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Civie review

Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 00:11
by NightSarge

It seems like the forces of all sides had lots amount of fun, the situation for the civilian players was FUBAR, to be gentle.

We had no structure, no missions, no leader (although there were applications for it), on the beginning we didn´t even had a campsite. There was no reply from BE on our questions and suggestions. We were left hanging in the air and almost felt unwanted this year. With 15 out of 30 civilians beiing Psyops, there wasn´t much sense in it. I am not whining, i am just counting up facts. A little note on the civie forum like "We are too busy, organise yourself. Be prepared for total war and not a thing like Janco", would have been enough. But there was nothing. I think BE was overstretched this year. With this big birthday game, MGLs and all this stuff the crew was busy over their heads, inevitiably something had to fall short.
In this case the whole civie part. Which is really bad because its this addition that makes an Berget so interesting and unique. A thing that some NAF guys (especially Rubber Duckie and Oneill :D ) and i enjoyed very much. But on the other side, the remaining few civies were just to few to make an impact in any way. We tried to get Janco with full civilian force, but were met by several Poldavian units there several times so fighting was also useless.
At least GMHQ was open to suggestions when we created missions for ourselves.
I think B9 was a very good point where the number of players, the plots and planning and the support from BE were combined in the best form.
Bo not get bigger and huger just because of the possibilties, against the risks. Do not overstretch BE.


Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 12:55
by shaggrath
As usual, I totally agree with you Sarge.

We must say a BIG THANKS to Freno, O'neill, Roderick, Sarge, The Polish Space Marines (hope you have finally join the space with the poldavian forces), the Rasta/Spy (Arcteryx power), this "Scary Irish officer" who nearly killed us on Friday night, and all those who LARP with us.

Without you, our participation would be useless and bullsh...t.

I want to say that this year Berget Event did not worth the time and money we spent. We fell robbed.
Don't ask for civilian if you don't wan't them. No tent (just lying on the floor saying "do it by yourself if you want"), no structure, no sink, no toilets (thanks for ladies!) and we had to cry to have water!!!
What was the meaning to pay 108€ then!!!!????
Do you consider civilian as "non worthing players"? Do you think you don't have to consider us? ...

We were wrong. We thought that Berget was different than a casual "Sunday Game" because there were LARP and a real story. According to those I speak about the game this year, last year (B9) was like a movie, this year is like the video game Battlefield ... no interest for real civilians.

(The lost french walking couple)

Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 16:06
by Rubber Duckie
hello i think i was the scary irish officer you were talking to :oops: sorry :wink: .
As for the total lack of support, story, assistance and well to be honest lack of everything as far as i could see that berget provided the civilian faction was a discrace. I did my best to roleplay with the civilian population as best as i could in an attempt to make the event at least somewhat less ot a total washout for them. I would like to personaly thank all the civilian faction for the effort they put in. My best memory is the hungry poldovian refugee that asked for a full roleplaying experience and then during his search decided to bite a big scary finnish mp in the ass :), sir well done. I hope you liked my dinner lol.

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 12:44
by prime
The civilians got the raw end of the deal this year no doubt about it.
The camp was shitty at best and the only berget provided tent had to be put up after the pree beer party by three guys slightly drunk and with no prior knowledge about how to do it.
No toilets, and no power. We had to use NAF base as a resupply to charge batteries and phones. and this had to be done offgame.
For 2 factions such as NAF and POL fighting over the same country to threat theyr own civilians they way these people did is insane to say the least.
And for berget to completely ignore this part of the story is even worse.
About 25 % off all fighting forces in this game should be facing charges of war crimes after this game.

The NAF where completely paranoid because of psyops. But in stead of interacting whit civilians hoping to weed out agents they just completly boxed civilians out.

Zansian shot civilians with guns on site. and some times just for fun.
(Its a airsoftgame so yes they will have guns. and everyone in the different armys where cold blooded killers so yes they need to protect themselves)

Poldavians had theyr agents and tried to work with civs sometimes (or so they said) But the civ camp was located in the NAF backyard. Also there where a lot of executions from theyr side.

Berget crew gave no missions, where never in the civilian camp and never made a real effort to push the game or other factions towards helping civilians and or LARP players.

Being PSYOPS there was little chance tp play that part towards NAF and if not for a few civilian players my undercover time would have been a bust.

Next year there should be more power in civilian hands.
Maybe a civilian goverment above military power with theyr own police force?
And if the military sides wish to overrun them they will have to stage a coup.
Or even just a negative consecvense for military sides fucking with civs.
Like no spawn in TP and SP or no airstrikes.

