THOSE amazing Berget moments!

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 9
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 11 Jul 2011, 16:20

slankov wrote:
Redmenace_tv wrote:. We prosessed maybe 40-50 guys from the trucks, took their berget dollars to buy reloads and sent them on thier way as they had all declared off game in the interests of getting their dead vehicles back to base (understandable), couldn't really understand their logic unless they were lost? it meant the first mech were denied thier vehicles for the rest of the game.

We didn't all declare us off-game, some guy(not even sure if it was our command) said "okay, were off game, lets head back to base" and the second after that all of us were suddenly off game(?). The rest of us were quite confused at this point, so all of us had NOT declared us off-game. Many off us told you this
I'm sure i would have noticed if players wanted to stay on game? I don't recall anyone telling me so, but i would have been happy to put all 50 of you in prison for half an hour :)

I think the situation was confusing on both sides as players who had declared themselves off game were being quite vocal about the search rules. Anyway i hope no hard feelings, if such a situation happens next year please speak to your CO in the field as i liased with him and he told me he was putting all his guys off game so they wouldn't have to walk back to base.
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Post by Klings » 11 Jul 2011, 20:49

jaa jaa. I knew there was a risk bringing an ingame car. No problems, the attack where it hapened was verry memorable, a fun lesson to learn.
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Pizza guys!

Post by nora » 13 Jul 2011, 22:12

Rectunator wrote:Lets see... there were four for me. On thursday, two on friday and saturday.

The entire company of Zansians was ordered to the field. Intel informed us that our friends at NAF were taking it up the ass all over the place under that Poldavian attack and by the sounds of the artillery, they were right (I loved this element of the game, the distant rumble of artillery). We moved out between 12-13 and headed towards the Eastern Roadblock and the Dengadenga Plateau, our intention being to take and hold the area for the day, denying the routes to the Poldavians (in which we were quite succesful). We changed from our civvie-clothes into OD's in the woods near the plateau and prepared to assist the units already near the high ground. We scaled the steep hill without resistance and on top assisted the squads already there in mop up. After milling around the top for a few hour, watching and listening to the sounds of battle coming from below (Poldavians tried to rush through our thin green line mounted since we had no AT), we were ordered to move down and to the command post near the crossroads since we were under fire from the forest between the hill and the roadblock.

We moved down from the hill and ran behind our line as arty rumbled above us and bb's zipped into the woods as we dashed to our commanders. We were ordered to cross the road and flank the enemy in the woods, then to continue towards the roadblock and take out the bunker there. The clearing of the woods was cool, crossing the stream while rounds hit the water and wood around us and getting my first heal-notch as a medic. I got hit while we were taking the bunker twice so I had to respawn and by the time I got back we had already taken the place. The following hours were quiet and we simply held a perimeter around the bunker. We had some minor skirmishes with the Poldavians but nothing like the two mounted assaults against us earlier. Then we received word that 8 to 10 Poldavian trucks and technicals full of men were on their way towards us from the north. We were already streched thin with barely 40 to 50 men between the hill and the roadblock (others had different missions and were away) so a team of around 15 men was put together from men taken from our Juliet and Kilo squads plus from the Bravo squad that was with us at the bunker.

The enemy convoy struck us when our flanking force was still on the move towards their rear and a furious fight ensued. We charged through the woods, engaging enemies that had managed to dismount and move to the western side of the road. I ran from wounded to wounded, patching men up but eventually I found myself alone next to the road behind a large fallen tree, next to the rearmost vehicle in the convoy (from Waldos artillery unit, nice 155 boys). I dropped 4 to 5 men around the truck, taking cover behind the tree and crawling around. I finally decided that "f*ck it, I've had enough of this crawly hidey bullshit" and sprinted next to the truck, taking cover next to its tires so that the enemy wouldnt be able to shoot me from the other side under the car. I had a nice view along the rear part of the convoy and I let fly, emptying a couple of magazines to the sides and back of the Poldavians covering behind their vehicles. Some of them broke and tried to run to the eastern woods, but I got some of them to their backs. Easiest killing I've done during all the six years I've played this game. Finally someone hit my leg and I dropped down, wounded and bled to death. The Norwegians (I think) who I had dropped earlier were a nice bunch and I chit chatted with them for a while before putting on my best shit eating grin and walking through the entire convoy to our respawn.

It was raining and our team leaders were summoned to be briefed. HQ wanted volunteers for missions and all the others except our Juliet and Kilo squads (made up of men from our own airsoft team Koalitio) wanted to go to Janco. We on the other hand were tasked with infiltrating/assaulting/etc. the Poldavian main base and poisoning their drinking water to deny them their base respawn for three hours, thus helping again our beleguarded NAF friends. We were dumbstruck by this. We, 15 men, against the entire Poldavian base which might contain up to 700 enemies. And since it was raining it was possible that most of them would be there (since as we know, all foreigners fear wet forests). Well we started brainstorming and came up with a ingenious (then, ridiculous now) plan. We had two guys in Härnosand buying supplies so we told them to bring a couple of pizzas with them. We would load up our men into our van, put a couple of guys to the frot and inform the Poldavians (if we were stopped) that we were taking pizza to their base. And yes, this plan made sense after few hours of sleep and fatigue from the previous day. So we got the pizzas, got into the van, ditched our Firm patches and set off. First we approached from the north and got to the bridge checkpoint. We were stopped and our delivery boys dismounted, showing the guys the pizzas. They were envious of their bretheren in the base and let us go. Then we met a Poldavian technical head on and apparently they thought the checkpoint was wrong. They blew us up. With an AT-4... oh well, off to the main safe for respawn. We planned our insertion again and set off for the second attempt.

