Renting a replica at B10

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Renting a replica at B10

Post by Trickz » 15 Feb 2012, 13:47

As the topic suggests, is there an option of renting a replica for B10?

I really don't feel like going through all the airport hassle as I did last year :D

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Post by OF06 » 16 Feb 2012, 12:59

My team (9 members) would also be interested about that option.


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Post by DutchWolf » 08 Mar 2012, 00:38

I don't think offer this as a standard service, but they did rent out my team some stuff when they misplaced our order last year. Best send BE an email I think.
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Post by Spof » 17 Apr 2012, 15:33

There is cheaper guns for sale in the Berget-shop and we will have a limited amount of spareguns for rental. BUT, you can not book them in advance and it will be smarter to buy a gun and sell it for half price at beer party or end of game.
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