Civilian BC group Berget 10 experience

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 10
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Civilian BC group Berget 10 experience

Post by seaQ » 03 Jul 2012, 11:26

Excuse my sometimes poor English!

BC Group:
Our group is based on our former characters from Berget 9 when we played as civilians in the Caspari clan, running the BC Bank and other various businesses. Before the city fell in B9, the bank transferred all of its money to offshore accounts and liquidated all other assets.

While on the run for a long time, the banks stored money has been used for buying weapons and expert military training for the previous banks employees. The paramilitary organisation Black Bullet has also been brought in due to their leader being brother with the former CEO of BC Bank.

Our plan for Berget 10 was to start off small with only a couple of people being armed and then work our way up by disarming small Poldavian groups. However, we quickly learned (before game start) that there was no currency available this time and everyone seemed to refer to the game as a full scale war.

We then gave up our plan and just started arming everyone within the BC group to the teeth. As civilians we were not given any missions until 1 hour before the game started. Because of this, we had created our own missions within the BC group and also our own false Intel.

Our main missions were:
Reveal all psy-ops that was undercover
Find out all secrets about the psy-ops base (formerly known as Janco (however, this wasn’t the psy-ops base)).
Protect everyone within the BC group

Secondary missions:
Keep a god relationship to NAF and help them in any way during fire fights.
Capture or Kill the leader of psy-ops (Freno).

Berget supplied missions:
Stay away from psy-ops.
Collect valuables throughout the game area and sell them for money (A currency was to be introduced into the game at Thursday, however we never noticed this).
Spread berget provided rumors (in total 4 rumors).

As an initial thought we had planned on going to the plane crash site. At 22:01 everyone was ready to go and we started our journey by heading towards the NAF base, where everyone gladly let us pass. We then made contact with the Zansians and the first half let us walk through their camp.

All of a sudden, the second half didn’t think this was a good choice so without a warning they shot us down in the middle of the road (Finnish manhood…). We then proceeded to their respawn (as civilians could respawn in anyones respawn) and cracked on with our walk.

Next we went up the hill towards the closest windmill and saw that the Zansians also used the viewpoint tower (which was offgame area). After successfully explaining that to them, we gave up the idea of going to the crash site as Zansians seemed to be blocking all our ways down there and headed back to our camp.

We then decided to head down to the abandoned village to check out our former bank. When we finally arrived, the place seemed to be held by NAF players. Within 5 minutes of us getting there, the place came under attack and we occupied the blue building in the south of the city. We hid in there for at least an hour while the poldavian forces took over the place. Finally, someone stepped in to the building on the ground floor and our people told them they only we’re civilians.

As one of the poldavians started to reach for a pistol, our guys shoot them down and then quickly said it was for our own protection and started healing them and said it all was a misunderstanding. The poldavians were cool with that and left us alone in there.

We then talked to the other people about letting us out but as half of our people went out the main door, they got shoot down. The other half of us stayed in there for another 45 minutes before we decided to shoot our way out. We sniped a guy on the other side of the road and then quickly started running for the hotel building where we killed another two.

Just when we thought we would get out of there, they had guards above the hotel and near the city gates that shot us down.

Thursday (Day):
This was probably the most EPIC airsoft day in my life so far. We got up at about 10:00 and got ourselves some breakfast. At 12:00 we started to get all our gear and collect the people that wished to follow us on a trip. In total, we were about 7 (5 from BC group and 2 other civilians that wanted to tag along).

We then decided to go pay Janco another visit and see if we could do anything there. We started walking from the civilian camp and problems quickly rose when we bumped in to a whole Zansian pluton. They sent a few guys to talk to us, but then started to shot at our guys that were hidden in the woods. Me and my friend that had point quickly responded to the fire and killed of one of the closest guys.

We retreated, regrouped and then pushed on with our main mission: get to Janco!
I had point all the way to Janco and we decided that rather than trying to sneak in to the town, we walked up to the main gate and asked if we were allowed to enter. The NAF guys controlling the place at the moment told us we could not enter at this time but if we wanted to pass, that was okey.

We head back to our group and decided to go to the wind power station instead, which we did and once there, we decided to walk the road back in to Janco. They had 2 guys guarding the gate up to the generator, which gladly let us pass. When we arrived to Janco we were told to remove our magazines and keep them slung.

Although we did all this, they still searched us and after that we still had no chance of getting in to Janco. After about 5 minutes all of the troops left Janco and walked towards crossroads. We then entered town and 2 of us positioned themselves in the church tower and the rest of us on the bank roof.

After about 5 more minutes, another group of NAF people arrived and started to spread out all over town. This time they let us be and just sat down and talked to us in a friendly manner! Another ten minutes pasted and then shit hits the fan!

Some NAF soldier near the town entrance shouted “Poldavian cars incoming” and everyone stood up on the roof and opened up on the first vehicle that entered the town. He drove straight below the bank roof and as I were the only one that had 1m safety distance (of the civilians) on my M4, I emptied a clip straight in to the car. The next vehicles that drove in were covered up so they lasted a bit longer but as soon as they opened a door or window, they got shot down.

We easily took down 10 guys each at that situation and the guys in the church tower twice that amount. In total, I believe 7 vehicles entered the town and were killed off, all but 1 vehicle that had small holes with rubber patches for their guns.

The firefight ended and we were pretty happy with that, since everyone had gone through about every magazine they had. We started reloading and about 10 minutes later, the Poldavians started to attack the town by foot. Many of the NAF guys had been killed during the first fight and many of those remaining left after the fight, so right now we were almost only civilians left.

