22:57

Good one Rhyn0!

Indeed, we had the Gold from day one. One sniper from my French platoon managed to take it all with him, after BE crew dropped it. It was only 2 days later, that we actually got that mission... :|
We returned the Gold only as the game was over.

Also about that pilot. There were 2 different stories and me too would like to know about that. One was that he had a beacon on him that could only be activated through finding another beacon that was supposed to be still at the crash site. The other was that the pilots beacon was actually the beacon itself, which through satalite communication could set off an artillery strike...

Well he was never in our camp anyway, but I know Blackwolf had him and sent hem away after 20 minutes, so he told me.
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Post by L4gi » 22 Jun 2010, 23:03

The pilot had a GPS tracked dog collar on his backpack. Our groups main mission was finding the gold, but when we got there 2 hours after the pilot showed up for the first time, we found nothing. :(
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Post by Weasel » 22 Jun 2010, 23:56

Early in the game, while returning to respawn I met a lady, more or less dressed like Dr. Quinn the medcine woman, carring a suitcase and escorted by 2 unarmed and 3 or 4 armed gentlemen. They were walking on the main road from the green zone toward the scrap yard.
Any idea about this story line?

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Post by MrMedic » 23 Jun 2010, 01:24

Sixth Mercs caught the pilot pretty much when he arrived in the Green Zone. We questioned him and got the data on the location of the downed chopper but decided that the crash site was too remote for us to reach and that we had enough missions as it was. So we gave the pilot to 23'd NAF. At first I wanted to put him in an unmarked grave to make sure that the intel he had didn't reach anyone else but Wasp convinced me that helping NAF was a better idea.

Later that night (actually around 4am next morning) we drove the jungle truck and T4 troop transporter extraordinaire all the way up to the crashsite where we found the helicopter and the empty ingame safe. No greeting from the Rangers though. Since the gold was gone we decided to take the safe instead. On the way back we picked up the heroes from the Swampstalker patrol that had been out poisoning the Poldavian water supply and gave them a (much deserved) ride home.

Once we got back to base we tried to figure out how to use the safe in the most annoying way possible. The Swampstalkers had heard from the Rangers that the Poldavians were building a nuclear weapon codenamed "the cake". The pollies had also been searching our camp repeatedly for the uranium box that we had obtained earlier in the game. So we decided to give them something easier to look for. We turned the safe into a mobile uranium storage facility, planted it on a heavilly tripwire-mined road and leaked the rumour of its existence through GMHQ to the Poldavians.

And thus the Magic box was born.
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