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Team Forums

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 18:20
by Temnis
Ok soldiers, listen up. It is time to head over to your barracks-forum and start talking to teammates and officers. Your commanders have their main objectives, and maps are comming any day. This mean that relevant info are soon cooming your way.

You need to read all information and get things sorted on which Platoon/Coy/Unit you are playing in.

We have sent out an email with a password to the barracks forum to all Squadleaders, distrubute this to all players in your squad and tell them to join.

NOTE !!! If you are/was in the process of changing TEAM/SIDE and got the password to the opposite side, you need to tell us right away. We will be changing passwords several times before game start.

If you are a squadleader and DID NOT get the password, send an email to with topic "FORUM PASSWORD" and your ticket-ID as content.

You can find the team-forums here: .

2016-05-31 20:38:51 CET
I feel a little bit lost. I wrote several eMails to, but I didn't get any replies. Neither during the Ranger-Selection-Process, nor during the opening of the team forums.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: Team Forums

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 18:37
by L4gi