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questions about traveling in scandinavia

Posted: 17 May 2009, 02:27
by Ice-man
Im hopeing to travel from the United states to Finland. My wife is from finland and i figure if we are going to travel there why not play some airsoft while im there. I don't know anyone personally in finland that plays airsoft and therefore have a few questions for finnish players.
My question's are as follows
What kinda of restrictions will i have to deal with in sweden and finland as far as orange muzzle, fps rules, and saftey gear?
Is it hard to transport my aeg's and gbb's across the border's there?
If its a big trouble to transport them i might just order new guns to use while im visiting then ship them home.
Where are good places to play around lahti finland?
Allso i plan to schedule my trip to attend the next berget op.

Thanks in advance for you help.

Posted: 17 May 2009, 18:15
by Shooter
Hello Ice-man! I can help you with the regulations in Sweden. No need for an orange muzzle but it's probably not bad if you have. To transport your guns from Finland to Sweden probably shouldn't be any problems as well. The rules in Finland I do not know about so I better leave that for the finnish airsofters to answer. But I hope this little text helped you a bit on the way.

Posted: 17 May 2009, 21:18
by Touko
Dunno about bringing replica guns / BB:s on a flight. In all propability they will be kept either in the cargo hold or in some safe locker. Thats between you and your choice of air travel and possibly some anti-terrorism air travel security measures, as far as I know.

As to your other questions:

-Muzzles: No orange muzzles needed. You still have to keep the gun hidden in public though, otherwise you may attract some unwanted police attention. Common sense needed.

-Safety gear: Safe eye protection mandatory. May usually be of any type capable of withstanding BB hits. Some games limit mask types of younger players, that's all.

-FPS rules are commonly as follows: 1,6J for auto, 2,2J for semi-auto, 3J for bolt-action. Some exceptions are, and also some game groups may allow a bit more power. Safety distances are usually in use for more powerful weapons, but they don't come into play with 1,6J guns (or maybe 10m, depends on the group)

-Airsoft in or around Lahti: No idea, someone else hopefully will fill in on this.

Posted: 20 May 2009, 12:45
by Jojis
Touko explained the rules in Finland.

There is an airsoft association in Lahti called Lahti Airsoft RY so there should be lots of games to attend. More info
Unfortunately I didn't find an email-address there but I think your wife can help, they got a discussionboard.

Finland has lots of airsoft- and gearstores if you need anything, shipping from china etc. isn't a problem either. But we don't have any good laws about the game, age-limits etc., so there are hordes of little kids in most games too...

No limits in carrying airsoft guns from Finland to Sweden if you are travelling on a ferry (the best solution). They are toys after all, but just keep 'em where no-one can see them and there will be no questions.

You can take airsoftguns for a flight but they will be handled like real guns, so you have to tell about them at check-in, and your bag will then get a firearm-tag. All guns and replicas will be placed in the cargoroom so no-one can get to them during the flight.

Posted: 31 May 2009, 20:27
by Ice-man
Thank you all for your help and advice. I look forward to traveling to finland and sweden to play airsoft with you all. If anyone lives in or around lahti it would be great to meet and have a freind to show me around the airsoft scene and which fields are good. I'll be staying in finland for a couple months. Id like to play at least twice a week while in there.
thanks again

Posted: 01 Jun 2009, 14:37
by whiskey
dude, Scandinavia is very dangerous, and Sweden is utter hell! Check this out to get the idea: ... m-syndrome

Posted: 02 Jun 2009, 03:28
by Talisman
Hahaha. Yes Sweden is terrible. You should visit Norway, we serve pancakes ;)

Posted: 02 Jun 2009, 06:45
by Shooter
and trolls :P

Posted: 06 Jun 2009, 21:38
by Ice-man
oH NOES!! guess when I come to sweden I'll have to comfort some poor swedish girls and pelt some poor swedish boys with my bb's. :lol:

I think I'll buy my aeg's when im there i don't want my G&P custom's to get stolen in transport. Do they sell G&P's locally at any shope around lahti? I mainly use armalites. thanks

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 17:45
by Talisman
Airports in Norway and Sweden are very strict, you should not have any problem bringing your own AEG.
After all, we are not some 3rd world country. You lugagge should be safe as long as you fly with f.eks. SAS. As some airplane companys dont have their own ground crew.
(Your luggage dont get stolen in this cases, it will only skip a plane or two if you are unlucky.

Re: questions about traveling in scandinavia

Posted: 09 Jun 2009, 14:20
by Gripenblau
Ice-man wrote:What kinda of restrictions will i have to deal with in sweden and finland as far as orange muzzle, fps rules, and saftey gear?
Is it hard to transport my aeg's and gbb's across the border's there?
If its a big trouble to transport them i might just order new guns to use while im visiting then ship them home.
Thanks in advance for you help.

You can get a problems with GBB In customs if you are unlucky

Posted: 09 Jun 2009, 23:50
by skarpskyttar
I don't think so...? some norwegian players I know checked with the customs and airsoft guns was just as normal to bring into sweden as a badmington thingy. it goes under the category sport

Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 10:00
by RRP Taksi
I disagree, gas operated ones may end up at the criminal technical institute if you encounter the wrong customs clerk.. 30-60 days.
If the clerk can´t verify it as a "low power weapon" he is obligatet to send it to inspection. (Incompetence locally, they don´t all have technical weapons training.)
Airsoft weapons fall under the general wepons act, allthough its rarely practised.
Remember that magazines, propellants and batteries must be kept separately during transport. (It is illegal to transport loaded weapons be they "low power" or not...)
It has not yet been tried in court to my knowledge, but you propably don´t want to be the precedent...

Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 15:38
by Talisman
To work better with customs, Im sending my guns as "Guns". Costs me some extra bucks, but keeps me for paying 5 EURO for each extra kg.
I will also tape all muzzles and bodys with a shiny red tape, to show that they arent real.
Another thing to prevent to have your guns taken away from customs, bring a note about berget and tell them your traveling plan. All customs can be talked into some sence.

Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 17:02
by conger
Advise from Austrian Airlines regarding transport of my airsofts included bringing the manual from the box if available and / or a note about the event being attended by way of explanation.

Hope I see you all their with you pride and joys!

Conger Out