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Posted: 09 Jul 2012, 16:36
by Mrfoss
I just want to add to the off game base. It's logical that if there can be no fighting in base in the off game time then you can't sabotage, collect info, etc. Because what actually happens if someone sees you? It leads to the need for new rules in how to have a fight while being quite and not fighting in base while fighting in base. It fails on its own illogic.

Posted: 09 Jul 2012, 18:21
by jdoe
We knew about the Safe Zone Respawn from before game start on Wednesday.

Strange stuff...

Posted: 09 Jul 2012, 19:57
by Windi^
About the vehicle sabotage mission. We (Zansian Delta platoon) got that mission on Thursday evening (if I remember correctly). Our all three squads tried to do that mission 5-6 times alltogether but didn't succeed. This was because they tried to do it during INGAME hours. Closest we could get was just an arm length away from the trucks, but it was too open area and too much traffic all the time. I remember commenting that this should be easy to do when most of the people are sleaping, but you can't do that. At least we treated the basearea like total offgame area regarding any ingame activities. It's funny that GM's are apparently given different instructions... Oh well, it happens.

After 5-6 tries we decided not to try that mission again. It took too much time and effort (bases other side of the game area) and the gain was so bad if the mission would have been succeeded. It would have taken 15min / car to special engineer to fix those, what's the point? I would have rather tried to search the silos or something than use time and energy on this one.