NAF 3rd Rangers Bravo 5 AAR

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 9
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NAF 3rd Rangers Bravo 5 AAR

Post by A_Muller » 11 Jul 2011, 22:47

About 1 hour before game start we realized that our platoon was only 9 men strong (it was supposed to be 23 strong), fine, it had to do. We'd just pull longer hours, more walking, less sleep/food and drip more sweat, no biggie...
Since I was supposed to be acting as one of the squad leaders I was instead now a Plt. Commander.
It worked just fine.

Our first mission started (of course) at 2200 hours, we acted as the flanking guard for Alpha 1 in a search mission for the downed satellite; our intel put it next to the power lines somewhere close to the Janco respawn.
Being recon we chose the hard way of course, we swept through the forests from our HQ to the road splitting up to either Janco or the construction site where we swept into the dense woods in search for that damned trinklet.
Inter-squad comms was a big issue since no time was given before the briefing to establish decent comms.
We took our very sweet time, and was unaware that the entire Alpha element was re-tasked with reaction force assignments to the aggressive Poldavian assault against the Western Roadblock. So we joined up with Bravo 6 (The Philippine Heroes I like to call them) and did another sweep of the area when comms with HQ was rendered pretty much impossible. We came into visual contact with the Firm who showed no signs of noticing us. We relayed the contact to HQ who responded with "ok". Unsatisfied with not being tasked any new orders we decided to move in and follow the firm as I already suspected them of searching for this satellite as well, we broke off from Bravo 6 who went RTB AFAIK and went on a straight line, fast but silent up back through the extremely dense woods and the steep hills towards the small radio mast. My RTO spotted a contingent of 6-7 firm employees heading up the road from our right so I ordered my men to take up a defensive perimeter on both sides of the road, covering me while I halted the contact along with my RTO, we found out that they were tasked with searching for suicide bombers in the area, which I found fishy since they were heading directly for our base but HQ cleared them so we let them pass and went RTB. On our way up we passed our outer perimeter which had also taken several firm employees into custody. Soon after arriving back at the base we heard of additional heavy contact on the left flank of the western roadblock, so we reacted along with VSA (Viking One from Mechanized; thanks for the ride by the way fellas). In that contact we rolled back the poldavians, took prisoners and advanced upon a dug-in enemy who we later pushed back with determination before we went RTB with the very same mechanized element and let the grunts finish them off and tighten the holes in our perimeter.

Since we had base defense first thing the following morning we grabbed a few hours of sleep and later set up several OPs ranging all the way from the leftmost antenna/mast (the right one seen from the Poldavian base) to the western roadblock. We found the roadblock in our hands but with no one guarding it, so I took two guys and set up position awaiting the mechanized element that was coming down and would relieve us.

After having been relieved by Alpha 3 (Ranger unit) for base defense we headed back to base and stocked up on more water. We found out that during our few hours of sleep before guard rotation the ranger elements had kept on sweeping the area around Janco for the satellite but were unable to find it.
This was indeed frustrating (solid intel turning up to be false is never fun :P )
Never the less we were tasked with a nice flanking attack on the Poldavian base alongside with Alpha One. 1st Mechanized were our transport (due to off-game area movement) but we were mis-dropped by the main road leading up to POL HQ. We had no choice but to scout on ahead of the NAF strike force and encountered the ZBO for the first time, they had our left flank but as soon as we hit contact they were gone like ghosts and both my pointman and my medic was hit in the ditch, my men and I headed up into the very steep wooden area on the right side of the road and were engaged by numerous Poldavians that I assume were alarmed by our mech rolling in. We took heavy casualties (were killed down the the last man, which was me), but we gave the poldavian response teams one helluva fight. My guys took down at least 25 poldavians before we 7 were killed, outnumbered and out of ammo. Luckily they did not even try to capture me (I had forgotten to hide some intel) and we bled out and headed back to base.

