3rd Mountaineers AAR Berget 9

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 9
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3rd Mountaineers AAR Berget 9

Post by Tiger_1 » 11 Jul 2011, 14:53

First off, I would like to thank all the players that signed up for 3rd this year. Great to see a unit fill up fast, and have most players turn up for the game.
3rd started the game with 2 companys, and 6 inf platoons. pluss one recon element.

We had a overall mission plan worked out before the game started, and this was briefed to commanders at a meeting before game on. We then adapted this overall plan into the operations we conducted during the first night.
At game on we moved out with 1st coy and romeo elements first. with 2nd coy to trail. We moved south of spekstadberget and headed for the bunkercomplex and east roadblock. As we were leaving, a hole in the overall plan developed, no units had left anyone for base defence, and we had UN forces all over our base camp with nobody doing any thing about it. As our 6th platoon was the last unit in line, they were retasked for base defence, and drew the short end of the stick...
The rest of 3rd moved via east roadblock (allready being secured by elements of 5th inf) and despite some minor delaying actions pushed on to our main objetiv at Construction site. This was secured as it had a spawn, and gave us a good FOB to conduct missions from. The site was secured by 1st mec before our arrival, and we relived their elements (this was not bad planning, it was a mission given from berget, that mec should secure and foot units relive them in place). We had mission to secure all SP and TP at one time, and therefor sent 1st coy to secure west roadblock, 2 coy (minus one platoon) held construction site against small probes carried out mostly by UN and civilan elements. With some help from art, 1st coy secured west road block, and our mission was achived. At this time base safe time was comming up, and we fell back to the bunker area, for return to base. Some elements walked back, rest was picked up by mec running transport. As the last truck was getting ready, we got hit by a NAF element (French?) that took out most of the guys, including me after a well carried out attack. luckly the element was not very large, and after two of its men were taken out, they retreated. This gave us a chance to medic the guys and get out of there. Well done by the way, this gave us a lesson about keeping our eyes open even if you do think you are safe!
Second day we headed out using the same route, with 2nd coy in the lead. We deployed out to try and disruped NAF movment west of Janco. both companys combined at "travlers Loge" and after some small firefights in that area, moved out to attack west roadblock. This was secured, and it was then decided that we would move to attack the NAF base to try and locate the ammo depo they had. The attack was not the most succseesfull in Berget history, and NAF forces held their base. This action had most of the unit wiped out, incuding me, I was shot once, healed, shot again, and then someone droped a greanade on my head for good measures. Despite this, some NAF commander wanted me taken as a POW. As much as I would have enjoyed a cup of coffe with you guys, dead is dead ;)
By this time most of the elements were regrouping and respawing at Construction site. Transports for my unit was boooked and all major units from 3rd headed back to base. thursday was the big day for our recon elements. Operating OP's around the NAF base they reported all major movements NAF conducted, this helped us build our prioritys and gave advanced warrning for our base defence. I must say that my recon element (Romeo callsigns) gave a lot more then I hoped, and really did the jobs I asked. Thank you all for that!
Friday we moved out to operate in the area around Janco, but were retasked to conduct "op lockdown" on the NAF and UN base. This had us deploy 1st company to the area north west of the NAF base, setting up ambush and blocking pos on the road. 2 coy operated along the road north of the UN base/Janco. Here we did have a run in with the UN airstikes, and 2coy therefor lost most of one platoon at an early stage. The rest of the elements held the block until 1st coy joined us at the end of the mission (17:00 hours). We then moved out, planing to help retake East roadblock that had been taken by NAF forces. On the way we were retasked to helping secure and search the graves at Old forest Cemetry. 1st coy secured the cemetery, and along with Romeo elements defeated parts of 2 NAF platoons. 2coy (what was left of it) secured the bunker complex to seal off the area, and stop civilan or NAF mec units from gettin in. This unfortunatly did not happen, but it would have been fun if you had tried ;)
Elements returned to camp, planing for a early start saturday.
Saturday had us move out at 08:30, and 2nd coy secured constructionsite after a small fight with NAF elements holding it. We then waited to join up with 1st coy, and planed to hold the pos until 5th inf was ready for a joint assualt on Janco. Lead elements of 1st coy came into contact with UN elements outside Janco, and like many major battles in history, it pulled in more and more men despite being orderd not to start a major battle. By the time 5th inf units were in place, most of Janco had been secured by 1st coy, and some rather stupid insidents with the civilans took place. This was not our intention, or a mission given. All I can say is that sometimes soldiers get out of hand, even airsoft ones. We had before the movment started allready planed for a blocking pos along the powerlines running west of Janco, and elements of 2 coy was in place there as soon as Janco fell. This turned out to be right on time, as NAF forces with mec support moved into the area, and we had a very nice meeting engagment. By this time, I had also been given the mission by berget to blow up west road block, and started to work on this. We had a sharp fight around the powerlines, with large amounts of art/airstrikes being used. In the end, most of 1st coy ended up fighting the NAF forces, and elements of 2nd coy puched around to travelers loge and on to west road block (this had been secured by mec, but they did not have the special enginers to blow it). So we moved fast to get it destroyed before NAF recoverd. During the operation we had several firefights with NAF elements operating in the area, but the bunker was destroyed. By this time Berget gave us the mission to try and get the laser at Deagause platu. As most of my unit was by this time operating behind NAF lines, I orderd the elements of 1st that had managed to secure and reorg at Construction site to head for this mission. 2 coy elements moved to the area around Janco, to try and cut off/delay NAF elements from moving to Spekstad berget. We got involved with serveral firefights during this move, and for the last 20 min of the game I mostly ended up traiding fire with NAF forces, as there was litle left to give orders for. I had a close in firefight with some NAF and got shot again. And ended up dead on the southern outskirts of Janco. 1st coy elements did fight Zansian forces moving from the mountain, but did not succseed in stopping them.
During both Friday and saturday Romeo units conducted intel, recon and ambush missions and with their force caused a lot of havoc to the enemy.
Over all I am very happy with the game. But some improvements need to take place.

