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Hey Berget Events, do you even read your emails??

Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 21:19
by Rhy
So the thing is, after Berget X , on the bus to Stockholm, i tried to change my signature to show this year's unit and accidentally entered an invalid email. This effectively blocked all my access to these forums.
Since it asks you to verify the email, and that email is invalid, i had no way to confirm and get access to my old username.

I must have emailed you 5 times since then, i even tried to make a new username ( this one), but since it needs approving, and you only approved it like a month ago( 3-4 months to get an username approved? REALLY?), i had no way to write here.
I could not debrief my unit from last game, i could not thank friends and "enemies" alike for the game, i could not give feedback for the game.

I even asked friends to PM the berget events username here on the forum, and some of the berget staff.
Nothing. Not a damn thing in all these months.

I was effectively cut-off, and i'm pretty pissed about it, when all it would have taked from you is to read a damn email and 2 minutes work to reset that account's email.

So i'm asking, do you even read your emails?

I don't even want to think if i wanted to contact you about an IMPORTANT thing, what the hell would i have had to do? come back to Sweden and try to track one of you guys down?

As a side-note, i once was Rhyn0 here on the forums and i've been to the last 4 Berget games. And i had fun. Mostly. And most likely that's it for me. Based on the abysmal game last year and this blatant disregard for faithful "customers" i'm probably not even gonna bother coming this year.

Just read your goddamn emails and at least answer even if you can't do anything about the problem.

Rhyn0 out.

Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 21:36
by Spof
Have you tried to email Berget-events from a gmail adress for example.

Which email provider are you using?

Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 21:45
by Mrfoss
No need to let sometihng like bad respons to emails stop you from playing what looks to be a potencialy great game. Its always the games you can't be there for that turns out to be exeptional.

Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 22:55
by Rhy
Mrfoss: last year looked amazing on paper, anniversary edition and all that, and it proved to be an almost epic fail. I've learned to not get excited over "pregame" stuff, you kinda have to when you see year after year that stuff in the pregame announcement means nothing when you get in the field.

I emailed them from gmail , same email i'vee been using to register to these forums, same email that i've received emails regarding transport, ticket info for previous bergets, etc. And like i said, my friend even pm'em some berget staff and the berget events username.

And no, this isn't an attention whore post, it's a get your shit together post.

Alot of people are pissed because they think bergets are gradually going worse instead of going better. Berget 7 was the best from the last 4, and berget 10 was by far the worst, when it should have been an ANNIVERSARY edition. Seriously, it was a trainwreck.

Less and less factions, less and less roleplay, missions, everyone just camped together in 2 bases, nothing is ready until gametime and sometimes not even then, less and less vehicles (remember the TANKS?) each year.. and those are just some of the problems, there are many more that i'm not going into because it's beside the point.

My team was almost decided not to come next year, but we decided to wait and see what BE announces for next year. We're still undecided. And we're not the only ones, trust me on that.

Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 23:20
by Berget-events
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