Highly recomended radio!

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Highly recomended radio!

Post by Haxxxor » 26 May 2015, 13:50

I just wrote this in my teams forum but thought others might want to take part of this information aswell.

Last year i used an http://www.wouxun.com/two-way-radio/KG-UV8D.htm I can say nothing but good things about it. I could communicate from the GCT camp to the civilian city (all the way past that powerline) as long as i was not inside the GCT HQ tent (Something with that tent and its steel structure i tell you.)

The atenna is also exchangeable and there are some astro VHF and UHF telescopic antennas arround i use for mine while hunting that are absolutely awesome (did not have this during berget last year).

It also supports both 1W and 5(!)W on both VHF and UHF (Carefull about UHF 5W in dennsly populated areas unless you have a license)

136-175 MHz and 400 - 480 MHz (Big and good range more then enough for berget)

and a massive selection of steps, more then standard on most of the the VHF and UHF radios

It also supports listening to both the UHF and VHF band at the same time and just selecting wich one you wanna talk on.

It also supports bridge mode where the VHF and UHF users can talk to eachother repeated through you radio.

Great price (IMO) Great quality (I dropped mine in water and down a cliff) easy to use!

if you wish to buy it in sweden you can get it from RAKOM.SE

Absolutely GREAT service! They recomended this radio (Wich at the time was not even released yet) and delivered it to me a week ahead the sweden release so that i could use it in time for berget.

Here is a link if you are interested.

http://www.rakom.se/produkter/handappar ... hfuhf.html

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