Squad leader communications

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Squad leader communications

Post by J.Rautio » 23 Apr 2010, 09:04


I have a practical question about squad leaders communications. What is the best way to arrange communication with platoon leader and the rest of your squad? We have agreed to use PMR-radios for squad-platoon communications and we are also using PMRs in internal squad coms.

Sure I can setup my Cobra MT800 to listen two channels, but how to solve the transmit issue? I must be able to transmit to platoon channel, but how to be able to transmit to squad channel as well? Best solution I have come up with so far is having two radios. Any suggestions?

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Re: Squad leader communications

Post by freno » 23 Apr 2010, 10:06

Somebody need to have two radios... Good solution is to have at least one programmable radio on squad-level. Pl-c will have BE-provided radios(LPD), and it seems to be alot chatting on PMR(sq-level). Pl-c listen on BE-Radio and sq-l change chanel or change radio to call his Pl-c...
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Post by Brekkjern » 23 Apr 2010, 11:03

Here in norway we often use PRRs for squad level communications and a PMR attached to it. This way, you have one headset to listen to both radios, and two buttons to talk to either squad level or for the PMR.

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Post by spazzio » 24 Apr 2010, 02:23

in our team BRAVO Co. I use 2 radios
navcomm with 5W power and multi chanel/frequency options as SL, HQ comunications (RTO) and second one (actually the same model with small antena) to squad communication.
First one with cable phone that i can pass it to squad leader, and second one with earphones. this combination let you
1. comunicate with squad
2. comunicate with HQ
3. pass radio to SL

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Post by Ober-Lix » 19 Apr 2011, 12:20

Squad leaders are having to use mainly PMRs. Should you be looking for a good new one, look into the market place, I have one for sale.
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