Free online 6mm Portugal magazine

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Free online 6mm Portugal magazine

Post by STUNTMAN » 15 May 2013, 23:05

The 6mm Portugal ® is a free monthly publication dedicated to the practice of Airsoft military simulation sport, using non-lethal replicas of real firearms, which aim to bring Airsoft practitioners together, through dissemination of information about the modality.
May be viewed, in english version, in


This magazine the swedish guys from Task force Valkyrie are the international team. ... ires/8.jpg ... ires/9.jpg ... res/10.jpg

We're going to make everything to make a good Berget coverage.

B5 - Allied Forces - Mech Brigd Echo Coy.
B6 - Nato Forces - Mech Brigd Foxtrot Coy
B7 - Nato Forces - Foxtrot Coy.
B8 - NAF 23rd - Foxtrot Coy
B9 - NAF 6th -Foxtrot Coy
B11 - GCT Taskforce SIDU - Foxtrot Coy

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