Berget player needs help

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Post by Robin-Hood » 23 Oct 2012, 16:22

Done, I hope we can see the results.

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Post by Luc » 26 Oct 2012, 09:57

If guns kill people then
cars make people drive drunk
pencils misspell words
forks and spoons make people fat

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Post by Sgt._Shaw » 26 Oct 2012, 15:48

Also done.
Hope to see the conclusions.
+1 for that!
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Re: Berget player needs help

Post by cpb » 01 Nov 2012, 16:24

Hi Guys,

Firstly thanks to everyone who did the survey, it's a huge help

Sorry for the delay it's a lot of stuff to get through, here are some of the more interesting results

There is a nice split between people who do and don't wear masks
Yes 46%, No 26%, and Sometimes 28%

Interesting link between wearing a mask and receiving bad hits, firstly 2 thirds of people have received bad hits which is huge. The minority in the cross tab was people who don't wear a mask and never received a bad hit only 8 people said it. So if your don't wear a mask you will receive a bad hit unless your very very lucky.

Milsim players are much more likely not to wear a mask only 24% do as opposed to people who classify themselves as "airsoft players" in which case 60% wear a mask. Milsim players are the risk takers. I had a feeling about that myself because in normal airsoft games I wear a mask but not in Milsim.

Age is another factor in face protection here is a list of the age groups and percentages that wear masks. As people get older they are less likely to wear a mask except when the hit 40 it goes back up.
14-17 = 88%
18-24 = 46%
25-30 = 41%
31-40 = 33%
40 = 50 %

Clear winner of mask type worn was "half face mesh" with 32% then "none" with 23% and "cloth" with 11%

Eye protection worn wasn't even a fair fight "stand alone polycarbonate lenses" won by 60% the next closest was mesh with only 15%. People really like polycarbonate glasses.

Biggest factor by a land slide in peoples decision whether or not to wear a mask and the type worn was comfort. 38% of people who wear a mask said that was there deciding factor on type worn and 53% of people who don't wear a mask said it was there deciding factor not to wear.

Both people who do and don't wear a mask indicated that glasses fogging up, heat, and comfort where the biggest issues with face protection. Il try to fix theses problems for you.

Interesting point that came up was the damage people received, 9 people said they had tooth related injuries, 28 said they had cuts or blood drawn and 7 said welts where common. Bear in mind not everyone answered that question.

Hope everyone found it interesting I did.

Thanks for the help
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Re: Berget player needs help

Post by Saveli_M » 01 Nov 2012, 22:33

I hope we'll get an 5-point-powerpoint presentation of this :D
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Re: Berget player needs help

Post by Mrfoss » 03 Nov 2012, 23:01

Oh yes! Aced the test :P
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Post by hezi » 04 Nov 2012, 20:02

Filled the survay....
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