UV-5R Antennas

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UV-5R Antennas

Post by Switchback » 06 May 2015, 02:19

So i'm finalizing my packing list for Berget 13, and one question I've still got is how good is the stock antenna on the UV-5R? Whats the range like in the wooded areas? I realize I can search all the specs online, but practical application is always different than stated specifications.

Mainly we are just using the UV-5Rs for internal squad comms, as well as emergencies. Normally I also have the command channels plugged into memory for just in case things go sideways mission wise and someone needs to radio something in. (Which happens a lot, at least here in the US at big Operations)

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Re: UV-5R Antennas

Post by AVIA » 07 May 2015, 00:15

Stick with the stock antenna if unit comms is what you need.

If you wan't to improved your reach (not a whole lot though), go for something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nagoya-NA-771-V ... 1c40d0f231

Biggest problem at games like Berget, is usually the landscape anyways. Mountains, hills, trees and rain blocking your signal. Only way around those obstacles are moving your A** to higher ground :)
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Re: UV-5R Antennas

Post by JKangas » 07 May 2015, 14:34

Stick with stock, or even get a worse antenna if unit comms is strictly what you want. By day two you are sick of radio chatter and less sensitive radio starts to be an asset. I actually got a crappy stub antenna for my Wouxun as stock one (pretty much like the one linked above) was bit clumsy and getting stuck, and I needed range of perhaps 200-300 meters max.

Range on (legal) PMR channels is rarely limited by distance or even terrain, but rather by hundreds of other guys crowding the same eight channels. Dunno about command channels. FUBAR situations are perhaps better handled via mobile phones (+pre-paids if you need it).
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