We were now tasked with another recon mission, to get eyes on the construction site, engage in an OP and if discovered engage in guerrilla warfare until our re-enforcements would arrive. We pulled a VERY wide flanking action on the construction site, we were even spotted (after a long time) by Poldavian infantry moving about around the construction site, but we had managed to break their challenge code and thus fooled them, we then snuck in from behind and captured the point. A bit later Bravo 4 joined up with us as well as a contingent of Bravo 6, we took contact with 6-9 Poldavians (prob. the ones we fooled earlier) and took out some guys when all of the sudden the entire woods around us lit up with heavy gunfire and screams. We were just about to be outmaneuvered when I moved to our very right flank covering an entire pass when I saw that the incoming were our reinforcements who were unaware that we were still in the immediate AO.
(Those few poldavians really did cause the biggest blue on blue incident I've EVER witnessed, CONGRATS guys)
We joined up with them, all wounded respawned about 10 mins later and Bravo 4 and 6 were left with the task of holding construction site while we joined up with the large force of 80ish Airborne troopers on their way to the old graveyard for a mission. I joined with them since we couldn't establish comms with HQ and pulling recon and a forward navigation/ point element for such a large force is something we do best. I navigated purely on landmarks over the coffee plantation, through dense woods, between swamps (where an airborne scout handed us intel on the downed satellite) and across steep hills (I was SO relieved that my navigation skills are still in good shape when I saw those crosses that marked the graveyard).

My squad then joined up with Dingo 1 consisting of the Swedish team, The Diggers, and we both acted as the scout element. When we arrived at the graveyard we scouted it out, leaving the large force behind. And we assaulted the graveyard from the flank to draw fire (I heard lots of whispering Russian on the radio and we had no Russians operating in that area) while the rest of the airborne assaulted down the main road. Sadly we encountered no one on the way.

We then managed to complete an objective by the downed helo and then proceeded to kick Poldavian butt and taking the Eastern Roadblock as well as pushing off all resistance in the area.
And while we had an extremely long wait for airlifts out of the AO (which was promised) we were all baffled when a in-game poldavian truck came driving through the crossroads, and before we realized that the orange flag really was red our AT gunner didn't have time to take it out with the AT-4. We then proceeded back to base on foot and got picked up on the off-game road by Berget crew (well, our misdirected airlifts) after we also met up with some lone recon elements).

When we were finally back in base one of the new guys (his first time playing airsoft) was so exhausted that he was starting to show signs of getting ill. Thus we were down 2 men after one had to take off early and he was recovering.
After a few hours of well-deserved sleep we went on a recon patrol for a search mission for (once more) the downed satellite, but this time around the gypsy camp. This mission also doubled as a combat patrol and we took a very deep left flank, using the roads past the western roadblock then out by the power lines and backtracking into the wooden area over hills towards the camp. We encountered some friendly firm employees, evaded lots of poldavian infantry operating in the area. And finally had a visual on the gypsy camp but were accidentally spotted by poldavians (I still do think that I saw red armbands, but they could also have been ZBO. On a flanking mission we hit a very long and well-dug in defense line so we pulled back, reported our contact and returned to base, all while keeping our eyes out for the satellite as well as hearing a very large number of loud voices closing in behind us, we dashed back to HQ for some rest. My guys had some time to eat but my shower was cut off (of course) by ANOTHER Poldavian attack (the previous night our rest was cut short due to us having to slow down a 150+ Poldavian force attacking our sectors) on our base, so I went out of the shower with only my boxers (and glasses) on, with my Betty (shotgun), I took a SAW gunner out, searched the poor fella who must've been humiliated that a naked NAF soldier put a cap in his ass, and then he wanted to go off game but had lost his death rag so I escorted him to his dead team-mates so he could get a ride back to base and get a new death rag. I never got to finish my shower but had some food instead.

