The logistics

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 10

How did, tents, toilets, water and showers work this year.

Good, better than last year.
Good, but worse than last year.
It did not work good.
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Post by EnermaX » 03 Jul 2012, 15:52

Tents where ok (think I got a new one).
Water was good.
Toilets... yea, could been better, could been worse.
Some people said there was warm water in the showers?! I only had cold, so improvements are possible (bigger warm water storage or something, dunno how u do it)

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Post by Dre@mz » 03 Jul 2012, 17:53


Answering as a Poldavian Sapper!

Tents were really good since we had the nice and new big tents. They were placed in some bad ground and, given the means used to refill water and wood, during the event, I think that something should have been done prior to setting up the tents. It was difficult to get proper rest, still it's a big improvement since past years.

Toilets were enough but they need to be cleaned more and better. There are chemicals to ease the necessity of cleaning, and they also provide deodorizer and bacteria killing service. Toilet paper was always in place and the alcohol gel was a nice thing!

As already stated water was assumed to be drinking water... it was always on and no one got sick because of it so yes, it was good!

Showers... didn't see any... I think someone told us to talk to the Italians...

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Post by Brujo » 03 Jul 2012, 18:13

Will give +1 to Panzerfaust on all and add:

Superb new thing was having a briefing tent for units to use without disturbing the C&C at work. Keep this at any cost!

I visited toilets in the morning-ish (10 or 11am)... and dropped the first basketball team in it each time. Must have been lucky I guess.

Water was changed regularly and was available during peak-times. Please keep this standard in the future!
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Post by JudgementDay » 03 Jul 2012, 20:21

Brujo wrote:Superb new thing was having a briefing tent for units to use without disturbing the C&C at work. Keep this at any cost!

Now while we are on the topic of logistics, it would probably be nice to have all parties start on roughly even terms... NAF seemed to get the showers that no one else had, Poldavians apparently had better (and more) tents, plus more trustees assigned, and the civilians just got the short end of the stick on just about everything...

Not accounting for commander/leader election (Poldavians, Civilians) or adequate information/briefing for command personnel (... anyone?)...
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Post by Crapgame » 04 Jul 2012, 00:06

TENTS: brought our own one, seems like it was a good idea. briefing tent was a great idea!

WATER: excellent! there where always fresh water in Pol. Base. but a drainage from the sink to the ditch would have been good so the road could have stayed dry

SHOWERS: where? What? never saw them…

TOILETS: Please empty them more and please make signs that you should not pee in the, so nasty when u want to take a shit and there is only pee in the toilet…..and come on players…where is your aim? shit on the toilet seat? i mean COME ON!

KIOSK: Great service, good staff, out of stuff by the last day when it was most needed.
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Post by Karko » 04 Jul 2012, 00:22

Tents: Our team brought our own tents, and they were fine with a heater in them. :) I heard so bad about the Berget tents so we brought our own this year just like we did last year also.

Water: Closest water point was in the NAF base, not too far way, no problems with it, endless supply, no much waiting needed.

Showers: Didin't need it, didint see it. Only after the game was over I heard there was a cold shower available in NAF base but I didint bother finding a cold shower so most of us waited till we would get to the boat in Stockholm to have a nice good shower. Especially since the swimming hall was closed due to a private event or something, unlike last year we went there after the game.

Toilets: Not a pleasant visit in them, I would have preferred to build a "forest toilet" by digging a hole in the forest and setting up 2 wooden pilars and one wood on top of them as a seat. Last year the toilets were fine as the Zansian base was next to the offgame and the offgame toilets were way much better than the mobile toilets in NAF base.

Kiosk: Did it's job, no problem. I might recall wrong but was the price on toast raised from last year?
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Post by JKangas » 04 Jul 2012, 09:54

"Everything went better than expected" :)

I was partly prepared for a base in the middle of nowhere with only water supplies. So having NAF base next to us, with toilets regularly hosed down with chlorine and oftentimes having TP, was a surprise, as was having hand soap available. (People please: if you think that the toilet seat is dirty, wipe it down with hand sanitizer and paper instead of standing/squatting on the seat itself. Boot prints next to the seat, WTF?)

Heard that there was a cold shower with gravel on the floor, decided to use baby wipes instead.

ZAN base location was fairly nice with the water runoff sinking mostly into mossy ground, NAF and POL bases did not look as nice.

