You know you're an airsofter when

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You know you're an airsofter when

Post by motorhead » 07 Jun 2009, 17:48

1-You can field strip a C-7, but have never touched a real one.

2-Your dog hides every time you get into camo…

3-There are no birds within 150 feet of your house.

4-You look FORWARD to bug problems.

5-Every time you hear a drill, you dive under a table.

6-You automatically name every single gun you see in movies/shows, even in a crowded theatre…

7-You make up excuses to wear combat gear in public.

8-All you ever have are C-Rations and water…

9-You can't walk in the dark at your house, there are too many random bbs.html'>bbs to slip on…

10-You run out of lead/ink, and you yell “Reload!”

11-Neighbours are scared of you, after seeing you walk out with camo and a rifle case every Sunday.

12-You have an SMG under your pillow

13-You can name Marui's entire 2004 line-up without pausing for breath.

14-Every time you get in an argument, you whip out a pair of Colt 1911 bbs.html'>'>springers and challenge them to a duel…

15-Your entire collection totals the cost of a small car.

16-Your family thinks you are a terrorist, your friends think you're some sort of undercover agent.

17-Everywhere you go, you think “This would be an awesome skirmish spot…”

18-Your dog's poo has small, plastic spheres in it.

19-You're walking from your car to your house, and you realise you still have a half-slung rifle on your shoulder…

20-You dress up in Rangers combat gear to watch “Black Hawk Down”

21-You hold your gun's in your hand's and aim at the tv while you watch war/action movies.

22-You COMPLETELY clean up you room, down to the last detail and yet you still find bbs.html'>bb's on the carpet.

23-You have many spherical shaped dent's in the drywall in your room.

24-No matter where in your room you look, you'll almost always find something directly related to airsoft.

25-You look for sniper perches, and potential snipers in them every time you walk down the street. (I do this perpetually)

26-You find yourself moving from spot to spot using cover to move down the street.

27-Anytime you hear a reference to paintball, you're overwhelmed with the urge to explain in great detail why airsoft is infinitely superior in every aspect.

28-Your bank account is empty

29-You keep trying to get your girlfriend to dress up in just a tactical vest and holster. Maybe a boonie too.

30-You try to find a replica 50 cal to convert to an aeg.

31-You've built more guns then you've bought.

32-Your last words are “Hit!”

33-Your license plate says “AIRSOFT”

34-You post on this board

35-You talk on the cell phone using radio procedure, and call signs.

36-You Send thank you notices to UPS or FEDEX for speedy delivery, or cusing thier very existance for being a day late!

37-When you walk down the hall way at school to your next class and think this would be a heck of a place for CQB.

38-Your computer's home-page is AirsoftSociety, and the favorites consists of just about every retailer/gunsmith in the country.

39-You have cadpat boxers

40-Your closet is devoted to airsoft and airsoft only (perhaps maybe even a whole room)

41-There are no cardboard boxes around since you've shot them all up

42-Your walls in your room are painted in camo

43-You use the laser sight mounted on your Glock 19 to play with the cat.

44-You use the laser sight on your Glock 19 during conferences, to explain your Power Point/Slideshow presentation.

45-You've ever unintentionally eaten a 6mm sphere of plastic.

46-You've ever been sleeping and a chattering bird has scared you enough to make you flip the chair you were on to take cover.

47-You go into the closet to find a sleeping bag and come out playing with a 6 foot belt of inert machinegun ammo.

48-When the first picture of yourself you send on msn always seems to be of you in gear. Just because it was the first one you saw.

49-You and your buddy turn over all the furniture in your living room to make bunkers, close the blinds then blast away at each other for hours at a time. Destroying a lot your things, damaging your place and alienating all of your friends.

50-When you have more camo then plain clothes.

51-Your fave thing is any thing in OD.

52-There's a box of Camo Cream in the bathroom.

53-You yell “Frag out!” before throwing a football.

54-There are at least 5 trenches in your front yard, and at least ten more in the back.

55-People keep on thinking you have chicken pox…

56-Every time you walk through your garden, cardboard targets come up…

57-You see the racoons going through your garbage/green bin and introduce them to your AK.

58-You know you're an airsofter when you get better then usual treatment at the Mcdicks you stop to before games, even when your in Civi's and you're not going to a game.

59-You know you're an airsofter when someone mentions a gun in a video game and you start correcting them and telling them about the history of the gun and how it compares to others, in a 10 minute speach.

60-You know you're an airsofter when people you don't know ask your opinion on guns at work. (Damn loudmouthed Coworkers)

61-You know you're an airsofter when you see a police officers Glock 19 and start giggling and eyeing it, all while thinking 'My WA Para-Ordnance is so much more pimp'

62-You wear your second line whilst doing household chores and other inhouse activities.

63-”You moved to a bigger house because you couldnt store enough gear in your apartment”

64-”Your co-workers cringe every time you walk in to the office with anything that could conceiveably be used to conceal a firearm”

65-”You find yourself constantly examining the scenery around you and thinking, 'Cadpat would be awesome here' “

66-”You're better equipped than most small countries…minus the real steel of course”

67-There are creatures in your ghillie suit, and you don't seem to mind.

68-You use sheet metal and a Top M60 to convert a John Deere lawnmower into a APC.