This time we came from the south and got as far as the southern gate without incident. There the guards were more suspicious. They sniffed the pizza but were curious about the back of the van and our driver couldnt persuade them otherwise. The man asking questions grabbed the handle of the side door and we knew that was that, now it was do or die. You should've seen his face when he opened the door a bit and saw the armed men inside. We pushed our barrels out over his shoulders and started firing at the others behind him while our point man knife killed him... except that he didnt take the hit. He kept holding the door so that we couldnt get out fast and when we did, he pulled out his pistol. Of our 15 men, only 2 survived the short battle. But the one holding the poison got it withing visual range of the enemy drinking water and that was enough. The remaining two fled to the woods on the other side of the road, waiting for backup. Our window of opportunity was getting smaller and smaller, since the mission had to be completed before 17.00. So again back to the main safe zone for planning and toasts. The toasts were delicious and we decided to --- SPAM !!! --- it and just assault the base from the woods. We knew where the poison can would be (if it had not been found). So we set off with a mere hour left.

We disembarked 200 meters before the gate and vanished into the woods, again approaching from the south. We rediscovered our squadmates and moved in for the kill. We eliminated the sentries on the road near the guardpost and charged across the road, fanning out into the bushes. I lost contact with all but two of my mates in this confusing dash in the thick bushes, but apparently they were all killed while causing confusion. I on the other hand made it within 10 meters from the toilets with the guy who got the poison there in the first place. It was the two uf us, we had no idea what had become of the rest of the squad, but we knew that we had less than 15mins to get the job done. Suddenly three others appeared behind us and we came up with a plan (again). The guy with the can would take the poison to the water as the other four charge forward and cause hell near the toilets. And so we did. Poison-guy stepped calmly forward, saying something along the lines of "Ulle, det var en jättebra pissa" with the corniest Swedish accent he could muster to buy time for himself while we charged forward, yelling like devils. I go to the toilets and started blasting indiscriminantly left and right while my comrades did the same. Three minutes before the deadline Latez (poisonguy) yelled that he had poisoned the water and so I yelled "irti" (pull back/disengage in Finnish) to signal a retreat. Well... it didnt go well. We were shot and left wounded while the Poldavians secured the area. They then healed us and dragged us to their base. The looks on their faces were priceless. We were taken to the edge of their camp and they searched our pockets while we told them that we were vengeful gypsiesn from the camp, taking revenge on them because of their raid on the camp. They kept telling us that an officer would interrogate us so Latez and I were thinking about trying to escape. Either we would die and take our info to the grave or survive and... well make it home. Poldavians had other plans. We were told to wait "in a neat line, 1m apart". I looked behind us and saw the dirt wall, then back at the line of 20-something Poldavians who were switching safeties off. "Well... there'll be no need for the attempt to escape". They hosed 4 of us down with pistol and rifle fire. I remained standing, they hadnt hit me. I found this amusing and as a final gesture of defience spread my arms and screamed at them "You fuckers didnt even hit me! COME ON AND HIT ME!". Well... they did. It was quite epic and one of those movie moments you so rarely encounter in this game. Afterwards we chatted for a while, congratulated each other for being so awesome and started thinking about getting back to main safe zone. The GM nearby (who had seen it all and verified the success of our mission) drove us back. Meanwhile at our base our squad was grief stricken; we had failed our mission (or so they though) and we had failed our allies. And then we, the 5 executed operatives arrived. Once inside our perimeter, I immediately yelled as loud as I could "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, HURRAH!". Now they were dumbstruck as was our HQ. We informed them that the mission was succesfully executed three minutes before the deadline. It was awesome.

The other epic moment was the Janco raid. The sight of 150 anonymous, almost identical Zansian soldiers charging into battle en masse while others watch in awe and then complete the mission and pull back mere minutes later was just... awesome. Simply put: it was awe inspiring.

The final epic moment was nothing as grand as the other three but heart warming none the less. We had again taken control of the are near the Eastern Roadblock and the Derpaderp Plateau, in full Zansian gear. We had engaged the Poldavian convoy and were fighting at the top of the plateau when we found the black box and were ordered to retreat along the road ASAP. The frantic, chaotic retreat was great, the feel of urgency when suddenly russians start pouring from the direction of the roadblock and threaten our flank or when they surprised us on the road and our leaders issued the order that all wounded men are to use their cyanide capsules to avoid slowing us down (first time in the entire game). And finally the victorious march "across the border" back to the "homeland" and safe zone. It was great and made me truly proud of my accomplishments in the game and of the accomplishments of the rest of the Zansians.
hello! i was there when you pizza guys came from the south to our camp!
i was helping at the checkpoint.. you guys offer me 1 of the most funny and original moment in all berget expirience! ( of course when i understund what was happening i was allredy die... but dosent matter! ;) i want to say thx to you and your idea! it was not just a funny plan .. that small and funny things make berget unique and original! and i came from italy to harnosand just to live moment like this! thx to every body.. and pizza pony! ;)
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Post by Wastel » 14 Jul 2011, 09:52

We (the Finns of UN, 5 people) were heading towards Poldavian base for getting some pictures. It was raining. Then, when we were very very near and able to see and hear the Poldavians in the base, we saw two(?) Poldavians coming down the hill. Waiting, waiting... Until they were so near that we had to fire. After that they shouted "No, no, Poldavians here!". We realized they didn't know us at all... So we just stayed behind the trees and rocks and one of us just shouted "Oh hello, yes yes, we go this way and you go that way!". There we were: fleeing alive, mission completed and those two guys probably swearing "the Poldavians who shoot own soldiers"... :D
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