After this my men were beat up, the 7 of us had done what was expected of 23, and 3 were first timers so I let them have some rest while my medic and I joined forces, once again, with VSA (Viking One) for a hush-hush mission in Janco. We also brought Bill from Bravo 4. We arrived at Janco just when an extremely heavy attack was underway from the poldavians. We teamed up with some airborne as well as all of the UN forces, pushed back the Poldavian scum, and then a presumed gas attack hit Janco (alas it was only a smoke screen), and in stormed the ZBO and took someone with them. We were then attacked by a flanking POL force which some UN or NAF airstrikes made quick shish kebab of. [The nature of the hush-hush mission will stay classified].

Once we were back in base we fended off another two big POL attacks on our base, taking some casualties but delivering loads of death to the Poldavian scum.

After that we pulled several fast response/reaction force missions to reinforce when our perimeter was attacked.
And later that night we had the graveyard shift, so I brought my stone cold uneaten pizza with me and my team set up very well hidden OPs under cover of the fog. I got to enjoy some real food for once and we observed any and all Poldavian movements in the area. All of Bravo 6 and Alpha 4 joined up with us as well, spreading out our perimeter range and establishing several lines of defense. Sadly the poldavians only seemed interested in hitting Janco that night though, excellent work had now been done by my men and we headed back to base when Game-off was called for the last night.

The next morning we were again 8 people ready for recon when the poldavians rolled up with 2 full trucks, my team flanked and took them all out, we got 15+ prisoners and lots of money and intel. We then set up a very heavy ambush but the said convoy sadly never came and we were now on the move for our last mission; We pulled a joint ranger assault towards the construction site. My unit set up a hit-and-run flanking maneuver to lure in large elements of poldavians into our gun-line. Sadly we got stuck under the power lines, there was an incident and my time to leave the game was now anyway (had to leave early due to losing my ride so I could catch another to Sundsvall and head home by train instead). I left command over my unit to Parresurre1, who then reinforced the airborne and pushed back the same poldavians (and many more) that had engaged and taken us out just 30 mins earlier. When I passed ALL of our troops heading towards the Western roadblock to engage the dug in Poldavians at Janco and the construction site I thought my action was over. Bu oh how wrong I was, when I came up towards our HQ's flank I saw 3 trucks loaded with Poldavians raid a now empty camp (glad you guys finally got to enter it, nice to know it took us having to empty the base of troops for you to succeed though). I suck up close and managed to take out both truck gunners, and at least 1.5 trucks of poldavians due to a complete unguarded flank. One guy saw me and I pinned him, then quickly flanked right, managed to kill some more poldavians before a stray round penetrated a heavy fortification and drilled me in the cheek. My last kill for Berget 9 had been a very satisfying one and I was taken out for the last time. After this I proceeded back to base, went off-game, packed all my stuff, took a shower, changed clothes and went home with Bill (the American). It turned out that we have loads of common friends back in the states so we had a blast getting to know each other, sharing stories and such.

I had a great time, with very few actual firefights, and apart from the last engagement which was pure luck for me, very few shots fired I'm very satisfied with my men, and myself along with everyone else we operated with deep behind enemy lines on scouting missions. We had fun observing poldavian and being generally sneaky secret squirrels that aided in sabotaging a great deal for the Poldavian war machine.

Thanks everyone for an excellent game. Any and all discussions regarding cheating, bad manners, etc. can be left away from this thread; we have plenty of that in other places already.

I want to thank every single one I served with in the 3rd NAF Ranger Btn. as well as my fellow Dingo element players and the VSA boys I got to roll with.
It was an honor, a privilege, and a great deal of fun. Things does need to be improved for next year, but I'll be back once more to kick the poldavians once more along with you.

Alex Müller,
Bravo 5 Platoon Commander, 3rd NAF Rangers signing off.

Rangers lead the way!
B5: RTO, NATO Rangers
B9: Platoon Leader, NAF Rangers, Bravo 5

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