Feedback logistics

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 9
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Feedback logistics

Post by Berget-events » 04 Jul 2011, 08:56

What did you think about the: water supply, toilets, garbage handeling, power generators, showers, tents etc.

Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:

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Post by kyosuke » 04 Jul 2011, 09:46

Water supply went well, ran out in poldovian base but didnt take many hours to get it back up.

toilets where all good, went out of paper on a few the last day and some of them where realy moving back and forth and not very safe.

the last 2 days the garbage piled really up alteast in the middle ones in poldiovian base with several black bags filled up to the max.

power was good

shower should have been 2 or something cause the line was really long in the mornings

tents where good.

the food wagon should sell smoke, cause a loooot of people wanted smokes and when it didnt have had to leave game to get some.

the area should be fittet with repeaters so that you can actually have contact with HQ more than on the top of the closest mountain.

food was excelent.

prices was excelent

just my 2 cents.
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Post by Waldo » 04 Jul 2011, 09:49

the water: great quality and quantity, but the containers should have been on a better position, where it could be easier to refill your canteens/camelbaks. Also some hard ground or some kind of wooden floor could be nice because there was only mud after a few hours.

Toilets: camping toilets as usual. Functional and stinking. One additional empty would have been nice.

Garbage handeling: no problem.

Generators: never used one

Showers: one more next time would be very nice

Tents: old and smelly likei expected. A stove inside would be nice to dry the cloth and to get warm in the colder nights.

The kiosk: great burgers. Iloved them, but the opening hours could be a little longer. The shop was always closed when i got up and NEEDED a toast or when i came back from mission and wanted a coke.

Edit: the radio situation was a real problem because in a lot of areas you where not able to contact the hq or even other units. This sucked a lot forme ascomms officer, when you needed sitreps of an area and couldnt reach anyone
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Post by A_Muller » 04 Jul 2011, 10:07

From the NAF base:

Water supply was excellent, up and running 24/7 and I always saw at least one person getting water.

I hate porta potties, and would have rather done it in the forest, but I didn't like risking taking one in my nuts doing so and thus they were really nice to have. Apparently they did get full pretty quick so I guess another emptying would have been nice.

We never saw any real garbage disposal except for one bag next to the kiosk, we did get rolls of plastic bags from the very nice and accomodating females in the kiosk to use ourselves though.

Since we had power from the HQ building everything went smooth and I never had to use a generator (never even saw if we had one).

2 out of 4 showers were out of comission, but since I barely saw any real line (real men don't shower, they bathe in the swamps ^^, ) I guess this was not a problem either.

The stove should have been supplied so that we could have gotten some things dry, tents got very damp very fast. And there was plenty of room for field beds if you would have allowed them, next time please do.

Food was excellent with great pricings. They ran out of burgers on the last day but I got two excellent toasts instead which worked just fine.

The platoon radios supplied should either have high-gain antennas or you should have repeaters set out due to the terrain, but preferably both. Getting in contact with NAF HQ was nearly impossible as soon as you passed the western roadblock.

The Kiosks could also sell BBs, Gas, Cigarettes, etc. But those are just commodities, everyone should be prepared really.
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Post by Trasher-HU » 04 Jul 2011, 11:11

- Water: good as usual,

- Tents: the new large green tents were excellent! Please get more of those and dump the old, moldy, leaky, unhealthy ones!

- Heated tent: every base should have a large tent ready with stove to dry essential gear (clothing)

- Toilets: getting better, should be replaced more frequently

- Garbage: never saw BE staff handling garbage, we brought our own garbage gabs,

- Kiosk: couldn't care less, they just ruin the game experience for me

- Power generators: never used them

- Showers: never used them

- Offzone services, shops: never used them

- Comms: texting/mobile was the only reliable form of long distance communication
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Post by Buffel » 04 Jul 2011, 11:26

From Poldavian side:

The water: Water and washing facilities were good. I was much impressed with the near constant resupply so never found lack of water. UNTIL THE SUNDAY. Waking up Sunday morning with a slightly heavy head, making my way to the water point to find all the water containers gone was a very nasty surprise. It meant we hurried our way off terrain and travelled to the airport at 9am instead of 3pm hoping for water and a breakfast there. Unfortunately the restaurant at the airport is closed all summer and it's an incredibly boring place to spend your day, but that's not your fault. Having a base without water on the departure morning is a big no-no in my opinion.

Toilets: No complaints, there were enough and to my surprise toilet paper never ran out except in 1 or 2 toilets. I have experienced otherwise at a lot of events.

