Zansian international platoon & QRF AAR

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 10
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Zansian international platoon & QRF AAR

Post by Rythm » 17 Jul 2012, 23:50


This was only the second time that an international sub-unit played with the finns, and as i understand it, the first time around was a bit...sub-optimal. Added to this our Platoon Leader, Wasp, went down with the flue on the evening before departure, so i got to fill that spot a bit unprepared. The preasure was on, you could say! Luckily, we do have a couple of seriously capable Finns in our outfit,, and Windi was going to act as liasion if/when needed. Altough i still do belive that had i fucked up, he would have been the new platoon leader within seconds ;)

On reacing the game area, we got acquainted with four czech dudes that joined us, and i was asked to take command of the entire QRF-unit also. This turned out to be exactly 1 quadbike, so we added them to our existing quadbike and got a small scouting/transport-unit within the platoon. This turned out to be rather handy to have. Most of us had participated in earlier Bergets, so we had plenty of kit with us to cover any lack of firewood, water, tarps, tents and food that BE is now legendary for.

Before gamestart we also participated in the batalion commanders speach to the troops. It lasted 43 minutes and was in finnish! For us non-finnish speakers it was quite a waste of time i am afraid to say.


Delta got two missions, primarily to join four other platoons in taking and holding Devils Crossing. Secondary was to capture two officers, one of wich should preferably be a batalion commander. We used the QRF to great effect and got good intel during the advancing towards the objective, once there a rather serious firefight broke out where Delta flanked fast and hard along the southern edge before a couple of Irish pollies stopped us in dense woods. Those Irishmen were from a Bravo platoon, the Zansian platoon next to us was also Bravo, so that got a bit confusing for a moment! We captured the bunker after about 20 minutes. Our Company Commander briefed us that we had captured a Poldavian Batalion CO (15th Sappers?) after less than two hours from game start, and when we called it in to BE, they had just sighed at our effectivness. That is the finnish SISU. After we had gotten our supply point, we returned to base for sleep.


Started off with our entire batalion moving to take crossroads. Again, the QRF was succesfully used as a scouting unit, this significantly increased our marching speed, as we knew that no heavy forces were deployed in our path. They later scouted the area north of Crossroads and fed some good intel to batalion. Our company marched south of Janco/abandoned Village and attacked from the south. Delta was advancing as third platoon and flanked east thru Alpha and into the smallish ponds jsut south of the objective. Here we got pinned down by what seemed to be two platoons of pollies. We tried to flank, sneak or assault towards the objective but the closest we got was about 10 meters from the bunker, shortly after it was destroyed. It was some intense fighing! Most of us ended up on Angel Peak for re-spawn sometime around 1500 hours. At this point some were exhausted so i split the platoon in two: one part hit the town for some R&R, one part joined Bravo in their second attack on Crossroads. The QRF managed to take a supply point with just four men, and hold it for three hours.

In the evening, each Zansian platoon got a specific mission. Delta opted for a sabotage mission into the poldavian base. Using the QRF, we dropped of three recon elements north of the presumed location of the Poldavian base. They had orders to avoid any fighting and instead map the entire base. In additon, every platoon now got two standing orders: 1) locate missile silos and 2) kill high-ranking Poldavian officers. Due to this i had the QRF and a fourth squad recce the contaminated area south of the Zansian base. All units got home rather late and rather tired. But very happy.


We participated in the Zansian parade into the NAF base, altough Windi lead the platoon here, since all the commands were to be given in finnish. Friday saw several attempts to sneak into the Poldaivan base for our sabotage/kill high-rankers mission. I tip my hat to the poldaivan guards who constantly managed to discover out teams. We never succeded in any of the attempts. The QRF was tasked creating general mayhem and chaos. We also got a new order to supply a small LARP-capable team for a mission to ID the poldaivan psy-ops that were about in our vicinity. Mr.Medic got this task together with a few finns from Echo. This was a bit of a fail first, as even a casual member of Echo, without heavy gear and smiling, still looks like a really mean, bad psycho on stereoids who wants to eat you. Luckily they themselves recognized this! And we got Revolver and a few other blokes to help out with the civilians. We did ID the two psy-ops guys that hid with the civilians, but before we could launch our mission to lift them, the mother of all rains started upon us, and we got new orders to prepare to move the entire base to a new location ”soonish”. Just a few minutes later, when everyone and their dog was inside a tent, some Poldaivans from 3rd Moutaineers tried to assault what they belived to be two tents with a couple of guys (good intel is so hard to get these days....). It was a cosy firefight with naked finns scrambling out of their tents to kill and mutilate anyone who dared to disturb their sleep.


The BE-provided tents had turned into small swimmingpools, so the bulk of the platoon packed up the kit before moving off. The others went to take Devils Crossing and then took Janco. We didnt know about the cease-fire Until about 1130 when i got hold of batalion. They briefed us on the upcomming battle, and we hastily prepared the defence of Janco as best we could. The battle was good fun and soldiers from Delta were at the heart of it for the most of the time. The ”win” is a small bonus.

My thanks to all the finns who so happily accepted us into their tight-knit unit. To Revolver of the QRF, was great fun to play with you.Your good spirit and sound approach to having fun was nice to have. To Jdoe and Parzi for good leadership of the company and batalion, a special thanks for letting us come up with, and conduct our own missions when nothing was happening. To the Czech squad that integrated with us so easily, i know us northerners can be tricky to understand sometimes. And of course to all my mates of great sports and attitude as always!

Feedback for BE: I think most has been said already. I only want to add to the choire that more interaction with the civilians and less artillery during the airsoft-fighting is good.

B9: UN - Platoon commander
B10: Zansian Black Guards - Platoon commander
B11: Ravens - Company commander/Intel officer
B12: Ravens - 2 in Command
B13: Ikaros - 2iC
B15: Mercs - 2iC
B17: GFM - 2iC

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