They killed off us at the bank roof pretty quickly and we started to head back to our camp to make some dinner. The guys in the church tower continued to fight for another hour and then came back to camp when they ran out of bullets.

Thursday (Evening):
At 19:45 we started to get ready for another journey. This time, our plan was to head to the Old mill house (we wanted to check it out) and then continue to the Smugglers hideout, Sand pit, Crossroads and then Janco.

We were 10 civilians going this time and we left camp at about 20:00. After arriving to the “Old mill house” we started helping the NAF guys out, acting as combat medics, however the poldavian army was to big so we had to retreat and find ourselves a hiding spot. We waited for our people to respawn and then continued to walk towards the smugglers hideout.

When we were getting close to Janco we could hear that the fighting had started over there to, so we diverted from our planned route and started walking south down the power lines and headed up to the wind power station. We took a 10 minute timeout and had a quick debate on which way to go. The quickest way seemed to be straight through the woods, though, the big swamps made us look for another way around all that.

We ended up going through the woods out to the open fields above “Mårtensmyran” and zigzagged our way through the 2 swamps. Finally we climbed up a mountain and started to check for a new direction on where to go. When we finally moved we quickly realized that we had been about 100 meters from the smugglers hideout.

After checking the small hut for any kind of object we were a bit disappointed (since everything already had been looted) and continued towards The Sand Pit. Once there, I started to check out the bunker and how to capture it. Before we had time to do anything else we heard cars and people shouting and figured there were a big fight going on down at the crossroads point. All of a sudden, the car sounds got louder so 3 of us dug in tight inside the bunker and the rest spread out along the road.

Unfortunately/Luckily the cars didn’t stop to check the bunker (since we hadn’t captured it yet and the red flag was still there) and just turned around and headed back the way it came. We captured the bunker, set it to NAF and then proceeded towards the crossroads point.
Once again, lucky enough, the point was empty and we just captured it and moved on towards Janco.

After another 15 minute walk, we started to approach Janco and we decided to enter it from the woods to the east. I had point and I carefully walked forward until we could sneak down behind the hotel. I headed down the hill and when I reached the hotel I heard some strange sounds. Turns out, about 5-6 guys are sleeping, inside the hotel on the top floor.

Bad enough, they had blocked the backdoor so we had to take the front door. Since the city was under control by Poldavians and many of them were walking around at the street we had to wait for the perfect moment to enter the hotel.

That moment came sooner than we would have thought; the city came under attack from NAF guys in the front entrance. 5 of us headed for the main door and we started to go up the stairs. Unfortunately for me, the guy in the first room woke up due to some guys shooting at the hotel walls close to his room. As I was the last one up the stairs, that would have been my room but he was ready for us and had a pistol sticking out of he’s sleeping bag. I saw it and try to evade him but his shots hit my ass. No worries though, my friends quickly killed him off with a couple of shots to his feet.

Knife killing five Russian Poldavians, priceless! One of them had a “white/black” striped shirt on, like the ones blowing up the church had last year so that gave us a bit of revenge also!
We stayed in Janco for a while and helped some NAF guys fighting off some pollies. We got back to our camp at 04:00.

Since we came so late the day before, we slept in and when we finally got up we went down to the city and grabbed a bite to eat. We didn’t do much this day, tried to help some NAF guys retrieve Janco, which eventually failed.

We also sent out 3 from our group with some highly classified material that they were to present for the psy-ops leader. The main mission was of course not to give them the info but to kill Freno. Since I didn’t participate in this, I don’t know the exact details and I hope one of them can write up their own report. However, I know the mission partially were a success.

We woke up by a crazy Irish guy entering our tent and saying that the game was considered over due to everyone being wet, hurt or hypothermic. So we got up and started to pack our things and went home.

We had a really fun experience because our group made it so. The key to a successful berget game seems to be never to trust anyone else to supply the missions/things to do. If you want a funny experience, make one yourself.

In total, I think every civilian that attended B9 had a greater experience that year and so did we. Everything seemed to be more planned ahead at that game and more things were added to keep us busy all the time.

Without all the cool things we did on Thursday, B10 wouldn’t have been worth the money at all, at least not as a civilian.

Short feedback (from a civilian POV):

+ 2000 players makes it possible to come up with alot of crazy ideas.
+ Water close to the civilian camp.

- No toilets at the civilian camp. Because of this we had to go offgame to reach the toilets in the NAF camp until they trusted us enough.
- no electricity, didn't bother us that much though since we had our own car battery and solar panels.
- no missions were provided until 1 hour before game start.
- no map were provided until checkin.
- the guys checking our weapons didn't seem to know their own rules.
- we didn't know where to camp until we got there.
- few civilians and to many psy-ops made it hard to trust any unknown civilians.
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Post by Dimori » 03 Jul 2012, 19:33

You could've participated in the final battle in saturday. :) No need to go home too early.
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Post by seaQ » 03 Jul 2012, 21:11

Yeah, by the time we heard that the game would start again at 11:00 we were all packed and ready to go.
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Post by Jason » 17 Jul 2012, 15:01

I guess next year my team will consider doing something like this too. Based on the experiences on B9 and B10 it's nicer to actively interact with people than let your guns do the talking. Hopefully in B11 there will be a lot more civilian activity!
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Post by [Red Troop] Oneill » 07 Aug 2012, 20:54

Well, i got a lot of fun with the BC Bank guys and girls :-P

Nice roleplaying up there with you, hope the chocolate and coke´s was god ;-)

Greetz Oneill
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