1 queastion to NAF commanders

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 10
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Post by Tormax » 03 Jul 2012, 17:12

Mr Black he wasnt in NAF Mech

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Post by gerrout » 06 Jul 2012, 01:09

Did the rules change from previous games? I seem to remember you used to be abe to take out the vehicle's driver with a burst of fire to the drivers window.

That said, I saw a lot of the 'opening the window a tiny crack and shooting out' -- 2 enemy trucks spent 5 minutes sitting in the open in the village doing this during friday -- nobody had BAVS so nothing could be done.

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Post by Maggie » 06 Jul 2012, 02:12

its been said several times: yes, rules for taking out vehicles changed. they all go as light armored now.
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Re: 1 queastion to NAF commanders

Post by jayod30 » 06 Jul 2012, 04:58

Tormax wrote:i would like to know wich NAF commader, it was that told players,
that 5 mags from a regular rifle would take out a in game car,
if you dont want to come out here and tell everone you didnt read the rules, you can allways pm me

this have lead to unnesesery shooting at cars, resulting in damage that didnt have to occur.

yes i know its a risk to bring cars into game but at 1 point we found over 1k bb´s inside the car.
but thats not the point here.

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Was this the same vehicle that drove through a road block from the infantry side of the base only to come under heavy fire from defending troops?
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Post by Landell » 06 Jul 2012, 08:24

Don´t you read the rules before going to a event like this?

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Post by Robin-Hood » 07 Jul 2012, 14:36

Common sense should dictate that this is BS. Seriously? Just think about it for a second? How on gods earth is the driver supposed to know they've been hit by 5 mags and their vehicle is down.

No, if you want to kill a vehicle shoot it with the BAVS. Done.

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Post by Furey » 09 Jul 2012, 23:24

Its extremely to tell if a vehicle is armoured, has a turret, has rolled down its windows etc. in the middle of a battle, behind trees and when it might be shooting back. Mostly I didn't see what sort of target I was engaging till after we killed it so often kept putting supressive bursts in its direction.
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