Nato uniforms

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We came from Belgium to play at Berget 7!
Ok, it was our first game like that, but we'are playng between 20 years for the oldest of us and 15 years for the youngest...
We are playing with our national colors ( belgian para) for the down et and with british DPM for the coat like the ESR (Equipes Spéciales de Reconnaissances in the 80's).

For me, there are not possible confusion in the teams on the ground, we must look at the arm band and we shoot's easy!
Generaly, we are playing with out arm band and we must make care more that in Berget...

On the real ground, there are a lot of equipment and uniform... when your are figthing you se before shooting and in Berget it must be the same!

Berget is game with players from all the world...and it's good to have a lot of uniform and equipment, it's like real war!

Cdt Delta

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Post by Tech » 19 Feb 2010, 12:13

I just think the Blue helmets and berets NATO use arent the best thing for camoflage
not really my choice

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