Garbage handeling: Fine.

Generators: never used one

Showers: Somehow I missed there even were showers but we had brought our own field shower.

Tents: Didn't use

The kiosk: It was a shame they always opened after game start so we'd already be off on mission. Ditto on their closing early at night. That said, they were an unexpected and much appreciated extra for an easy 'warm fix' mid day if we'd be in base. Prices and food were fine.

Transport to/from beer party; With the beer party being a long way from Poldavian camp we walked there which was okay. However after having had a fair few drinks when I wanted to get home I asked whether there was any more transport to Poldavian camp. I was told there by Berget crew wasn't any more going. I didn't see any more Poldavians at that time (my fault, should have looked better, I missed my team mates on the balcony) so I decided to walk back the easy way, through the forest. With a slightly clouded brain I then figured a walk took too long so I ran most of the way - except the really slippery/rocky parts. (Mountaineers all the way, lol) This was not a very clever thing to do and could have gone quite bad, but fortunately I arrived completely intact at Poldavian camp. That silly ideas was entirely my own, even if I wasn't thinking too clearly at the time, so I'm not trying to pass that onto Berget. However if the party is that far from a faction's camp some more thought on the transport would be really appreciated.

Overall I found the logistics very well handled, and I was very impressed. I did have a severe sense of humour failure with the water supply on the departure day though.
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Post by alecu » 04 Jul 2011, 12:26

NAF BASE Parking: it was a very good ideea, to move the parking of personal cars, down the road. Being so far, we had people who would normally go off game for going to McDonalds, but now they stayed in the base, and help us out. Very Good Thing with the parking far.

Toillets: at a point you couldnt use it, but was taken care of

Showers: Great

Kiosk: Need to Have Smokes
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Post by Panzergraf » 04 Jul 2011, 12:31

Water supply - great. Never fully ran out of water. I had to resort to filling drinking water from the cleaning-tank once as the other ones were empty, but that's it. My team and I were able to stay hydrated throughout the game.

Toilets - no complaints. Whenever I visited them they had enough toilet paper and they weren't too messy or anything.

Waste disposal - no problems. We had several large plastic bags that we filled with garbage and disposed of next to the kiosk. We never felt like we had to throw stuff in the nature.

Generators - never used one, but our HQ tent seemed well supplied.

Showers - didn't use it and saved my filthy body for the hotel shower on saturday ;)

Tents - as Thrasher said, the large green ones were excellent. Get more of those next year!

Kiosk - no cheese for the hamburgers? Unforgiveable! Other than that it was OK. I had no real need to use it, but I did fall for the temptation to buy a burger now and then. And YES, junk food is milsim.

Beer Party - why was it at Janco? It would have been much better if it was down town.
I got drunk pretty fast and ended up joining with our German company to go down to Härnösand and get even more drunk though.
It would have been nice if the party was at walking-distance from the bars and pubs in town, like it was in Sollefteå last year.

Comms - they were FUBAR. Not much more to say there.
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Post by motorhead » 04 Jul 2011, 16:32

I enjoyed the base facilities this year. Most has been said already, so I'll concentrate on a major gripe from my side as S6/Com Officer at B7, B8 and B9. COM needs a SERIOUS workover if this game shall serve so many airsofters well through future games. To my surprise BE seem not to learn from previous games concerning COM logistics.

Berget -Events need to get a grip on more functional UHF repeaters.
If it hadn't been for a private person privately providing us with an 8m antenna, a 50w transceiver and power supply via a charged car battery we would been practically outta luck with COM at B9. Seriously - this can be handled far better.

B7: A repeater was promised for us at NATO HQ - then somebody "forgot" to refuel the fuel-driven power-supply for it - in effect rendering it useless. We ended up putting people up at mountaintops as relay stations etc.

B8: The repeater was occasionally up & going, but voice transmission quality was at best insufficient, the darn thing appeared to be sluggish, slow-working and steam-driven. More frustrating than of real use. Its sound quality was so bad that we gave up using it, since messages were mostly unreadable. Bad piece of kit of limited practical use.

B9: Same story as B8 - the darn repeater was more a hindrance than of real usage and would occasionally drop out "for some reason" - in effect forcing our field commanders to rely on their Puxing-888's and cell-phones.

Lessons learned so far:
Berget-Events-provided COM-repeater solutions don't work the whole 4-day game period, are set up too late (mostly they don't work until Day 2...), fail most of the time and cannot be trusted.