-A working coms system, repeaters must work if you have repeater channels!
-A dedicated HQ structure that oversees information excange between units.
-Water MUST be at ALL SP and TP pos from game on and until game off!
-I would like Milsim units to be based in their own bases, this will make holding milsim units moral and order in place. Last year I had MY camp, this year I was just a guy who was in a camp....I could not tell people from other units how and what to do....frustrating!
-A new game area would be nice ;)
-A meeting either on skype or face to face with Berget and ALL commanders before the game. This will help with friction that occures during the game!

I invite all pol 3rd officers to add on, or explain in more detail if I have forgotten anything. But please keep this thread on topic, and please refrain from any "We did better then you did" trash talk!

I would again like to thank all 3rd players, our fellow poldavian players, and our enemy for a great game.
A spesial thanks to all the officers that steped up to help me lead 3rd during the game. Hope to go into battle with you again in the future!
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Post by ron the slayer » 11 Jul 2011, 23:00

-I would like Milsim units to be based in their own bases, this will make holding milsim units moral and order in place. Last year I had MY camp, this year I was just a guy who was in a camp....I could not tell people from other units how and what to do....frustrating

this certainly has my aproval
berget 8 was better that way 8)
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Post by Spacebert » 12 Jul 2011, 15:01

Glad to have served with you again!
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Post by Rhyn0 » 12 Jul 2011, 19:30

+1 to milsim units having their own camp. It was kind of sad this year with only 2 points of interest east and west and 1 in the middle, it left the south of the map almost empty and it's a shame because it's such a nice place for airsofting, with all terran types.

Other than that, mountaineers did their job, not much more to be said about that.. We lived up to our motto.
See you guys next year!
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Post by Skif » 12 Jul 2011, 20:23

It was an honour to serve under your command. I was transfering orders from Zero Bravo to 1st platoon commanders. And made some mistakes. Hope next year I will be more effective.
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Post by Jin » 13 Jul 2011, 00:56

+1 to own camp to Mountaneers.

And once again,it was an honour to serve under you command Tiger!
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