All i know is i will not play civilian or undercover next year unless there are promises from berget of a better experience for these players

Prime. Supreeme commander of Polish Space Marines

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 13:44
by M.Koho
Zansians were instructed to shoot every armed civilian, because they were Poldavian citizens and possibly disguised PSY-OPS.

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 14:24
by MrMedic
I spent the better part of a day talking to civvies and giving away treats trying to gain their trust in order weed out the Psyops operatives. I was ordered to do so by my platoon commander, "Operation hearts and Minds" he called it.

Utter waste of time and chocolate.

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 14:31
by Ouveni
Yes. As a Zansian myself, I'm sorry it had to go like that. But the shooting right after game start was the only one I witnessed. The orders were clear: armed civilians are enemies.

But to everyone who has complained about too few civilian players this year, just remember what happened last year. Pollies shot every civilian in Janco and burned down the village. It was part of the storyline, that not many civilians were around, and that they didn't live in Janco (at least at the beginning).

Still, no excuse for BE to treat any party like that..

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 22:00
by Mrfoss
I tried to be as nice as possible to the civs this year, but it was hard to ignore the fact that we had a secret password to all Psyops(so in casual conversation we would find out who was not psyops) and the rest of the civies where sleeping in the NAF base and did a poor job of hiding there allegiance early on. Never the less i made sure not to kill civies on site and let them play out there game. I hope berget will make it more shades of pale next time so i can enjoy the aspect of not knowing. Make sure both sides have interests in keeping the civs alive so no one fraction just shoots on sight, and to all players give civs the benefit of LARP'ing don’t just play it safe and kill them!

Must say im glad i did let the cives play their game, had some great moments with the civies specially the zansians that came to janco late Thursday or Friday. Epic pineapple hand grenade btw. I came to janco after some attacks on NAF base that night to find some of my friends and teammates screaming for medic. There were some finish civs up against a wall and a very happy dead civ. Me and my friend did the interrogation of the Civilians and learn of this intricate story of diamonds and diamond mines. So I did the good cop, my friend did the bad cop routine. Felt you played your cards very good and never slipped up. So we moved you to base, feeling that you had convinced my character.
Offgame i still knew who you where. Reason one was that there was simply no civs that were not belonging to one of the sides(hope this improves next time). Reason two there where BB marks in many of your faces, also from the two berges i have been fighting zansian most of the time so i actually recognized some of the faces from in game fighting. A bit disappointed to find out the diamonds where a bust, because we never gave them to high command :P My team was planning on deserting the pol army and going on a permanent holiday.

Please send me PM if you where part of that janco stunt specially the two long lost brothers. I was the one with the 40mm handgun and the no one is dying tonight attitude.

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 23:04
by Shorty85
I was with mrFoss at Janco. This was my only LARP moment in the game, a real pitty because i really enjoyed it. Hope there will be more LARPing in B11 :D

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 00:07
by Narcalive
Mrfoss wrote:A bit disappointed to find out the diamonds where a bust, because we never gave them to high command :P My team was planning on deserting the pol army and going on a permanent holiday.
Oh god.... a miniature inside war within poldavian troops over a couple of funny coloured rocks. That would have rocked my world! (Pun intended!) :D

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 00:15
by Crapgame
i got blow up by a civilian sucicide bomber :lol: and after that we where told to threaten or shoot any civilians not answering correct to our challenge.

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 06:33
by Ouveni
I've got to say, that if our "bb marks" on faces was one of the reasons, I feel really really ashamed. I had a clearly visible mark on my left cheek, which was often mistaken for a bb - wound, but really it wasn't. We just had a great time getting to sweden, and some memorable moments on a ferry, did leave a mark on me :)

Btw, brother Peter, it's me.

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 09:28
by Mrfoss
He he, well its regardless offgame information glad I did not act on it then :) Was a good story and encounter so glad you did it. Had no idea that your goal was to get shipped back to base so you got me good on that one.

My teams pickup should be renamed Zansian transporter we have shipped many zansians captured to base this year :)

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 09:33
by JKangas
I saw you guys coming to the abandoned village during our attack on Friday and opened fire. I knew that there were covert operatives in the area but your location did not match our intel, plus you were carrying guns so our standing orders were to shoot on sight. Plus, had you been POL-friendly, you would have been able to push at our exposed flank which was going to leak anyway soon.

So sorry for firing at you; I had strong doubts when pulling the trigger :) My performance was not stellar though, I think we only wounded one of you....

Posted: 04 Jul 2012, 11:14
by elanaiba
The first days we (Poldavian Force Recon Squad 2) treated civilians well but wary and they responded the same.

But on Friday it was pretty clear we were meeting armed civilians that were either scouting or plainly coming to attack suspected Pol forces. At that point we got intel from our Psy Ops (Rasta Spy) that Zansians are allowed to change into Civ outfits / armbands.