Airsoft Emergency - Help Serbia

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Airsoft Emergency - Help Serbia

Post by Scarface » 22 May 2014, 19:52

Considering the devastations caused by the floods in the western parts of the Balkans, we are starting a local Airsoft initiative: "Airsoft Emergency", with secret hope for it's scope to grow to international levels.

After a brief consultation, what we generally find most appropriate to do the following:
- Get in touch with leading Airsoft figures in Serbia who will point us to the specific needs of the ones who have suffered (already done)
- Spreading of information with as great a reach as possible, in order to inform European Airsfot communities
- to launch initiatives for collection of funds and materiel (volunteer work, money, purchase of supplies & commodities)

The easiest way would be to transfer funds to the Serbian embassy.
However, we have grown tired of watching charity campaigns go to waste so we demand that we do something of real!

The idea: The Europe Airsoft community, aided by the Serbian Airsoft community will deliver real help to people who really need it!

To do so, you can:
- contact representatives of the Serbian Airsoft community for cooperation
- spread information about this initiative among more people close to the airsoft communities
- inform other airsoft organizations that you know of about this initiative

For all questions and more details relating to this topic, contact me at:, or our friends in Serbia at:

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