69-You have a Frequent Buyers plan with the Army Navy Surplus.

70-The first thing anyone ever says upon entering your room is “Is that thing real?”

71-You stand on your buddies balcony wondering how many unsuspecting people in all the neighbouring buildings you could take out with your scoped b/a.

72-When people on your MSN list point out that the “pirate flag” you are using as an avatar is in fact used by Navy SEALs…

73-You have 3000 contacts on your MSN, most of which are from this board and other airsoft related one's.

74-Your at Canadian Tire buying more propane than any camper could use in a decade…

75-You actually don't mind the smell of propane at all anymore…

76-You have a seperate savings account dedicated to airsoft purchasing…

77-Every time you have to buy something for your car/house you think “man I could have bought a new aeg/Gbbs.html'>bb for that price

78-You walk down the street scoping bushes for ambushers

79-You walk down the street checking roof tops for snipers

80-Your aeg new out of box was 4 lbs, its now 40lbs with accessories

81-You have website memberships to 40 sites and only remember passwords for 15

82-You have painted an airsoft gun at least once

83-Own more LBVs and Webbs.html'>bbing set ups than Canada has soldiers

84-You walk into the local surplus and the person at the counter says “What guns did you bring for me to see now?”

85-Your underwear drawer smells like damp canvas…

86-You shout out “reload!” aloud when playing lasertag

87-You start talking in military hand signals when someone can't hear you

88-You have a display in your house/room deidcated to surplus

89-You shout out “reload!” when changing batteries in a cordless drill

90-You bought a dremel just for smithing

91-You are familiar with more guns than people

92-Whenever you go to pick up your game photo's from the Photomart, the clerk is afraid to look you in the eye, and shakes when she hands you the photos.

93- The vast majority of bookmarked links are airsoft related

94- You have all your bookmarked airsoft links organized under int. retailers,cdn retailers, info, gear, real steel and media

95- You have to dig through several aeg and gbbs.html'>bb boxes to find anything in your room

96- You can wallpaper your room with pages from all the airsoft catalogues you get when you buy new guns

97- The paper targets you get with new guns don't last 10 minutes

98- You're not sure whether to throw your cardboard bbs.html'>bb targets in the paper recylcing bin, or the plastic recycling bin

99- You've gone through 1 or 2 bags of bbs.html'>bbs, and you havn't been to a game in a year

100- When buying new tools at Home Depot to work on an airsoft project and the person asks you what its for, you hesitate and make up some excuse (”i'm making a wood stock… for my… dog”)

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Post by vinni » 07 Jun 2009, 19:07

i lol'd :lol:

several times xD
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Post by Cosmo » 07 Jun 2009, 19:24

I so resemble some 10 of those 100 points. ;P
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Post by Panzergraf » 07 Jun 2009, 23:04

101 - You see yet another "You Know You're an Airsofter When..." thread, and realize you've read it all before, on several different airsoft forums. :P

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Post by RRP Taksi » 08 Jun 2009, 03:53

You "strafe" around corners and say "over" when talking on the phone...

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Post by Ober-Lix » 08 Jun 2009, 09:33

When I read that, I know it´s time to take the pills. :D
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Post by WhiteAce » 08 Jun 2009, 11:40

102 While you're taking a shower... you discover all kinds of scratshes, bruises and wounds on your body, but can't figure out where they came from :P

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Post by Crapgame » 08 Jun 2009, 11:42

65-”You find yourself constantly examining the scenery around you and thinking, 'Cadpat would be awesome here' “
but i would change it for m84 pattern :lol:

and havent we all been on a train overlooking the scenery thinking, Now thats a great place to make a sweeping advance, or those stones give perfect cover :P
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Post by freno » 08 Jun 2009, 12:41

100 times Check!!! :lol:
I could need some help here!!
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Post by [SoF] Lenny » 08 Jun 2009, 14:00

Panzergraf wrote:101 - You see yet another "You Know You're an Airsofter When..." thread, and realize you've read it all before, on several different airsoft forums. :P
+1 :lol:
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Post by waffelke » 08 Jun 2009, 15:02

ore starting to wear as an arab lol :? :D
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Post by Kartoon » 08 Jun 2009, 15:19

WhiteAce wrote:102 While you're taking a shower... you discover all kinds of scratshes, bruises and wounds on your body, but can't figure out where they came from :P
This would be the "You know you've been drinking too much last night when..." -list.
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Post by WhiteAce » 08 Jun 2009, 15:48

Kartoon wrote:
WhiteAce wrote:102 While you're taking a shower... you discover all kinds of scratshes, bruises and wounds on your body, but can't figure out where they came from :P
This would be the "You know you've been drinking too much last night when..." -list.
Well in my case that would be impssible since I don't drink :P

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Post by conger » 08 Jun 2009, 16:53

For me, this is the first time I've seen this thread subject :shock:

Very good .... but I guess if you're read it all before, you have choices :wink:

#18 ... I can testify to this ....

Guess I get out TOO much!

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Post by Geboren » 08 Jun 2009, 17:33

"You know you're an airsofter when you answer “Berget“ when your girlfriend ask you where do you wanna go for holidays"...

I'm starting to accumulate restaurants and flowers, because everyday I speek 7379379397 times about berget... :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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