The explanation that reached us at HQ via Kris was something in the line of "BE relied on a hired, presumably functional solution like before from some external commercial source".

Presumption is the mother of all failures. So also in this case. I have no idea what crappy repeaters BE hired - but get rid of them and instead try something that works. If not for said person's private COM logistics, big antenna and transceiver this would have been an epic game-arranger failure. Consider the COM-repeater setup a big FUBAR, Berget-Events. This is substandard for a soon 10 year, experienced game concept.

Next year, consider something like this:

Some vital factors:

- The COM infrastructure must be handled, set up and most vitally - TESTED pre-game by Berget-Events on all relevant frequencies.
- Ingame com officers have absolutely no work time or resources to provide pre game in that respect. ( Unless they live in Sweden and have BE-crew as part of their personal networks etc. )

Edit: Most importantly - all HQ officers are only to be considered as facilitating radio operators - not organizer assets setting up the technical game COM infrastructure.

a) All rigging and testing of UHF repeaters should be done BEFORE game by responsible BE crew. The BE-provided repeater-solutions so far have been utterly unreliable with poor voice quality and mostly useless.

b) A frequency allocation list for all parties should be ready for the game commanders at least several days before game start.

c) The only things ingame officers can do is give the participating airsofters a list of frequencies, some radio procedures and give radios to different units. All technicalities like pre-checking operating repeaters, power supply, splitters and cable setup etc. MUST be dealt with by BE crew beforehand.
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Post by Saveli_M » 04 Jul 2011, 16:43

Water, toilets etc was just fine.

Generators: I had no idea where to find that, but I did not need it anyway.
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Post by Eldoriath » 04 Jul 2011, 18:52

(UN base)

water supply - Worked superbly.

toilets - Plenty avaible, the felt fresh and didn't become overly full AFAIK. Hygienik gel/Alco gel in every toilet though would have been nice. Only visited same two and one of them did have gel, the other didn't.

garbage handeling - Don't know, we put all our garbage in black sacks and they seemed to ended up outside the fence at the entrance and remained there. So, maybe some room for improvement.

power generators - I know we had one avaible to share with Janco city or something but Freno decided that we could use his at the base instead and keep the other up at Janco. So, what I can say is that Frenos generator worked well and seemed had a steady supply of gas.

showers - Never used.

tents - There were some smaller holes, but nothing bad.

berget food - Needs shaping up. A consistent place for delivery and a sort of chain of command for passing on the knowledge that food has arrived and someone to pick up food tickets.
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Post by Jin » 04 Jul 2011, 19:12

Poldavian Base

water supply - overall is good,but position of the cranes was bad,sometimes cant reach them with camelback.

toilets - good,but need to be change more offen cause they stinks bad:)

garbage handeling - Last day all garbage was piled up at the middle of the base...

power generators - need more splitters and sockets

showers - never used them

tents - old,with holes,new green one was great,need more of them
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Post by Lokke » 04 Jul 2011, 21:35

Mutch was great (I slept in a large green tent), so this is only grapes:

NO1!!!! Repeaters!! Make them work!! Hail to Motörhead. Do as he says!

No2: Tent assignment. Mark the tents with company. My company was spread all over the Poldovian base. Marking is simple to do, and costs nothing. Get more of those greens.

No3: LAIV/ roleplay front figures. I realy missed the Poldovian general from last Berget. I talked with Johan about it. Each side should have a strong LAIV "leader". As a front figure. HQ should as alvays be run by airsoft players. And no roleplay inside HQ tent.

No4: Beer party. Totaly tragic. I was ashamed.
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Post by alecu » 04 Jul 2011, 22:13

actually for the repeater to work it needs to get connected to a power supply.

in the night of Thursday i was guarding The Construction Site, and there i ve seen something that looked like an repeater, connected to a generator, that was not working. So for 3 hours i acted as the repeater.

OOO and by the way, thanks to poldavians who gave me and my squad the action we had, when at 2.45 am (now friday morning) we have engaged and clear the UN base.
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Post by foxone » 04 Jul 2011, 23:22

First day as Recon, i got lost totally, and lost all radio communications to everyone.
Useful for future bergets would be:
  • Repeaters

    Kind of an " emergency channel" if you need help from the Berget Crew.

    Assigned channels for every team. I got the channel for the 6th airborne by my commander, with the recon team we used another one, and 2 other ones were used by my platoon. Much switching here.
Everything else was good in my opinion :)
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