Feedback and debriefings from Berget 10
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Post by Yams » 19 Jul 2012, 00:23

I've read quite a few comments on this topic both on this forum on at the game itself and was very suprised by the inconsistency of what ticket was issued to guns.

My gun was a very plain M14 with no addons, tuned to be 108m/s (which it was on the Berget chrono). This was specifically in order to not have any minimum range. It took me three goes to get the correct ticket.

First off I got a red one for semi snipers and a 15m min range, questioned the ticket, and having the full rules printed off helped illustrate my point.

Second attempt I got the dark green ticket with the 10m min range, again questioned the result as any guns under 110m/s should have a 1m range.

Third time was the lucky one as I got the light green ticket I should have had to start with.

Now I was prepared for this from the previous year and so had the rules with me and stuck to my guns on what ticket I should have. Speaking to others its clear that there is some problem with how people think the rules apply and the knock-on effect is people think engagement ranges are being broken when they arent.

Specifically what gun can fall into class 1?

As written class 3 and 4 is slightly confusing. Does any semi only or support gun have a 15m min range regardless of power. So would a support gun at 108m/s count as class 1 or 4 for min range values?

The actual chronoing is done very smoothly from what we experienced and a credit to the admin. I would advise some large notices with the rules on so that its clear to everyone what class a gun should be in. Coloured zipties would be a simple and effective method to ID guns, far more durable than the paper tickets and about as easy to cheat.[/list]

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Post by HerrNilson » 19 Jul 2012, 02:07

Totally agree and i've posted my experience in this thread here


Berget you guys seriously dropped the ball here and there is absolutely no excuse. It is arguably the most relevant safety issue we have in airsoft and your own staff didn't even manage to stick to your own rules.

It was my first Berget but I've been attending large scale airsoft games in a number of counties for 12 years and not seen it messed up so bad before.

Print out the chrono limits and have them displayed multiple times at check in and chrono

Coloured zip ties for different classes

In game chrono checking of guns at random in safe zones. At nealy all others big games I've played at I've been chrono'd at least once in game and it's not a bother.

Fall down hard on anyone breaking the chrono rules. Zero tolerance for it.

Consistent application for the limits
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Post by Windi^ » 19 Jul 2012, 07:01

I saw this happen too, two times. To my friend and to my girlfriend.

1. My friend had M249 which chronoed around 130m/s. He was first given a red tag stating 30m safety distance and semi only. You can guess how easy that could be with M249... So I urged him to go back and chrono it again and make sure he gets the correct ticket.

2. My girlfriend chronoed her M14 around 118m/s. She was also handed out a yellow semi only ticket. Again, back to the desk, new chroning and new ticket.

This was quite annoyance since there is always a line, people carrying multiple guns and the BE screws it up multiple time. It takes again unnecessary time from the players and from the crew themselves. Make sure that even your crew knows the rules. And it would be a good idea to transfer the chroning to the bases so people don't need to unpack their guns for chroning before they get to bases.
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Post by Coffe » 26 Jul 2012, 04:50

Why, I thought something was strange when my unmodified Tokyo Marui P90 got slapped with a 10 metre safety distance. :shock:

I know for a fact no AEG produced in Japan can legally have a muzzle velocity above 90 m/s or so. Which is why you can imagine my surprise when Berget Crew tells me that my P90 did in excess of 110 m/s at check-in.

I only brought it as a back-up though (in case my heavily cutomized primary decided to break down, which it didn't). Still it made me miss out on a CQB-only MGL mission.

Everywhere else my P90 has passed as a CQB-class weapon and probably would've a Berget too if i weren't for a bothed chronoing.

Next year I'll bring a printed copy of the rules too and make damn sure I get the right tags for my guns.

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