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flags and patches

Post by Colin23451 » 23 Aug 2009, 12:07

Hey I see a lot of people flying/wearing American flags and/or symbols and I'm pretty sure they're not American. I think People can wear American uniforms but put on your own countries Flags/patches. Don't be afraid to represent your own country, I know America's the big rough and tough fighter that everyone wants to be but hey we have and need our allies so don't be afraid to represent who you really are. It's not that I think it's disrespectful or anything it's just confusing and maybe a tad annoying but this isn't a complaint more just a sugestion. You can get almost any flag and/or uinform off of eBay/online and sticky Velcro sold a lot of places if that was a problem. Now granted if you bought you uniform surplus and the flag was sown on thats not a problem but if it's velcro or there is no flag... You can also just wear your country's uniform but of course sometimes thy are not available by law or are similar or the same as American uniforms.

By the way for US customers (although they do ship international) If you want American gear, especially in weird sizes like tall (I need it) I HIGHLY recommend LA Police Gear, and BDU.com. They are usually pretty cheap if not the cheapest, and very reliable, but I would cross check eBay as well, sometimes you just happen to find a deal.

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Post by soljarka » 22 Sep 2009, 16:21

Most people wearing American uniform and insignia are US army simulators or reenactors, they wear it only during airsoft games or reenactment acts. Of course it is unaссeptable to wear military regalia of any Country (especially your own) in everyday life if you have not deserved it. It is lex non scripta for airsoft players in my country, just as for any normal man.

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Post by Murrdohk » 08 Oct 2009, 16:56

Ha...I made a remark about this in another thread. I asked several dozen people with American patches in they were American and finally gave up so I thought I was the only actual American that made it the game. :P
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