No comment on tents, we had our own. Large tents in NAF base looked ok, although I do not know if they held water, or if they could be erected tight enough on the hard-packed ground (in B8 our tents disintegrated as the soil turned to mud). Would not mind sleeping in one, more room to move compared to older swedish tents.
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Post by Pete » 04 Jul 2012, 16:28

I gathered experience from two BE supplied tents in the Zansian camp, both were quite alright. Even with the heavy rain the canvas kept water outside. This was due to the excellent work by the guys who put the tent upright during Tuesday. We had only minor leaks from surface runoff inside the tents. Heater was something that would have made the tents perfect, but even now the conditions were more than adequate.
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Post by jdoe » 04 Jul 2012, 16:32

None of the poll answers really fit, so I decided to write them out;

Water - better than before, best so far. But it was obvious, coming from water main to the NAF base. There were enough output valves, never had to wait to fill my bottle or wash my mess kit.

Tents - we came to the game without one. We were supposed to get a tent from 3rd party, to the site, but unfortunately there were some hickups. We managed to aqcuire a BE tent, which was a metal framed Swedish Command tent, and it was awesome. It missed some parts, like pegs, ropes, smokepipe (center column), top crown and stove. We had to adjust some of the parts and use spare parts from other tents to make it work, but it turned out more than ok. Kept water out, kept form, excellent alltogether.

Transportation - our own 2 feet. Worked ;) Also had our own vehicles, and the drivers deserve a big hand for their hard work.

Food - never got to try the BE provided food or the kiosk food. We were supposed to have 1 meal / officer by pre-game consent, but had to ask for it and got it for Friday, but I don't think any of our officers managed to actually eat it, because we were on the field the whole day. Didn't suffer from hunger though, had our own rations. Oh and a big thank you for the BE Crew guys fixing the meals for us. I hope someone got to enjoy them ;)

About the tent issue; I think everyone should be able to bring and fix their own accomodation, as long as it is fitting to the military theme. The BE tents have seen too much action and users, so they are not mostly up to standards anymore. Without the stoves, it is impossible to keep them dry when water starts pouring in, and most packs are missing essential parts / are not fitting out of the box. Digging trenches is a good idea, but it doesn't help if ground is even, like in NAF and POL bases, and to make them work needs A LOT of work and organizing.
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Post by Waldo » 04 Jul 2012, 17:10

Water: Good supply, good quality, can't complain. The Tap solution way better that the tanks on the muddy hill last year.

Toilets: Should have been emptied more often, little bit more toilet paper (had my own though), train people to use it properly (Guys...just sit down if you have to shit. If you realy have to use the shitters for peeing, just take your aim and don't hose down the all the toilet)

Showers: We Poldavians really needed one... :P

Kiosk: Can't complain there. Berget-Burgers were awesome as allways

Tents: The new tents were way better than the old ones, but it would be the best, if they would have been put up the right way. the tent pegs were pushed in straight at some parts, so that the lines sliped when wind came up. One side of our tent collapsed every night. Maybe get ovens for all the tents.

Suggestion for next year: get a "Shuttle-service" a Berget-Van that drives from the bases to the safezone and back once or twice a day. A lot of guys would thank you a lot :wink:
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Post by jdoe » 04 Jul 2012, 17:57

Brujo wrote: Superb new thing was having a briefing tent for units to use without disturbing the C&C at work. Keep this at any cost!
Hehe, Brujo my friend, you should see the infrastructure Zansians / Finnish contingent has for their command elements each year xD Maybe an open invitation for B11? ;)

Nevertheless, we managed. But I have to say, when we visited the NAF C&C building, I felt really envious...
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Post by TerrenceAnth » 04 Jul 2012, 19:17

Only complaint i have is that i woke up in a river on the Saturday morning it was crazy! We dug a trench around out tent and put logs and stones and stuff down around it to make sure it wouldnt blow away.

Next year ill ether be taking my own military tent or a small digger to dig a moat around out tent!
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Post by Dexmann » 05 Jul 2012, 07:54

I just dont get it that people come to a game that is close-to military-excercise and complain about not having showers? WHAT!

Having babywipes, clean extra underwear and socks do the trick ;)
Clean socks and underwear for everyday. 15 years ago in finnish military exercise, we were at field for 16 days, with only on extra pair of socks and underwear - that felt something terrible, this trip was a picnik, though my feet got busted.

But shower felt like heaven after that one :)
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Post by wormbyte » 05 Jul 2012, 08:53

Totally with yu on that one.

I confess that I did have a shower in the NAF base, but that was oonly because arse was chaffing and it needed to get it under control. :oops:
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Post by OF06 » 05 Jul 2012, 11:54

Our tent was horrible. Need to live it at 3:00 am because of rain.

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